Top 10 Christmas Dropshipping Products To Boost Your Holiday Profit 2022

Christmas Dropshipping Products For 2022

Table of Contents

  1. Is Christmas dropshipping still profitable in 2022?
  2. Christmas Dropshipping and eCommerce Statistics for 2021-2022
  3. 10 Trending Christmas Dropshipping Products in 2022
  4. How to find the perfect Christmas dropshipping products?
  5. The support you will get from HyperSKU
  6. 5 Tips To Boost Your Holiday Sales in 2022

Is Christmas dropshipping still profitable in 2022?

Christmas is the biggest time of the year for not only eCommerce sellers but all families around the world. Over 150 countries celebrate Christmas and the holiday eCommerce Revenue in the U.S. amounted to nearly 240 Billion in 2022 according to Statista.

Christmas Dropshipping and eCommerce Statistics for 2021-2022

  • 2021 Holiday sales grew to 14.1% and reached $886.7 billion. – NRF
  • The top performance category was clothing and clothing accessory stores, up to 33.1 %; Sporting goods stores, up to 20.9% – NRF
  • A total of 2.4 billion worldwide buyers are willing to purchase goods and services online in 2021 – Statista
  • The average US Household is planning to spend about $1455 during holiday shopping – Deloitte

10 Trending Christmas Dropshipping Products in 2022

Only particular products would reach higher sales during the holiday season. The top characteristics of perfect items to sell during Christmas and New Year are giftable, hobby, and personalized products. The below references are hot sellers from Amazon with high-margin selling prices and you can source with much lower price products at HyperSKU. To save your hassles in searching through a wide variety of Christmas dropshipping products to sell here is an optimized list of Trending Christmas products to dropship in 2022.

– Christmas Clothing

Clothing is one of the hottest-selling categories in eCommerce due to its broad range of target audiences from women, men, couples, children, and families.

1. Couple and Family Christmas Pajamas

Pajamas are particularly popular for Christmas gift purchases. Gifting Christmas pajamas to families on Christmas Eve is a popular tradition in many families. In this case, dropshippers may sell them in bundles to double your sales.

Couple Christmas Pajamas Set | Christmas Dropshipping

2. Oversize Robe 

An alternative gift option other than pajamas could be an oversize robe. It the more subtle compared to the holiday-themed Pajamas and can be used throughout the year.

Comfy Robe Wearable Blanket Gifts | Christmas Gift

– Christmas Innovative Decorations 

Christmas decorations have been maintaining a consistent interest rate according to google trends for the past 5 years. The top reasons to dropship Christmas decorations are lightweight, easy to dropship, and low cost with high profit.

 3. Knitted Christmas Hanging Stockings On the Fireplace

Knit Christmas Hanging Stockings | Christmas Dropshipping Product 

 4. Christmas Window Curtain Buckle

Window decoration has always been a popular sub-niche under Christmas decoration dropshipping.

Christmas Santa Curtain Buckle | Christmas Dropshipping

– Christmas Home Goods and Accessories

Many families would do a huge house cleaning during the holiday and remake their homes with holiday decorations. It is such a pleasant time for your customers to switch up their ordinary homeware and kitchenware into Christmas or new year vibes!

5. Christmas Throw Blanket Soft

Christmas Blankets and Throw For Couch | Christmas Dropshipping Product 

6. Christmas Tableware Holder

Christmas Tableware Holders Dinner Silverware Holders

– Christmas Pet Clothing & Accessories

Everyone wants a special holiday outfit, including your lovely pet! Time to refresh your pet’s closet with cute Santa clothing and accessories.

7. Christmas Pet Clothing

Christmas Pet Costume Santa Dog Cat Outfit

8. Christmas Pet Accessories

Christmas Pet Accessories

– Christmas Gift Packaging

This is probably a holiday essential that many sellers might miss. Holiday packaging is such a hot seller in all the local stores, but your customers might want to grab one while checking out and it will be a great idea to bundle gift packaging with any of your selling products!

9. Christmas wrapping paper roll

Recyclable Christmas Wrapping Paper Gift Wrapping Roll | Christmas Dropshipping

10. Christmas customized gift box

Christmas Gift Boxes Present Box Set


How to find the perfect Christmas dropshipping products?

 1. Best Tools To Predict Future Trends

Begin your primary search from popular shopping platforms, it is one of your biggest helpers in predicting hot-selling products. In general, you can visit popular online shopping platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Wish. To target more specifically, you should search for local online and offline shopping platforms like Walmart, Target for U.S., Superstore, and Canadian tire for Canada.

Once you have an idea of which category or keyword of product you are aiming for, then you can input those keywords on Google Trends to see more statistics to help you decide further.

2. Competitor Product Search 

Another way to find the perfect Christmas dropshipping product is to check out your possible competitors and scroll through their hot-selling products. They have done their research for you already, but this might be a bit last minute if you are trying to follow their trend.

3. Research by Hashtag on social media 

This would be the best place to find trending products. Especially on Tiktok and Instagram, once you have the right keyword to begin then you can source out a variety of potential products.

Here is a list of trending keywords related to Christmas Dropshipping:

  • #christmasgifttok
  • #winterishere 
  • #amazonmusthaves
  • #christmasgiftideas 
  • #gifttok 

The support you will get from HyperSKU

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Split & Bundle Orders

A great strategy to increase your order size is by splitting and combining your selling products. HyperSKU supports both and you may place your bulk order up to hundreds within one click.

Branded Services: Christmas Cards or Thank You Cards

What’s more impressive than delivering your products with festival branding to surprise your customers? They will undoubtedly adore it and feel appreciated with a warm blessing from you. Express your gratitude and holiday blessings with a customized Thank You Card now!

Customized Christmas Cards

Find out more details including the size of the card, MOQ, and processing time with your dedicated agent. 

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In order to provide extensive customer service, you will service by up to 3 agents including sales, support, and account manager at any time in HyperSKU. Skip the hassle of having to repeat your issues to different agents or having to email agents in order to communicate your immediate issues.

5 Tips to boost your holiday sales| dropshipping products

5 Tips To Boost Your Holiday Sales in 2022

Keep track of your customer during the whole shipping process

Customers generally have lesser patience than ever during the holiday season since there is a huge chance that they are buying a gift for others. The most successful e-commerce stores would start communicating with customers about their shipping before the purchase is made to avoid cognitive discordance.  Another good idea is to offer reassurance while the packages are undergoing the supply chain and always check on your supplier’s shipping notice or updates in case of emergency issues.

You may point out the following to your customers:

  • The estimated shipping time during holiday seasons
  • Your store’s shipping guarantees
  • Possible delays or traffic jams in production

Avoid making functional website changes

Many sellers would refresh or rebuild their site to emphasize the holiday vibes. Please try to avoid any non-essential changes! If you really insist on doing so, ensure that you have run through excessive proper tests and update only on visual effects, not functional changes. There are chances that your website might go down entirely or cause hidden problems that will risk your revenue during the busiest time of the year.

Keep your customer’s location into consideration when choosing your products to sell.

Different locations have different weather, traditions, and preferences. For example, if you are targeting Australian audiences, take into account that it is already summer in December.

Avoid large-size items that will cost more or require a longer time in shipping.

Large-size holiday items like Christmas trees would be more costly to source and ship from suppliers in other countries other than your targeted locations.

Prepare your stock far in advance for an early CNY this year

China literally shuts down almost everything during the CNY and it usually lasts about 16 days. CNY has been a huge impact on many eCommerce sellers since most manufacturers are located in Asia, especially in China.

Be aware that this year’s CNY is starting early on January 22nd and some of the manufacturers are claiming that they are expecting to go home starting January 15th. Give yourself peace of mind by keeping in track of the Chinese New Year holiday notice from your suppliers to plan ahead for stock arrangement.

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