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Why start a dropshipping business?

Dropshipping is a popular and easy way to start an online business with little budget. You can sell to anyone, anywhere in the world from your home and at your off-work time. With the pandemic, people around the world are comfortable buying stuff online, just for unique products and a fun shopping experience. The ever-booming social media network has made it even easier for customers to find your business.

With HyperSKU’s dropshipping service, you can sell high-quality products to shoppers around the world, and it usually takes no more than 2 weeks for your customers to receive the products. You don’t have to purchase or pack any product yourself, as HyperSKU will do that for you. You can customize packaging and products that reflect YOU, at a low cost.

It feels awesome to see your own brand selling around the world, and it’s pretty cool to manage your online empire from your home office! To jumpstart a dropshipping business, just start with choosing a dropshipping idea, doing research and building an online store!


Can I sell anywhere from anywhere?

Dropshipping is such a convenient business model that you can sell from anywhere, regardless of the time difference and actual distance. By working with a dropshipping supplier (also known as a dropshipping agent, or fulfillment handler), you don’t have to touch the product or do the packing yourself, as your dropshipping supplier will handle all the procedures.

HyperSKU offers one-click fulfillment. When you receive orders from customers, all you need to do is to pay for the orders of the day, and HyperSKU, as your dropshipping supplier, will purchase the products from manufacturers, pick and pack the products, work with 3PL ship them out, and update the order status to your store. You can just sell dozens of products globally, without worrying about how to get products to customers’ doorsteps.

With access to affordable express shipping solutions such as YunExpress, Yanwen, 4PX and CNE, your orders will be delivered to your buyers at a much faster speed than the traditional ePacket. Your customer is able to track where the package is, and can expect to receive the package in 7-12 days.

You will also be amazed how automated the dropshipping system is, as everything can be done in bulk actions, such as one-click import, one-click fulfillment, and one-click payment.

Find Where to Sell Online with HyperSKU

Dropship globally easily with HyperSKU. Below are the most popular and profitable countries for dropshipping:

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