Is Dropshipping Clothing Profitable? Yes, and Here’s How


Table of Contents

  1. What clothing dropshipping is
  2. How clothing dropshipping works
  3. What to know before dropshipping clothing
  4. Well-known brands could mean higher quality
  5. High return rate in clothing dropshipping
  6. Sizing issues
  7. What are the best fashion items to dropship?
  8. Fashion has a large dropshipping market share
  9. Fashion dropshipping has high competition
  10. Dropship branded fashion
  11. Branded dropshipping vs white label clothing
  12. Shipping
  13. Where to find fashion and clothing for dropshipping
  14. And finally…

According to eCommerce studies, clothing represents a huge slice of the online store global market. So it’s not surprising that many entrepreneurs are wondering ‘is dropshipping clothing profitable?’

With up to a fifth of all online purchases in the clothing sector, will you join the successful ranks of other dropshippers?

This article will help you find out. Let’s hit the quick answer first so you can get started on your 7-figure empire straight away!

Dropshipping clothing has a high volume of customers which means it’s very competitive. Returns in this market sector are an issue so make sure your product listings are clear. There can be high-profit margins in established brands, but white label clothing dropshipping is less saturated.


So with the brief nailed, so we can understand a little more easily if dropshipping clothing is profitable, let’s first take a look at exactly what exactly clothing dropshipping is.

What clothing dropshipping is

With revenue in the clothing market expected to reach a staggering $153.6 billion by 2024. It is often one of the ‘go-to’ niches for many new and established dropshippers.

Dropshipping clothing follows the standard dropshipping model. This is essentially when store owners or marketplace sellers sell clothing through a website and do not hold stock.

The store owner simply takes clothing orders while the best dropshipping partners take care of fulfillment.

How clothing dropshipping works

Many of the most reliable and experienced dropshipping platforms allow store owners to easily add clothing items and start to dropship fashion.

  • Connect with your store: Browse and add products to your Shopify store from feed
  • Easily fulfill orders: your customers make purchases, while a super-fast auto-synced solution fulfills your customer’s clothing orders
  • Customer packages delivered: Choosing dropshipping suppliers who offer speedy delivery, clothing orders can be delivered worldwide in less than 7 days. Most of the best suppliers will offer fully trackable service, along with a guaranteed refund.

What to know before dropshipping clothing

Before you can decide which type of clothing products to dropshipping, it’s worth looking at the type of areas you will find yourself competing in.

For instance, are you looking at selling your own branded clothing, higher-end branded clothing, or cheaper fashion items?

It’s worth understanding that offering dropshipped clothing by already established brands will already have the quality seal of approval from consumers.

Which niche should I choose?

Choosing a niche is the first place to start if you are building a store where you will be dropshipping clothing. Also, look at your target customer. Will you be selling women’s or men’s fashion? And what kind of age are you aiming at?

Make sure you have the answers in place before you start

Well-known brands could mean higher quality

This means customers might be more likely to buy dropshipped clothing from widely known brands as they will be of superior quality. Selling your own brand also has pros and cons too which we will look at in a little more detail later on in the article.

So let’s find out where you can make sure your store overachieves in outplaying your rivals when it comes to returns.

High return rate in clothing dropshipping

Clothing and fashion dropshipping although has many advantages, but also look out when it comes to returns.

Returns can literally make or break a dropshipping venture, so do what you can to ensure your customers know exactly what they are buying.

Selling clothing online has the advantage of being convenient for busy consumers, but also as they won’t be able to touch, see or feel your products, you need to be very descriptive in your product descriptions.

You may have to use standard manufacturers images if you are dropshipping branded clothing, do include as much information as possible for your buyers.

Make sure you include:

  • The item name and size in the product header
  • Exact measurements
  • The type of fabric the garment is made from
  • A brief description of the ‘feel’ of the fabric
  • Washing instructions

Returns in clothing dropshipping is one of the highest, so make sure you mitigate wherever you can for that eventuality.

Sizing issues

One of the main reasons for higher returns in this market sector is due to sizing issues. So by making sure your product descriptions are as clear as possible, you will be able to ensure your customers fully understand the size they have purchased and then of course, less likely to return.

What are the best fashion items to dropship?

Some types of clothing are ever-lasting and will always be required by consumers everywhere, right across the globe. Everyday items such as coats, underwear, scarves, hats, etc.,

But like fashion, clothing fabrics, and manufacturing technology increases in its offering, there are some newer types of apparel that are worth considering. This might be technical clothing, for exercising, etc.,

It’s also worth keeping abreast of fashion if you are looking to add clothing dropshipping to your product portfolio.

Some fashions can go in and out of fashion fairly quickly such as a comeback such as styles of jeans and others are titans of luxury, such as silk pajamas. These types of items are ‘evergreen’ products that are less likely to follow the dictates of fast fashion.

  • Tracksuit
  • Hobbyist clothing such as fishing
  • Mom jeans
  • Squat proof leggings
  • Other technical sportswear
  • Silk pajamas
  • Lounge wear sets
  • Print-on-demand clothing

Fashion has a large dropshipping market share

As we’ve already seen, dropshipping clothes is on the increase and is set to hold its position as one of the top dropshipped products.

According to Shopify statistics, ‘wardrobe and accessories’ is second in their list of best products to dropship.

So it looks like, in terms of the market, it’s typically a large pool.

Fashion dropshipping has high competition

However, although the market for clothing is large enough for many dropshippers to claim their slice, the competition is going to be higher than looking at more unusual niches.

It’s important to make sure you set your store apart from others in order to compete. By concentrating on a good website offering, in languages your target market expects, along with great customer service and fast express shipping, it’s possible to outplay your rivals. Creating your own branding is also a great strategy to build a sustainable dropshipping store, so your customers will go back to your brand repeatly.

Dropship branded fashion

Deciding to dropship branded fashion means you can be confident that your customers will already be aware of and understand the quality of clothing items in your store.

However, if your pricing is too high, your customers, although won’t need any persuading by the quality, will most likely head off to your competitors. So keep prices on branded items keen so you can maximize the customer loyalty aspect.

Branded dropshipping vs white label clothing

So to expand on the above, it’s well worth looking at some of the pros and cons of promoting your own clothing brand through white-label dropshipping versus sticking to reliable brand names. Obviously, with a popular brand, you already have had the endorsement of a well-known clothing player alongside potential higher profit margins.

However, it’s worth knowing that for some brands you will need to apply and pay for distributor membership. This, of course, isn’t an issue if you are dropshipping white label branded clothing.

Also along with a premium brand, your customers will have a much higher expectation than if you are dropshipping your own brand through a white label.

Think carefully before choosing to dropship known brands as it could be that white label clothing might bring you better returns.


One of the main pros of dropshipping clothing is that products are usually lightweight so cheaper to ship.

One of our top tips for anyone dropshipping fashion items is to use plastic (OPP) bags rather than cardboard cartons or boxes as these can get damp during the shipping process, which can be up to a week in some cases.

Where to find fashion and clothing for dropshipping

And finally…

So we hope that’s given you the low down on fashion and clothing dropshipping. It’s important to make sure in this busy sector that your store stands out above the crowd.

Concentrate on producing an easy-to-follow website with clear product images and offer your customers your no.1 customer service!

Choosing the best dropshipping supplier can make or break your venture, so head over and discover more by visiting our website.

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