Experience hyper-fast dropshipping via a US warehouse!

Source products direct from China, pre-stock product in a US fulfillment center, and ship to customers fast!

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Selling high-ticket products?
Ready to scale with your top-performing products?
Experience Prime-like shipping services
with HyperSKU’s US fulfillment center.

Get high-quality inventory at wholesale prices

2-4 days shipping via USPS

USPS tracking numbers

Ensure on-time delivery during holiday seasons

100% shipping coverage of the Contiguous United States

Raise customer satisfaction and earn repeat customers

California-based warehouse
500 MOQ
Free storage for 30 days

Boost your margin and save costs on shipping

Selling high-ticket products?

If the fulfillment and shipping takes too long, customers may hesitate and ask for refunds. Avoid nightmare scenarios with your high-ticket products by providing 2-4 days express shipping that exceeds customer expectations!!

Selling private label products?

Transforming into private label business involves more than just adding a logo. Utilize HyperSKU’s express shipping to help your brand stand out even more.

Ready to scale winning products?

It would be a total disaster to have customers place 500 orders and discover that the factory can’t deliver for 2 weeks! Ensure a smooth fulfillment plan and prevent out-of-stock crisis with HyperSKU.

Preparing for holiday seasons?

Any experienced seller knows that securing stock for BFCM and Chinese New Year is a must. Keep ads running in confidence, get orders, and fulfill them quickly while your competitors are out of stock!

US warehouse dropshipping
– from your store to your customer’s doorstep in 2-4 days!

Order a batch of inventory to HyperSKU’s China warehouse

Ship from China to US warehouse by air/ocean freight

Fulfill within 2-4 days by USPS

HyperSKU brings an upgraded shopping experience to your customers, helping you build a sustainable business and boost profits.

I’m ultimately satisfied with HyperSKU. Their US fulfillment center is such a deal maker for Q4. I pay, they ship, and the orders are delivered in 5 days at most. I’m confident to stock my winning products there and SCALE!

Jamal from Mississauga, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the MOQ to use HyperSKU’s US warehouse for fulfillment?

The MOQ is 500 pcs, regardless of product category. You can mix different variants for one products such as 100 pcs of red caps, 200 pcs of black caps and 200 pcs of white caps.

What are the options for freight forwarding?

You may choose between efficient air freight (7 days) and ocean freight (45 days).

What are the shipping costs?

There are two types of shipping cost: first mile (freight forwarding, from China to US warehouse), and last mile (from US warehouse to customers). Please contact our team for a quote.

Are you ready to enjoy fast delivery with US
warehouse dropshipping?

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