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Great way to earn additional income by recommending HyperSKU to your students, followers and fellow seller friends. Earn up to 2% of the revenue for an entire year!

Why should I join HyperSKU Affiliate Program?

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Get up to 2% of the revenue of every order for an entire year

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Be the frst to get updates about HyperSKU and receive VIP support

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We provide you with content for promotion

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You can view your performance and track commissions

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PayPal, Payoneer or bank transfer, at your choice

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HyperSKU is a venture-back technology company with great reputation

Hear what the customer has to say about HyperSKU

Grow together with HyperSKU

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eCommerce coaches

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Marketing experts

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App developers

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Service providers

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Do you get these questions often? Introduce HyperSKU to eCommerce sellers so they can enjoy top-notch sourcing and fulfillment service. And you will earn commissions from the referrals!

Monetize Your Infuence in 3 Steps

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Sign up for the Affiliate program

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Spread the world with your dedicated link

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Get up to 2% of the sales for an entire year

Prosper with your referees

No commission limits. Get cashflow on every referee for 12 months!

What is HyperSKU?

HyperSKU is the dropshipping solution that solves online sellers’ backend issue. We source products from factories, provide express shipping and tracking to your customers, and automatic sync your orders. Additionally, package customization and private label are available too.

How do I enroll the affiliate program?

Please tell us a bit more about you here so we can take it to further discussion!

How much could I earn from the affiliate program?

You will get up to 2% of referee’s purchase value from HyperSKU, for 12 months from the day the referee signs up.

How do you track the referrals?

We use cookies to track the referrals and the cookies last for [X] days. Referrals must come through. We forbid self-referrals.

When do I get paid?

The commission will be calculated on the 15th of next month and the payout will be processed in next few business days.

How to contact you if I have questions?

You will be in touch with HyperSKU’s Affiliate Manager once onboard.

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