Is Dropshipping Pet Supplies Profitable? Where and Which Ones

Table of Contents

  1. Where it’s more profitable to sell pet supplies
  2. Are there any downsides to dropshipping pet supplies?
  3. Niche down
  4. What type of pet supplies should I sell?
  5. Our 5 best tips when dropshipping pet supplies
  6. Best pet supply products for dropshipping
  7. Where can I get the best pet supplies for dropshipping?
  8. And finally…

With the average American spending over $1000 a year on their fur babies, it’s not surprising that many eCommerce store owners are looking for their share! Is dropshipping pet supplies profitable? Let’s delve into more details about whether your pet store stands to set you on your way to that lucrative 7 figure income!

Dropshipping pet supplies is fairly competitive, but by choosing your products to fit with the geographical location, outpacing your rivals with customer service, brand, and choosing a lightweight product, it can be profitable. Avoid toxic, heavy, and food items with a short sell-by date.

Ok so with the short answer in mind, so we can understand a little more easily as to whether dropshipping pet supplies is profitable, let’s start by uncovering if the location is a factor.

Where it’s more profitable to sell pet supplies

So you’ve got your amazing new website built, are marketing on socials like a pro, and engaging with those pet parents! But does your choice of country make a difference to the success of your furry friend supply store? It’s worth remembering that pets are thought of very differently from country to county.


For instance, the US could be one of your best locations to grow your dropshipping pet supply store. During the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly one in three, a staggering 30 percent of Americans adopted a pet, according to the Insurance Research Council’s October 2020 report.

“The US could be one of your best locations to grow your dropshipping pet supply store.”


So if you are looking to set up a dropshipping pet supply store in Italy, it’s worth knowing that the usual furry suspects are pretty low on their pet priorities! In a recent survey, fish features heavily at 30 million, with dogs and cats considerably lower down around 7 million each.

So the takeaway here is to make sure you research your chosen demographic and locations thoroughly before embarking on your pet supplies empire!

Are there any downsides to dropshipping pet supplies?

So as with any popular niche, you are going to come across competitors. However, if you make sure you assess the competition thoroughly and see where your store can make a difference you are in the race! Research any major competitors and see if there’s anything you can improve on.

Check out competitors:

  • Website design
  • Brand promise
  • The range of products they have on offer
  • Shipping times
  • Blogs and social media

Make sure you aim for the best customer experience including order turnaround speed, any communication your customers make with you personally, your website, and social media channels.

“Research any major competitors and see if there’s anything you can improve on.”

Niche down

It might also help your pet supplies dropship store by aiming at a more defined target product. This way you are taking one idea within the pet supply product pool and doing it better than anyone else! So you might concentrate wholly on pet doors, small dog beds, personalized dog collars, etc., that leads us nicely to the kinds of pet products you can sell in your Shopify or other eCommerce stores.


What type of pet supplies should I sell?

As we saw above by specializing in one area of pet supplies, you can offer your customers exactly what they are looking for, alongside giving your store a head start with the competition.

Choosing what to sell could be dictated by the country you’re dropshipping to, so for instance with dogs and cats popular in the U.K., focusing on specific items for those pets might be a good strategy.  Pet supplies cover a huge array of products, which includes:

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Toys
  • Grooming
  • Training

It’s also an idea to consider smaller animals along with reptiles. Although a reduced market size, many owners are happy to spend money on their beloved mini fur babies! It’s also worth knowing that pet food and snacks are one of the areas with the largest growth in the pet industry in the US according to recent studies.

Vetcare and related health products are a close runner-up.

“Choosing what to sell could be dictated by the country you’re dropshipping to”

Our 5 best tips when dropshipping pet supplies

Let’s find out if there’s anything else important you need to know if you are wondering if dropshipping pet supplies is profitable.

1.  Ship light weight products

In all areas of dropshipping, one of the main areas to consider when deciding on products in your store is weight. So if you are looking at dropshipping large items, for example dog’s beds or car’s carriers, your margins could be squeezed or even end up non-existent if the cost of the shipping doesn’t balance out.

2.  Pet supplies without sell-by dates

Selling food and other perishable goods is often not the best fit for dropshippers. Especially if goods have a short expiry on them.  Although many of the best dropshipping agents offer express shipping, it’s best to avoid any food item which may spoil.


“Selling food and other perishable goods is often not the best fit for dropshippers.”


3.  Avoid pet products containing chemicals

Selling products which are chemical-based are also best avoided whether you are selling pet supplies or dropshipping within any other sector. These will include items such as flea, tick, and other animal pest control.

This is because these items have added costs involved when shipping, which either have to be passed on to your customer or absorbed into any profit margins. Wherever possible always choose non-toxic products when deciding on which pet supplies to dropship.

4.  Watch out for electrical points

It goes without saying, but just remember to double-check that the electric plugs on any products you sell in your store have the right electrical fitting to match your target market location.

5.  Have a good handle on pet clothing sizes

Make sure if you are going to sell pet clothing that sizing is very clear on your product listings. There is of course a huge difference in the sizes of pets. From Great Danes to Dachshunds!

Make your sizing very clear and where possible give a list of the breeds your clothing is best for.

Great customer service and going the extra mile will help your store to stand out above the competition!

“Make sure if you are going to sell pet clothing that sizing is very clear on your product listings.”

Best pet supply products for dropshipping

So here’s a list of some of the best areas to choose your winning pet products! This list is of course not exhaustive but will give you some ideas and help you to decide.

  • Apparel
  • Carriers, Travel Products
  • Collars, Harnesses, Leashes
  • Feeding and Watering Supplies
  • Grooming tools
  • Toys and Training

Where can I get the best pet supplies for dropshipping?

Many of the best dropshipping suppliers can help you out with fulfilling orders, picking, packing and helping you give your customers the best service.

And finally…

So we hope to have given you some important points to get started on your pet supply dropshipping empire! Don’t forget to check out our website to help you get your new pet dropshipping business up and running.

Our expert team have years of dropshipping experience, we source directly from top Chinese manufacturers and offer express shipping right across the globe within 7 calendar days.

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