HyperSKU vs Fulfillman, a Full Comparison and Review

HyperSKU Vs Fulfillman

 Dropshipping is fantastic when it comes to somebody wanting to do business within the online world. Throw in automated dropshipping? And well, it allows you to never have to worry about inventory management again. HyperSKU is one of the best AliExpress alternatives out there that allows you to do this, but like every business out there, they also have some solid competitors, like Fulfillman for example.


In this article, we’re going to check out the differences between both of these AliExpress alternatives – HyperSKU vs Fulfillman, and help you to make a solid decision when it comes to choosing your dropshipping supplier.


First up, the similarities between both dropshipping suppliers. Let’s get started.


The Similarities

In the ever-evolving digital world, dropshipping has quickly become one of the most popular ways to start an online business, and has helped so many people gain the ultimate financial freedom they have been searching for. But attractive as it may sound, the true, underlying key to becoming a successful dropshipper is using the right resources, aka, the right dropshipping supplier and business partner.


To start our HyperSKU vs Fulfillman comparison, we need to initially look at the similarities between them both.


First of all, both dropshipping suppliers have offices in China. Although there are many AliExpress alternatives that help to fulfill orders from China to overseas countries, the efficiency and price from both of these dropshippers make them great AliExpress alternatives.


They also are both integrated within the Shopify platform. However, many struggle with Fulfillman when it comes to this aspect. HyperSKU on the other hand make it so easy to connect to your Shopify store, browse and upload multiple products, place orders within minutes, and save yourself a bunch of time.


Next up, the full comparison! Let’s move on and find out what exactly sets both of these dropshipping suppliers apart.



HyperSKU VS Fulfillman – The Comparison

HyperSKU Vs Fulfillman: Sign-Up Requirements

Fulfillman: If you’re looking to become a dropshipper with Fulfillman, you must meet a minimum requirement of 100 monthly orders. For those just getting started, this can be a huge pain point. This doesn’t lie as just a pain point for beginners, but also for those experienced sellers looking to test new products. It can push dropshippers away as they will be forced to order smaller amounts elsewhere, complicating the whole process.


HyperSKU: HyperSKU have no minimum order requirements. They are flexible with both experienced sellers, and beginners. So, if you’re at the beginning of your journey, you’ll be able to benefit from the opportunity to scale your success. If you begin to increase the sales within your dropshipping business, HyperSKU will be able to get you a bigger discount from its loyal connections through factories.


HyperSKU Vs Fulfillman: Price

Fulfillman: Although Fulfillman is packed with many amazing features to help you scale your business, to use the Fulfillman dropshipping service, you’re forced to pay a continuous monthly fee to benefit from their offerings.


HyperSKU: HyperSKU on the other hand, brings an innovative approach to dropshipping payment structures. This incredible AliExpress alternative developed by eCommerce veterans aims to help dropshippers eliminate pricing pain points that may stop them from making a profit. With HyperSKU, it’s free to sign up, there is no monthly fee, and they provide sellers with a bunch of great services.


HyperSKU Vs Fulfillman: Product Listing

Fulfillman: Fulfillman is not fully integrated with Shopify; for example there’s no import/listing feature. Shopify is such a big platform that sellers and buyers across the world use on a day-to-day basis. This means that as a dropshipper, if you’re unable to integrate your business with such a powerful platform, you’ll miss out on easy and valuable sales.


HyperSKU: As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, with HyperSKU, dropshippers are able to import products directly from HyperSKU to Shopify with a click of a button.


HyperSKU Vs Fulfillman: Shipping Efficiency

Fulfillman: Fulfillman shipping takes 10-20 days when products are shipped to the U.S, and 15-30 days to other countries. The long shipping speeds from Fulfillman can be a pain for dropshippers as customers will have to wait extended periods of time for their delivery. With shipping longer than 3 weeks, it could put Facebook Ads account at risk.


HyperSKU: Let’s face it, people LOVE fast delivery. And it’s just one of the many reasons why HyperSKU is taking over as one of the top dropshipping suppliers in the e-commerce world. With the goal of simplifying each process, HyperSKU drives customers in with their 5-8 day standard shipping options.


HyperSKU Vs Fulfillman: Customer Support

Fulfillman: If you need help when it comes to finding a product, placing an order, or dealing with any issues, Fulfillman has a solid customer support system in place to assist you with any issues.


HyperSKU: Extremely similar to Fulfillman, HyperSKU’s customer support is available  to help out when it comes to finding products, answering questions, helping you get set up, and aims to provide every single dropshipper with an incredible user experience on the platform. Another big reason as to why they’re an amazing AliExpress alternative.


HyperSKU Vs Fulfillman: Automated Dropshipping

Fulfillman: Although Fulfillman offer many great features, full dropshipping automation is not one of them.


HyperSKU: The automated dropshipping service that HyperSKU provides is what sets them apart. It can be stressful for dropshippers to manage every single thing. So many ecommerce sellers aim to have something less arduous, and this is exactly what HyperSKU offers. They handle absolutely everything, so all you have to do is focus on your marketing.


HyperSKU Vs Fulfillman: Services Other Than Dropshipping

Fulfillman: Fulfillman doesn’t just focus on dropshipping, but they also offer a bunch of other FBA-related services like freight forwarding.


HyperSKU: Restaurants that only offer one type of food item usually have a queue of people piling out of their door. You may begin to wonder to yourself, ‘’why are they so busy if they only offer one item on the menu?’’ Well, that’s because they are absolutely amazing at that one thing, they specialize in it, and it’s probably the best version of that food item you have ever had or will ever have.


Although this analogy may seem a bit strange, it isn’t if you compare it to what HyperSKU does with dropshipping. Sure, HyperSKU may not offer any other FBA-related service, but they are masters in their trade, and when a company focuses on one thing and perfects it, the results are immense.


So, Who’s Your New Dropshipping Supplier?

 At the end of the day, it all really depends on what you, as an ecommerce seller, values. If you’re looking for something more than dropshipping, then Fulfillman will be your go-to with their FBA-related services. However, if you’re looking for flexibility, customization, low fee’s and the freedom to focus on what really matters, then HyperSKU is the one and only AliExpress alternative for you.

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