uDroppy Review: Is It Any Good for Dropshipping?

Table of Contents

  1. Benefits of dropshipping
  2. What is uDroppy
  3. Products and categories
  4. Pricings and fees
  5. Other services
  6. Integrations
  7. Fulfillment
  8. Shipping
  9. uDroppy vs HyperSKU
  10. And finally…

With so many dropshipping platforms offering entrepreneurs sourcing, warehouses and dedicated business managers it can be tricky trying to decide which one is best for your eCommerce store.


With global eCommerce retail sales increasing to a staggering 6,388 billion dollars by 2025, according to statisticians, it’s hardly surprising that many entrepreneurs are eager to find the best platform to scale their business.


In our helpful article, we will review uDroppy and find out if it’s any good for dropshipping and end with a comparison between uDroppy and dropshipping veterans, HyperSKU.


Let’s start with the brief takeaway.


uDroppy offers product sourcing, order fulfilment, and shipping. Currently, it only integrates with Shopify. uDroppy also provides private label products to its customers, but this and many other features are only available on the highest price plan. Shipping can be slow between 12 and 15 days.


With the short answer provided, we can head into more detail.


So we can better understand what uDroppy is and whether it is any good for dropshipping, let’s just go over a few of the benefits of this retail model.

Benefits of dropshipping

One of the reasons many entrepreneurs are attracted to the dropshipping model is because it’s fairly simple to set up. You can research some basics, and pretty quickly launch a business while learning on the job. Another major benefit is the fact you don’t need premises, so you can run an entire business right from your laptop, plus you don’t need to make any initial high-level investments.


It’s simpler to manage as you don’t need to hire staff or rent warehouses. Ok so how does uDroppy fit with this business model that many entrepreneurs and Commerce store owners are using?


Read on to find out exactly what uDroppy is.

What is uDroppy

uDroppy is one of a large number of dropshipping platforms that provides eCommerce store owners a sourcing, fulfilment and shipping service.


They have a database of manufacturers and suppliers so, in a nutshell, you simply need to source and choose the product you’d like to sell.


UDroppy offers:

  • Product sourcing
  • Fulfilling
  • Shipping
  • Private label
  • Worldwide shipping carriers


Right from their inception, they offer online sellers the ability to find the right products at the right price, and an all-in-one system that allows sellers to use the platform in just a few clicks.


uDroppy currently ships to about 185 countries, and can also offer product customization.


UDroppy has:

  • Completed more than 100,000 orders online,
  • Served 255,000 customers
  • Partnered with 1,700 eCommerce stores


So in our review of uDroppy how does it stack up to other dropshipping heavyweights with products and it’s category offering? Let’s find out more.


“uDroppy currently ships to around 185 countries,

and can also offer product customization.”

Products and categories

One of the factors it’s important to get right if you are setting up an Ecommerce store is to find winning products.


Having a wealth of products and categories to choose from could make the difference between a successful store or customers purchasing from competitors.


This area of dropshipping is also often the one which takes the most time, effort and also money. Adding product descriptions, images, working out costs and ordering samples can be time consuming. Udroppy has a system which allows you to copy product images and descriptions in one simple click. UDroppy offers a range of suppliers from Asia, Europe and The USA.


“Udroppy has a system which allows you to copy product

images and descriptions in one simple click.”

Pricings and fees

Udroppy offers a free plan, but the threshold for ordering is very low and provides reduced service options.


Any Shopify or other store owners who want to scale their business or receive a large number of orders, will have to upgrade to a paid plan. The free plan only offers 5 orders a week and only offers email or help centre support. UDroppys free pricing plan does not offer any product sourcing.


“Udroppy offers a free plan, but the threshold for ordering is

very low and provides reduced service options.”

UDroppy paid options

For $29 uDroppy offers:

  • 50 Orders per week
  • Chat Support
  • 4 Sourcing requests


It’s only when you hit the highest $149 price plan that you receive the best service they offer which includes benefits such as:

  • Unlimited orders
  • A dedicated personal business manager
  • 20 Sourcing requests per month
  • Private label service


“The free plan only offers 5 orders a week

and only offers email or help centre support.”

Other services

As we’ve seen above, once you are on the highest price plan, you are offered a private label service by uDroppy.

A private label service gives store owners the option to purchase goods from a manufacturer and then have their own packaging which reflects their brand or store.


“Once you are on the highest price plan, you are

offered a private label service by uDroppy.”


UDroppy allows only Shopify store owners to integrate products. There are ways of connecting to other platforms such as WooCommerce. For these options you will need to integrate through the Shopify app.


Once your Shopify account is connected with uDroppy, store owners will be required to add a plug-in to connect WooCommerce to your Shopify account. According to uDroppy’s website other stores are ‘coming soon’ such as Wix.


“uDroppy allows only Shopify store

owners to integrate products.”


As we mentioned earlier, one of the chief benefits of uDroppy is it’s one-click system for bulk actions. uDroppy’s Order Management Platform (OMP) allows store owners:


  • Order synchronisation
  • Multi-store fulfilment platform
  • Order tracking


The way it works:


  • Customer makes a purchase and you receive a notification
  • Next, log-In, order and pay
  • Finally uDroppy will be notified and will ship the item direct to your customer


With just one click you can add multiple orders from your Shopify store. You can also select a date range to make it much simpler for you to fulfill orders based on the date they were placed.


“With just one click you can add multiple

orders from your Shopify store.”


With some other dropshipping platforms you might have to download another dropshipping app then your store will calculate the cost. This can be quite time consuming.


However, uDroppy, the shipping cost is built in and will adjust the cost based on the checkout address used by your customer. According to uDroppy, their shopping times vary but average time is between 12 and 15 days.


Ok so that’s given us a good overview of the dropshipping service offered by uDroppy.


Let’s now find out if there is an alternative to uDroppy and put HyperSKU and uDroppy in the dropshipping ring to compare.

uDroppy vs HyperSKU

  • Customer support: both offers 1-on-1 support
  • Shipping times: The average shipping time when dropshipping uDroppy products is 9 to 15 working days. While with HyperSKU it’s 7-12 days
  • Integration: HyperSKU integrates with more platforms besides Shopify, including WooCommerce, Shoplazza, and Shopline
  • Sourcing: some reviewers mentioned that the sourcing process at uDroppy isn’t a quick process
  • Pricing and services: HyperSKU offers a totally free service to store owners which includes sourcing, dedicated manager etc., whereas uDroppy users have to pay a premium for access to private label, for example

And finally…

Ok so we hope this has gone through some of the main points to consider if choosing uDroppy for your eCommerce store.


The chief takeaway is that uDroppy offers a comprehensive service, has good integration with Shopify but it comes at a price, alongside fairly slow shipping times.


For high quality products, affordable pricing, express 7 day shipping and automated fulfilment sign up to HyperSKU for free today for a one stop solution to build your dropshipping empire.

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