25 Trending Products to Sell Online in 2024

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  1. Top Trending Beauty Products
  2. Top Trending Kitchen Appliances & Goods
  3. Top Trending Pet Products
  4. Top Trending Home & Lifestyle Goods
  5. Top Trending Outdoor Gears & Fitness
  6. Top Trending Fashion Items
  7. Start Your Online Business Selling Trending Products Today

In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, staying informed about trending high-demand products is essential. That’s why we’ve conducted thorough research to bring you the top trending profitable products for 2024. Covering various categories, our selection is backed by statistical data, in-depth analysis, and practical marketing advice to empower your online business and boost your sales.

Of course, you can always check out our video for more inspiration for profitable trending products and tips!  Let’s begin!


Top Trending Beauty Products

Beauty products are always a hot trend in online commerce. Between 2023 and 2028, the cosmetics segment alone in the beauty and personal care market is expected to see significant growth in global revenue, with a projected total increase of $25.1 billion. As consumers prioritize self-care, investing in beauty products is a strategic move to meet current trends and ensure a profitable future for your e-commerce venture.


1. Pimple Patches

trending products pimple patches

Monthly Search Volume: 62K

Selling Price Range: $10-25

Pimple patches are the latest buzz in beauty, and here’s why they’re a hit. These tiny stickers with hydrocolloid gel are a game-changer for your skin. They not only speed up healing but also stop you from picking at those annoying pimples. Plus, they act as a shield, keeping your skin safe from the harmful elements.

These patches experienced a significant spike in popularity in the winter of 2023. The accompanying graph illustrates a steady increase in the popularity of “pimple patches” since 2021.


2. Hair Oil

trending products hair oil

Monthly Search Volume: 25K

Selling Price Range: $10-50

Hair oiling is a fantastic method for nurturing both your hair and scalp, especially recommended for individuals who frequently use styling tools like dryers or curling irons. The search popularity peaked in early 2023. The benefits are delivering essential vitamins and minerals to your hair and enhancing its moisture, softness, and shine.


3. Rosemary Oil

trending products rosemary oil

Monthly Search Volume: 32K

Selling Price Range: $10-25

Rosemary oil, extracted from the rosemary plant, has traditionally been valued for its stress-relieving effect in aromatherapy. However, a recent surge in popularity has to do with a newfound use: hair care. This dual-purpose appeal has propelled rosemary oil into the limelight, making it a coveted product for those seeking both aromatic relaxation and haircare benefits.

trending products rosemary oil

Photo by Mariya on Unsplash

Just like the previous hair oil, it became a popular beauty product in 2022 and 2023 and has ever since maintained a good level of popularity.


Top Trending Kitchen Appliances & Goods

As cooking and home-related activities surge in popularity, investing in these appliances is a strategic move for your online store. These cooking appliances make up a substantial portion of the total industry revenue and can be found in over 80 to 90 percent of households globally. With innovative designs and smart technologies, now is the time to ride the culinary wave and enhance your store’s success with the practicality and sophistication of kitchen appliances.


4. Wine Fridges/Wine Cooler

trending products wine cooler

Monthly Search Volume: 34K (for wine cooler)

Selling Price Range: $150-1,000

Wine fridges, also known as wine coolers, are specialized appliances designed to control the temperature for optimal wine storage. They are perfect for those who need to ensure their wines remain safe and untainted. The popularity reached its peak in 2021 and has since maintained a steady trend at over half of that level. The fridges are ideal for wine enthusiasts, collectors, and anyone who values proper wine storage.

trending products wine cooler

Photo by Amy Chen on Unsplash


5. Vegetable Chopper

trending products vegetable chopper

Monthly Search Volume: 9.7K

Selling Price Range: $2.99-9

The demand for vegetable choppers is on the rise, driven by the increasing trend of home-cooked meals in the post-pandemic era. The affordability of these choppers has made them even more popular. They are perfect for those who value efficiency in cooking routines and want to simplify the process of preparing meals.

Highly popular in 2022, while experiencing a slight decline the following year, it also demonstrated a resurgence and upward growth trend.


6. Portable Blenders

trending products portable blenders

Monthly Search Volume: 19K

Selling Price Range: $15-70

Portable blenders are a versatile solution for individuals who frequently want to prepare juices, smoothies, milkshakes, protein drinks, or even sauces and soups while on the move, serving as a cost-effective alternative to traditional blenders or food processors. Many portable models also function as tumblers for direct consumption, saving users from extra dishwashing. In 2024, the blenders experienced a surge in search interest, growing over four times.


Top Trending Pet Products

The trend of selling pet products online has surged due to a rise in pet ownership, with pets becoming integral family members. Social media’s influence on pet culture has further fueled the demand for unique and trendy pet items. According to TikTok’s Keywords Insignts, “pet” related keywords have all accumulated substantial impressions and experienced positive popularity change. For example, the keyword, “pet couch cover,” has over 240K impressions on TikTok in the US. Online channels have become more important than ever for pet owners looking to find the best products for their furry friends.


7. Cat Litter

trending products cat litter

Monthly Search Volume:34K

Selling Price Range: $10-40

Cat litter is an essential product for pet owners, offering a convenient and hygienic solution for managing feline waste. With various options available, from clumping to non-clumping and natural alternatives, cat litter caters to different preferences and naturally generates more business opportunities.

The growing trend of cat ownership has also propelled the search interest in cat litter, maintaining a significant level of popularity over the past three years.


8. Cat Beds

trending products cat bed

Monthly Search Volume: 17K

Selling Price Range: $15-55

Cat beds provide a cozy and secure space for feline companions to rest, supporting their overall well-being by offering a designated sleeping area. As people increasingly pay attention to pet care and cats sleep generally more than humans do, cat beds have gained popularity for promoting a sense of security and routine for feline friends.

trending products cat bed

Photo by Aleksandar Cvetanovic on Unsplash

Especially during the winters, pet owners seek to provide additional warmth for their furry friends, with a notable increase in search popularity for cat beds in recent years.


Top Trending Home & Lifestyle Goods

Home and lifestyle items have become more popular in recent years, especially because more people are working from home due to the pandemic. People want to make their home environment comfortable and good for work. They also want to be organized and pay more attention to their home decor. TikTok’s Keywords Insights has shown that a keyword like “home decor” has over 820K impressions. These home and lifestyle items are in high demand and represent hidden business opportunities.


9. Water Bottles

trending products water bottles

Monthly Search Volume: 30K

Selling Price Range: $10-50

Embodying the spirit of sustainability, reusable water bottles have emerged as a thriving product category in online sales. The increasing awareness of environmental issues related to single-use plastics has led consumers to embrace these bottles as a conscious lifestyle choice. As more and more people value sustainable living, these bottles have become not just vessels for hydration but symbols of a broader commitment to a greener and healthier way of life. The popularity of water bottles has consistently shown stable growth, surpassing the previous year’s records each year.

trending products water bottle

Image by Gary G from Pixabay


10. Fake Plants

trending products fake plants

Monthly Search Volume: 14K

Selling Price Range: $10-30

Artificial plants offer a low-maintenance and aesthetically pleasing decor option, providing a touch of nature to indoor spaces without the need for watering or sunlight. Fake plants have become popular due to their versatility, durability, and the rising interest in indoor gardening. And of course, not everyone is born with a green thumb and not everyone has the space for gardening, but we do sometimes want to keep something green around our surroundings.


11. Wifi Repeater

trending products wifi repeater

Monthly Search Volume: 20K

Selling Price Range: $20-60

A WiFi repeater extends and boosts the range of a wireless network, eliminating dead zones and ensuring a stable internet connection throughout a home or office. Since access to the Internet is practically a necessity for most people right now, repeaters have become essential to solve connectivity challenges.  Maintaining consistently over half of the search interest, the wifi repeater is expected to have good popularity this year.


12. Neck Pillows

trending products neck pillow

Monthly Search Volume: 22K

Selling Price Range: $10-50

Neck pillows provide ergonomic support for the neck and head, offering comfort during travel or relaxation. This is the perfect solution for people who travel a lot or with neck pain. Also, since now many countries have lifted travel bans, these travel items are making a strong comeback, having a growth in search popularity of around 25%.


13. Baby Monitors

trending products baby monitor

Monthly Search Volume: 31K

Selling Price Range: $40-300

Baby monitors enable parents to keep a close eye and ear on their infants, providing peace of mind and ensuring the baby’s safety. Many have also used the monitors for their pets at home, fostering a sense of security. Some come with features like a mobile app, adjustable angles, and night vision.


14. Phone Stands

trending products phone stand

Monthly Search Volume: 15K

Selling Price Range: $5-30

Phone stands offer a hands-free solution for holding smartphones, making them ideal for video calls, watching visual content, or following recipes. As smartphones become central to daily life, phone stands enhance convenience and accessibility.

While experiencing a minor decline in search interest two years ago, phone stands regained popularity last year and became a sought-after accessory with an impression search volume every month.


15. Scented Candles

trending products candles

Monthly Search Volume: 11K

Selling Price Range: $12-46

Scented candles add ambiance and fragrance to spaces, creating a soothing and pleasant environment. It is ideal for those seeking relaxation, home decor enthusiasts, or those wanting to get rid of odors. It can also be used to reduce stress, brighten up the mood, and create a more positive atmosphere.

trending products candles

Image by Monika from Pixabay

They may be considered a cliché Christmas gift, but every winter, they experience a surge in popularity.


16. Portable Projector

trending products portable projector

Monthly Search Volume: 7K

Selling Price Range: $25-$49

Portable projectors allow users to enjoy large-screen entertainment anywhere, transforming any space into a makeshift theater. With just a blank wall, you can effortlessly project your favorite movie on a large screen.  An increasing number of people are getting projectors as essential items for their home theaters. The search interest reached its peak last year, indicating significant potential in the coming years.


Top Trending Outdoor Gears & Fitness

Investing in outdoor gear and fitness products for your online store is a strategic move as global interest in active lifestyles continues to grow. From camping gear to fitness gadgets, these items are increasingly popular as more people prioritize health and outdoor interests. During the past 2 years, the global revenue of the outdoor equipment market exhibited consistent growth, rising from $19.76 billion to surpass $23 billion. Embrace the trend and make your store the favorite choice for adventure seekers, ensuring success by meeting the growing demand for functional and stylish outdoor and fitness gear.


17. Resistance Bands

trending products resistance bands

Monthly Search Volume: 135K

Selling Price Range: $12-25

Resistance bands are versatile fitness accessories that offer a portable and effective way to engage in strength training and flexibility exercises. It is easy to use without needing a lot of workout space, a perfect item for home gyms. Naturally, the rise of home fitness trends and the demand for compact workout equipment led to the popularity of resistance bands.

trending products resistance bands

Photo by Geert Pieters on Unsplash


18. Sleeping Bags

trending products sleeping bag

Monthly Search Volume: 63K

Selling Price Range: $20-80

Sleeping bags provide portable and comfortable bedding, making them essential for camping, and outdoor activities, like trekking and hiking, or sleepovers in the wild by keeping people warm and dry. Possibly due to the growing camping trend, sleeping bags have maintained consistently good popularity in recent years.


19. Yoga Mats

trending products yoga mat

Monthly Search Volume: 36K

Selling Price Range: $32-90

Yoga mats provide a comfortable and non-slip surface for practicing yoga, pilates, or other floor exercises. The emphasis on health and wellness, coupled with the growth of home-based exercise routines, has made yoga popular among many people. It also increased the demand for yoga mats and other yoga apparel and accessories. Despite experiencing a search downturn last fall, yoga mats have regained popularity, becoming a trending fitness essential this year.

trending products yoga mat

Image by Ben Kerckx from Pixabay


20. Swimwear

trending products swimwear

Monthly Search Volume: 31K

Selling Price Range: $8-30

Swimwear includes a range of clothing designed for water-related activities, such as swimming or sunbathing. The seasonal demand for swimwear, coupled with fashion trends, makes it a popular choice for those engaging in water activities. But for vacation-goers, there is no peak sales time when it comes to buying swimwear.


Top Trending Fashion Items

Fashion items are a trending and ideal choice for online sales due to their dynamic nature and widespread appeal. The constant evolution of fashion trends aligns seamlessly with the adaptability of online platforms, providing customers with accessible spaces to explore the latest styles. In 2021, the size of the global e-commerce apparel market reached a valuation of $553.1 billion, with an anticipated compound annual growth rate of 8.6% from 2022 to 2030, making it a lucrative opportunity to reach a global audience seeking convenience and curated collections in the online shopping landscape.


21. Cargo Pants

trending products cargo pants

Monthly Search Volume: 212K

Selling Price Range: $15-45

Cargo pants feature multiple pockets and a durable design, offering a practical and versatile clothing option. The pants have gained popularity for their utilitarian design, providing ample storage and a relaxed aesthetic.

These pants reached their highest search interest last year, and while there has been a recent decline, they still exhibit a noteworthy growth trend in the future.


22. Sweaters

trending products sweaters

Monthly Search Volume: 66K

Selling Price Range: $6-150

Sweaters provide warmth and comfort during colder seasons, coming in various styles, materials, and designs. It’s a classic winter fashion item but with an impressive monthly search volume, experiencing nearly four times the search interest compared to regular times. With the right clothes suppliers, you can provide an abundance of sweaters featuring versatile designs for your customers.

trending products sweater

Image by Pexels from Pixabay


23. Hair Clips

trending products hair clip

Monthly Search Volume: 46K

Selling Price Range: $7-10

The surge in interest in experimenting with hairstyles at home has led to a significant increase in the purchase of hair accessories, such as combs, hair clips, and scrunchies, as people are looking to level up their home hairstyling experiences.

Search popularity and demand for these clips have steadily increased over the past three years, remaining consistent in recent times.


24. Hoodies

trending products hoodies

Monthly Search Volume: 14K

Selling Price Range: $40-60

Hoodies are a type of clothes that never go out of fashion. You can always create your own style with any design on hoodies. These wardrobe essentials not only provide warmth but also reflect the latest fashion trends. You can see from the chart that every winter a hoodie is a hot-selling item, a timeless fashion piece for the colder season. They are the sought-after clothing choice for casual and laid-back fashion enthusiasts.


25. Backpacks

trending products backpacks

Monthly Search Volume: 191K

Selling Price Range: $100-150

For those gearing up for an adventure, these hiking backpacks are a must-have. Unlike seasonal items, hiking backpacks are a year-round necessity. Their versatility allows for year-round sales, offering an opportunity to bring in adventure seekers and provide them with a reliable, durable, and stylish solution.

trending products backpack

Image by Pexels from Pixabay


Backpacks consistently have good search popularity and demand, but they perform even better in the summer. You can tailor your sales approach to highlight their suitability for outdoor summer activities.


Where Can I Find New Trending Products to Sell Online?

Here are several effective ways to conduct product research and discover what’s currently trending:

Google Trends:

Make use of Google Trends to analyze the popularity of search queries over time. This free tool provides valuable insights into the search volume of specific products, helping you identify emerging trends and seasonal patterns.

Social Media Networks:

Monitor popular hashtags, follow influencers, and join relevant groups or communities in your product niches. Platforms like Instagram, X, and Facebook can provide real-time information about what products are gaining traction. And since now short videos have developed business potential, TikTok and YouTube are also good resources for your product research.

Customer Surveys:

Directly engage with your target audience through surveys to understand their preferences and needs. Ask about their recent purchases, the products they are interested in, and any emerging trends they have observed. This firsthand information can guide your product selection efficiently. There are many online survey tools available, like SurveyMonkey, to help you out.

Competitor Analysis:

Analyze successful stores and products in your niche. Identify patterns in customer reviews, social media engagement, and product launches. This can give you insights into what works well, the product gaps between you and your competitors, and what customers are currently looking for.

Industry Reports and Publications:

Stay informed about industry reports and publications related to your niche. For an e-commerce business, you can look at Ecomhunt or Trend Hunter for useful information. These sources often provide market insights, consumer behavior trends, and predictions for upcoming product demands.

E-commerce Platforms and Marketplaces:

Explore popular e-commerce platforms and marketplaces. Platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy showcase trending and best-selling products. Analyze best-seller categories, customer reviews, and ratings to compare product popularity.


What is the Benefit of Selling Trending Products?

Increased Demand:

Trending products often experience high demand in the market. By offering these sought-after items, you can tap into existing consumer interest and attract a larger audience to your store.

Boosted Visibility:

More demand generates more attention, both on search engines and within online marketplaces, potentially leading to increased traffic and sales.

Higher Profit Margins:

Trending products often bring higher profit margins due to increased sales and the willingness of customers to pay a premium for what’s currently popular, contributing to better overall profitability.

Social Media Opportunities:

Trending products often gain traction on social media platforms. Making use of these trends in your product offerings provides great business opportunities and visibility for social media marketing, allowing you to create engaging content and expand your customer base.


What Defines a Product as a Trending Item?

Selecting a successful trending product involves considering key factors:

Market Demand:

Examine the current and emerging demand for the product, gauging availability. Keep an eye on social media trends and ongoing events for insights. You can also use monthly search volumes to make your analysis.

Problem Solving:

Select products that effectively address prevalent issues, emphasizing a unique selling proposition to stand out.

Branding Potential:

Analyze the product’s suitability for impactful branding, ensuring it can be effectively marketed.

Consumer Reviews:

Scrutinize existing customer feedback for similar products, focusing on those with predominantly positive reviews. This provides valuable insights into consumer satisfaction.

By incorporating these considerations, you can make informed decisions about the viability and potential success of a trending product.


Start Your Online Business Selling Trending Products Today

Keeping your online store in tune with the latest trends within your niche is like having a secret weapon for success. Remember, always pay attention to things like search volume, long-term trends, and how crowded the market is. If you are looking for more inspiration and ideas, check out our piece introducing more excellent products for your business.

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