It’s Time to Start Selling on Instagram!

There’s no denying it; social media has really taken over our generation and has become a foundation of not only how we socialise, but also how we shop.


In the past, you would expect us to say that Facebook was the best and most effective social media platform to sell and connect on – however as time has moved on Instagram has become the number one social media platform and down to its easy, simple and straightforward way to navigate it is no surprise that it continues to grow.


With its popularity, comes the urgency for you to sell on Instagram, and ensure that you make good use of your eCommerce store within the platform. You really do not want to get left behind! So, if you are an eCommerce store that is selling on your website, it is important to build an Instagram profile for your business!



As Instagram grows in popularity, so too does the potential target audience for you to try to market your eCommerce store to. Millennials and the Z generations are more active on Instagram and this will continue to grow throughout the years ahead of us.


Not only that, Instagram is so seller friendly. Because Instagram is a video and photo led social platform, it makes for a great place for you to sell and to market your products. Not only that, however whereas Facebook seems more aligned towards friendships and connections that you know, Instagram allows you to grow your network and your community easily without having to worry about whether or not you know your connections personally.


And finally, Instagram has now developed a fully integrated advertisement platform. This means that you can sell on Instagram so much easier, and you can grow your Shopify business with ease. The addition of Instagram stories and also sponsored ads make targeting so much better!

Never used Instagram before? Or only just setting a profile up now for your eCommerce site? Here are three of our top tips to help you sell on Instagram with ease…




It can be very tempting to just post anything and everything, with no thought about style or theme. However, first impressions count, and the most successful Instagram eCommerce sellers stick to a style which can entertain their audience and help to build their brand.




The use of hashtags is so important to allow your target audience to find you and to follow you. People search hashtags for the things that interest them so whether it be #men fashion or #watches or even #bikinis – use relevant hashtags so that your potential customer can find you.


Shoppable Posts


Shoppable posts allow you to add a tag to one of your products to a relevant photo which will give your potential customer direct access to that product. So, say for example you display a photo of one of your handbags on a nice table, you can tag the relevant handbag into that photo. This will ensure that anyone who has come across your content and wants to buy that handbag, or any other product, can do so quickly with ease.

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