Shopify Edition Winter ’23: Top New Features You Should Know

Shopify Edition Winter 23 - HyperSKU

Table of Contents

  1. Boost Conversion
  2. Sell Across Channels
  3. Go Global
  4. Expand With B2B
  5. Find & Engage Customers
  6. Fulfill & Deliver
  7. Run Your Business
  8. Build With Us

What is Shopify Edition Winter ’23?

Shopify is introducing over 100 product updates twice a year via Shopify Edition to help business owners build long-term success. All new features are divided into a total of 8 sections including conversion enhancement, selling across channels, selling internationally, expanding with B2B, finding & engage with customers, fulfilling & deliver, running your business, and built with Shopify.  All sections are listed in the table of contents for your reference. In this article, you can review the breakdown of the top features from each section in the Shopify Edition. Each section will be updated on weekly basis, so ensure to stay tuned for our update announcements!



Boost Conversion

We have highlighted 5 of the most recent updates to the Shopify platform that are designed to empower business owners in maximizing website conversions. These cutting-edge features are poised to elevate your online business to new heights and help you stay ahead of the competition.

1. Customize your storefront
• create custom and reusable content like product highlights, cart upsells, shoppable gallery and more with metaobjects
• a brand new feature to create & manage custom content in one space

2. One Page Checkout
• fewer fields to enter, faster for customers to complete their purchases
• fewer page loads; less friction for customers; higher conversion

3. Drag-and-drop Checkout Editor
• exclusive to Shopify Plus
• add your brand’s logo, change the background color or image, and update the overall look of your checkout

4. New Shop Promise Badge
• display smart delivery dates predicted by Shopify
– help customers check out with confidence and increase conversion by up to 25%

5. AI-generated storefront content
– use Shopify Magic to automatically create a compelling, tone-specific product description

Product Bundles are coming soon!

You will be able to set up bundles with the new Shopify Bundles app. Sign up for early access here.



Sell Across Channels

Be where your customers are crossing all channels either on social media or online and manage all in one central platform.

1. Sync and sell on YouTube

In response to the rise of video shopping, now you can sync your Shopify store to your YouTube and sell your products to create live and on-demand shopping experiences with ease.

• Stand out with the latest product info below your YouTube video, pinned in the chat, or tagged during a live stream

2. More Shop App Customization

• Customize your product collections, best sellers, description, and branding on your Shop store
• Customers can sign in to a shop easily with passkeys
• Use apps Foursity & Supergreat to host shoppable brand content & video UGC reviews

Watch the full video here.

Go Global

Learn how to expand your global market and sell internationally with some of the newest Shopify features.

1. Translate & Adapt App
Localizing your store content to engage more customers with regional, seasonal & cultural relevance

• Use a sidebar editor to add, edit and review translated content
• Automatically translate up to two languages for free
• Adapt content to reflect spelling and messaging variations between markets
• Align your product with licensing agreements and regional regulations in different markets

Auto Translate Shopify Edition



2. Introducing Markets Pro

Markets Pro is a complete solution that offers end-to-end liability management, cost-effective global shipping and fulfillment, and localization tools.

• Automatically remove items with import restrictions in each market to ensure your product catalog is compliant and buyers only see what they’re allowed to purchase in their region
Collect duties up front to get rid of surprise fees at delivery with Delivery Duty Paid labels & customs documentation that are easy to manage from your admin

Watch the full video here and join the Markets Pro waitlist now.


The following sections are coming soon!



Expand With B2B

Find & Engage Customers

Fulfill & Deliver

Run Your Business

Build With Us


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