Salehoo Review: Is SaleHoo a Good Dropshipping Solution?

Table of Contents

  1. What is Salehoo?
  2. Is SaleHoo legitimate?
  3. How to register?
  4. How to Dropship with SaleHoo?
  5. Advantages
  6. Disadvantages
  7. Conclusion

If you are interested in diving deep in the eCommerce business but you are clueless about where to start, read on, because we may have answer for you.

Yes, you’ve had this idea of dropshipping a specific niche for a more extended period now, but surely since you are new in the business, even more, you lack the contacts and the experience, you don’t know where to find a reliable drop shipper. Not only it has to be reliable, but its products have to be cheap enough so that you can re-sell and earn some profits too.

The usage of directories such as Salehoo will make the entire process of finding wholesalers who have reasonable versatile quality products, fast shipping, and even more importantly affordable prices a whole lot easier.

What is Salehoo?

Salehoo is a super practical wholesale directory that was founded back in 2005 in New Zealand. Wholesale directory means that it will directly connect you (be an intermediary) with more than 8000 manufacturers and wholesalers, and it will give you access to more than 2.5 million branded products.

Their initial idea was not only connecting dropshippers and suppliers but also help dropshippers every step of the way. They will provide you with limitless resources such as how to get started, how to choose the most profitable product to sell, how to find a product supplier, how to choose whether to sell on Amazon or eBay, how to launch your very own eCommerce store, and they will offer you a guide to shipping and importing. Not only they will provide you with pre-written guides to everything you need to know, but they also have created a community of people (forum) with the same interests and problems. Additionally, what makes Salehoo so popular is the responsive customer care team.

Is SaleHoo legitimate?

Probably when you read the initial description for SaleHoo, it almost sounds too good to be true. Starting an eCommerce store on your own while someone else doing the dirty work for you sounds like a dream coming true.

And it is!

They have been operating for more than 17 years now, and their numbers are stunning. SaleHoo is currently used by a 137,000 paying users, and each and every single one of them has access to more than 2.5 million products by more than 8,000 different suppliers. Furthermore, they’ve received an A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau.

How to register?

You can start using SaleHoo by paying annual fee- $67 and additionally they are giving a 60-day money back guarantee. SaleHoo also provide lifetime access with a single payment of $127.

How to Dropship with SaleHoo?

First things first you can use Market Research Labs and find suitable profitable products that you intend on selling.

The second thing is using the SaleHoo’s directory to find suppliers that are selling the chosen product.

Moreover, the final step is reaching out to the suppliers and negotiating the prices.


  • Branded products

One of the main advantages and a truly exceptional feature is the possibility to source suppliers of branded products at real wholesale prices. You can dive deep into many categories such as beauty and health, garden and home, antiques, collectibles, electronics, and more.

SaleHoo will spark your imagination with the number of brands they are offering on the platform, and we are talking the real BRANDS such as Disney, Sony Esprit, and Victoria’s Secret.

  • Amazing for beginners

What makes SaleHoo genuinely amazing is that they’ve devoted themselves to creating an environment rather than just a platform. Starting from their free training materials all the way to the community forum and the impeccable customer care, every step you take-they will be here for you! Surely when you are starting something new, you have doubts and problems every step of the way, but they have a team of skilled and experienced experts that are here to help you.

  • Verified Suppliers

Not only their commitment and devotion to their customers but also their verified list of suppliers! No more insecurities about what supplier to choose and whether it will be a scam or not. SaleHoo will provide you with genuine products from verified suppliers.


  • In terms of their products

Although SaleHoo offers a stunning 2.5 millions of products and it does seem like a considerable number, in fact, it’s not. Similar platforms such as Worldwide Brands offer 16 million products. Additionally, more of the products are branded meaning there are not as many niche products. However, if you do choose to sell branded products, finding a suitable market will be hard especially with the already established brand’s websites.

  • Logistic problems

SaleHoo is evidently proud with the flawless customer support, but when it comes to the delivery time, they don’t offer support nor control. Their team does not manage these problems regarding logistics.

  • Low Margins

Some of the products which are offered can be even found with the cheaper or same price as the SaleHoo’s “wholesale” price on pages such as Ali Express, Alibaba, and eBay. Dropshipping from Doba may leave you with low margin, as you have to compete with others selling same or similar products.


Overall, we can say that this New Zealand based team takes the trophy of making the entire dropshipping process easier. Not only by creating a free training environment and perfect customer service but also by validating the supplier’s products on top of the affordable annual fee; However, the limited choice of product selections and low margin could be a problem for sellers who aim to scale.

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