16 Best Pet Dropshipping Suppliers for Pet Supplies in 2024

Pet Profits – Top Pet Dropshipping Suppliers for Your Business: Want to get into the pet dropshipping business, but not sure which suppliers to partner with? Check out our breakdown of the 15 best pet dropshipping suppliers in the industry today.

Table of Contents

  1. Why Start Your Pet Business With Pet Dropshipping Suppliers?
  2. How to Choose Pet Products to Dropship?
  3. How to Find the Best Pet Dropshipping Suppliers
  4. 16 Dropshipping Suppliers for Pet Supplies
  5. Ready to Start Your Pet Dropshipping Business?

Why Start Your Pet Business With Pet Dropshipping Suppliers?

The pet industry is growing around the world, which means smart entrepreneurs have an opportunity to make massive profits by providing pet parents with the tools and supplies they need to ensure their fur babies thrive. But you don’t have to go to the trouble of making and storing pet products yourself; instead, you can work with quality pet dropshipping suppliers to tackle a lot of the work for you.

Today, let’s break down why you should use pet dropshipping suppliers and examine some of the best pet dropshipping suppliers for this industry one by one.

Is it Profitable to Dropship Pet Supplies?

The pet market worldwide is worth approximately $261 billion. According to PetKeen, pet owners will spend $110 billion on their pets this year in the US, much of which is spent on food, insurance, toys, and grooming supplies. 

There are several other trends that support this, too. For example, more dog owners spend more money on grooming than other luxuries; the average owner spends $70-$80 on grooming alone. Meanwhile, 42% of pet owners will spend more money on premium food.

So, it’s definitely profitable to dropship pet supplies, especially considering the rise in pet ownership.

The American Pet Products Association, for example, indicates that around 85 million homes own at least one pet. Pet ownership has also increased from 56% to 68% over the last 30 years.

This is partially driven due to the COVID-19 pandemic when many people purchased pets in order to reduce at-home loneliness. In addition, cultural shifts – namely, the lack of enthusiasm for traditional parenting among Millennial and Generation Z consumers – have also led to a rise in pet adoption, particularly among younger customers.

The pet business is highly evergreen, as it’s likely to remain stable or even increase. There’s a prime opportunity for entrepreneurial minds to start and run successful businesses in this arena. 

How Big is the Pet Market?

As noted by the breakdown above, the pet market is truly massive, with a majority of US households having at least one pet (typically either a cat or a dog). The global market size for the pet care market was $150.7 billion as of 2021. The statistics below also present how evergreen the pet market is in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and Brazil. 

Based on a report by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), the pet industry in the United States was valued at around $99 billion in 2020, and Americans were projected to spend around $109.6 billion on their pets in 2022. 

Meanwhile, the British pet industry has a market value of 7 billion British pounds. Statista also showed pet food was valued at 3.1 billion British pounds, and veterinary services generated a market value of 2.4 billion pounds in 2021.

The market size of the pet industry in Australia has grown recently, too. It was $3.2 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow 5% in 2023. 

What about elsewhere? The pet market in Germany was valued at around €12.5 billion in 2020, and the pet food market alone accounted for 36% of the pet market value in 2020. That’s expected to grow in Germany, as in other countries, in 2023.

Lastly, the pet care market in Brazil is projected to have a market value of US$10 billion in 2025. All in all, it seems every country has seen record pet supply market growth recently. 

Furthermore, Millennials now firmly represent the largest portion of pet owners compared to other generations (previously, it was the Baby Boomers). Because of this, entrepreneurs and pet supply providers need to market more directly to Millennials than other demographics.

Perhaps most importantly, pet supplies is the third largest e-commerce CPG categories across the industry, respectively. In other words, e-commerce pet supply purchasing is more popular than ever and is likely to become even more important as time goes on.

It’s a prime market for a business that relies on pet dropshipping suppliers.

How to Choose Pet Products to Dropship?

Deciding to dropship pet products and supplies is one thing. Deciding exactly which pet products to provide to your customers is another. In truth, you can drop many different pet products to paying customers.

What are the Best Pet Products to Dropship?

Pet parents need a lot of tools and supplies for their pets. If you’re a pet owner yourself, odds are you already know about plenty of these! Some of the most common pet products to buy include:

  • Water and food bowls
  • Pet supplements
  • Pet treats, especially for training young dogs
  • Grooming supplies for cats and dogs – these include brushes, combs, coat wipes, and bath soaps
  • Stain and odor removers, especially for young animals
  • Potty pads and poop bags for dogs, as well as litter and litter boxes for cats
  • Collars and tags – after all, you want to know your pet can be identified and returned to you if they get lost!
  • Leashes and harnesses, especially for dogs
  • Tons of toys – these include tug toys, treat toys, balls, and more
  • Crates and beds. Every pet needs a place to sleep

But what about dropshipping? Some products are better for retailers than others due to storage size, availability, and price. Here’s a breakdown of some of the best pet products to dropship.

Pet Pillow

pet pillow

Pet pillows are snuggly, comfy, and perfectly sized for dogs (or occasionally cats). These can be handy to pet parents attending to teach their animals where to sleep or stay in the living room, plus they can be handy when traveling with a pet.

Pet Carrier

plastic pet carrier

Every pet parent also needs a pet carrier. Pet carriers of different sizes and types (usually distinguished by material and durability) are must-haves. For example, larger dogs need big metal crates, while smaller dogs might only need cloth carry-on bags. In any case, providing pet carriers will help your pet dropshipping business thrive in this competitive market.

Pet Gate

Pet Gate

Many pet parents rely on pet gates to prevent their dogs or cats from entering certain areas of the house or apartment, like the laundry room or the bathroom. Pet gates are also popular for dropshipping pet supplies since they can help parents train dogs or teach them where they’re allowed to go.

Pet Stroller

Parents of smaller pets, like cats and certain dog breeds, may want to buy pet strollers from dropshipping brands like yours. The right pet stroller allows a parent to take their furry friend on a walk or adventure, especially if they’re a little too small to walk safely amongst other critters.

Pet Bed

pet bed

Pet beds are also popular pet supplies, and for a good reason every pet needs a distinct bed, and there’s a market for both affordable pet beds and more expensive pet beds that are ideal for pets with orthopedic conditions or older animals that may need a little more support when they sleep.

Pet Toys

pet toys

Pet toys also make up a huge proportion of the pet supply market. Chew toys, snacks, chase toys, and everything in between help pet parents provide their dogs and cats (and other animals) with entertainment and enrichment. They’re also especially important for young animals, like puppies, who typically have a lot of excess energy that needs to be expended safely.

How to Find the Best Pet Dropshipping Suppliers

When you decide to start a pet dropshipping business, you need to know how to find the best pet dropshipping suppliers to provide your customers with their chosen products. That’s easier said than done, but you can look at some key criteria to determine which dropshipping suppliers are superior to their competitors.

Criteria for Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Pet Supplies

Generally, you’ll want to choose the best dropshipping suppliers for pet supplies by looking for things like:

  • Promising reviews
  • An excellent and detailed business background
  • Plenty of unique products
  • Good product images (which can help sell the products)
  • Wholesale prices
  • Good buying and refund policies; be sure to read through these carefully 

Ways to Look for a Good Pet Supplier

If you want to know how to find a pet dropshipping supplier, you should identify different vendors in the pet industry using e-commerce sites like AliExpress. Then you can choose products from different categories and filter your results.

Once you’ve identified the best dropshipping suppliers for pet products, evaluate their product data, consider your bottom line and profit margins, and extend an offer to the market and sell their products to your target customers.

16 Dropshipping Suppliers for Pet Supplies

Now, let’s take a look at dropshipping suppliers for pet supplies. Below 15 suppliers should help you get started building your dropshipping business in no time.



  • Service Coverage: US
  • Extensive selection of products designed,  ensuring a comprehensive range of options
  • Diverse inventory (offers an impressive collection of 2500 different pet products.)
  • Four decades of experience as a reputable wholesale company.

With an extensive catalog comprising more than 2500 products, PetStoresUSA proudly showcases offerings from renowned pet brands like Kittywalk, PetSafe, Dogtra, and K&H Pet. This impressive range encompasses highly sought-after items for a variety of pets, including dogs, cats, birds, fish, and small animals.


HyperSKU Dashboard

  • Service Coverage: Worldwide
  • Excellent product quality and good shipping times
  • In the process of expanding global reach.
  • Offer branded services including custom packaging, product tag, thank you card and more

HyperSKU is an affordable and comprehensive dropshipping platform that allows you to integrate your online store with quality pet products in no time. It offers shipping times of between 7 and 12 days and covers 72 shipping destinations. With seven warehouses and access to over 2000 vetted brands, it’s a great pet dropshipping supplier for your business. On top of that, HyperSKU has extensive after-sales service, including returns for damaged or long-shipping items. This is crucial for building trust with your customers.


  • Service Coverage: Worldwide
  • Reasonably good prices and excellent shipping policies
  • Have to pay to get access to this service

TopDawg is a US-based dropshipping supplier that offers pet treats, food, clothes, accessories, and leashes. It does require a paid dropshipping membership, which can range from $90-$249. But if you sign up for this service, you’ll benefit from worldwide shipping and unlimited orders.

Gor Pets

Gor Pets

  • Service Coverage: UK
  • Offers a diverse range of products, including bedding, leads, collars, toys, and treats
  • No minimum order requirement or register fee

Gor Pets offers a convenient and free dropshipping service that doesn’t require a minimum purchase for online sellers and retailers. The company also enables their partners to sell their high-quality goods on any e-commerce platform effortlessly.

The Paws

The Paws

  • Service Coverage: UK
  • Predictable delivery charges and schedules
  • Product variety could be better

The Paws is a well-known dropshipping supply company for pet products and accessories for UK businesses. It offers a variety of helpful pet products and doesn’t require a minimum purchase amount. Most importantly, all items are delivered through reputable UK carriers and come with set delivery costs.

The Pets Party


  • Service Coverage: UK
  • A unique and diverse selection of collars, leashes, and accessories
  • Seamless and secure online experience
  • A detailed and visually appealing website

As one of the prominent pet dropshipping suppliers in the UK, The Pets Party offers a hassle-free and user-friendly experience for its users by providing free registration and enabling them to sell products on their dropshipping store or popular online marketplaces.

Iconic Pet

Iconic Pet

  • Service Coverage: US
  • Excels in providing a diverse range of pet furniture designed specifically for dogs and cats.
  • The completed collection of luxurious rattan and wooden pet furniture
  • Fast and efficient shipping across the USA, with the added convenience of tracking information for every order.

Iconic Pet provides high-quality pet furniture, including cages, playpens, beds, and scratching posts. Once registered as a member, the users may gain access to data feeds, quality images, and daily inventory feeds, empowering them with the tools needed for successful dropshipping operations.

Mirage Pet Products


  • Service Coverage: US and some European countries
  • Decent service range and excellent prices overall
  • Can take some time to get started

Mirage Pet Products is one of the most experienced dropshipping suppliers in the industry. It offers supplies to American-based businesses and doesn’t include dropshipping fees aside from the cost of products and flat-rate shipping fees. However, it does have a rather involved profile setup process.



  • Service Coverage: China, US, UK
  • Excellent service coverage, good images and services
  • Not as many products available as other dropshipping suppliers

SaleYee is a worldwide dropshipping supplier and a wholesale trade network, benefiting from regional warehouses throughout Europe, the US, and the UK. It offers over 500 pet supplies, but more importantly allows you to download product information quickly and easily, including high-quality images.

Paws Pet Supplies

Paws Pet Suppliers

  • Service Coverage: Worldwide
  • Good shipping prices and policies
  • Not great supplies for uncommon pets

Paws Pet Supplies is based in the UK and fulfills orders worldwide, offering variable shipping costs depending on package weight and destinations. Shipping times are usually pretty quick, and you get free shipping if orders are over a certain limit. Note that this dropshipping supplier focuses on products for cats and dogs.

PetDropshipperPet Dropshipper

  • Service Coverage: US
  • Excellent experience in the industry, good product range and fantastic prices
  • Customer service could be better

PetDropshipper is one of the most experienced dropshipping suppliers in the industry. It offers services to US-based shops and over 14,000 products, many of which are provided by over 200 well-known, high-quality brands. It’s also an excellent option thanks to its automated tools for online retailers like you.

Lee Mar Pet

Lee Mar Pet

  • Service Coverage: US
  • Very good product variety and range, plus excellent shipping services
  • Prices are decent, but not incredible

Lee Mar Pet offers wholesale pet supplies and is based on a 70,000 ft.² warehouse in California. You can get access to over 10,000 reputable pet brand items here, plus benefit from the organization’s many years of expertise.

Essential Pet Products

essential pet products

  • Service Coverage: US
  • Has plenty of good products for less popular pets, not just cats and dogs
  • Prices could be better, as could product variety

Essential Pet Products is a US-based pet dropshipping supplier with over 20 years of experience. It offers hundreds of items to choose from, ranging from toys to crates to mats and more, and more importantly, has products for less common pets like fish, reptiles, and so on.

Go Pet Club

Go Pet Club

  • Service Coverage: US
  • Diverse product range, including scratching posts, beds, crates, and playpens.
  • Trusted by renowned retailers
  • Convenient dropshipping services and custom manufacturing options to meet specific requirements and preferences.

Go Pet Club is renowned for their quality products, which makes the company earn the trust of major retailers worldwide. Besides offering safe, non-toxic, and environmentally sustainable products, Go Pet Club also provides specialized services for retailers, such as dropshipping fulfillment, private labeling, and custom manufacturing options to fit every need.

Pet Supply UK

pet supply UK

  • Service Coverage: UK
  • Many products are available at bargain trade pricing, lots of business experience
  • Limited service range

PetSupplyUK is, you guessed it, based in the UK (Wales, specifically). This wholesaler and dropshipper of pet products offer discounted prices, plenty of product variety, and a free dropshipping program so you can start selling products with its help ASAP.

Majestic Pet

Majestic Pet

  • Service Coverage: US
  • Hassle-free dropshipping fulfillment with zero membership fees
  • Swift order processing and nationwide delivery in the US
  • Trusted by major retailers

With Their products trusted and endorsed by major retailer platforms such as Amazon and Target, Majestic Pet Products also offers a convenient dropshipping fulfillment service. The company secures fast order processing, same-day shipping, and a remarkably low return rate, ensuring a seamless experience for resellers and their customers.

Ready to Start Your Pet Dropshipping Business?

Starting a pet business online is as simple as building a website, contacting a great pet dropshipping supplier, and populating your store with the best pet products for your customers. Pet dropshipping as an industry should become more popular and profitable as time goes on, so it’s a great time to jump into this arena.

You can do that with HyperSKU: a dropshipping supplier and one-stop shop for business owners like you. With access to over 2000 vetted suppliers and many lucrative product categories, HyperSKU makes starting a pet dropshipping business easier than you think. Try it today! 

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