Oberlo Review: is Oberlo a good dropshipping solution

Table of Contents

  1. You’re going to discover:
  2. Oberlo review: What is Oberlo?
  3. Oberlo Main Features
  4. Easily Add Premium Products
  5. Upload Products to Shopify Instantly
  6. Auto Pricing Markup Tool
  7. Automated Fulfillment of Orders
  8. Shipment tracking
  9. Oberlo review: Wrap up

Thinking about how to begin making money today with little or no risk? All things considered, dropshipping is a hotcake trending business model for online beginners. Today clients everywhere throughout the world are significantly more reachable than ever, so why don’t you start?

There are numerous dropshipping tools out there, but in case you’re keen on the best way to build an online business with least expenses and no stresses over packaging and shipping. Read the Oberlo review below – possibly, this Shopify dropshipping app is what you’ve been searching for.

You’re going to discover:

  • How effortlessly you can begin to sell many products with Oberlo
  • Oberlo primary features; How does Oberlo function
  • The advantages and disadvantages of utilizing Oberlo for dropshipping

Oberlo review: What is Oberlo?

It takes just couple of minutes to launch a store with Shopify and include Oberlo. Oberlo is an dropshipping application fully integrated with Shopify stores that enables you to source products and manage orders. You can import items from any Aliexpress links straightforwardly to your Shopify store, or utilize the wide list of Oberlo’s dropshipping Suppliers.

Oberlo Main Features

Typically when you need to review an application or extension there are 2 fundamental categories that matter: those that assist you to make more sales and those that allow you to manage your store and track orders effortlessly.

Oberlo gives clients a perfect and uncomplicated menu on the left corner. You can search for products, edit product details, import product lists to Shoify store, fulfill orders and view track orders.

Easily Add Premium Products

Oberlo enables you to browse the enormous product database from verified suppliers on Oberlo platform by categories. You can likewise utilize the ePacket filter to import just products with the quickest delivery times, giving your site a one of a kind selling point and possibly expanding your conversion rate.

On the off chance that you’ve been dropshipping products from AliExpress, you can connect them to your Oberlo account too. This is a genuine convenience for any individual who is hoping to build their effectiveness yet wouldn’t like to need to begin from scratch.

Upload Products to Shopify Instantly

After selecting products you’d like to sell, you can edit the product details before uploading. You can alter subject, descriptions, price and stocks, choose the variations you want to sell, and select pictures you want to display. Once done you can upload a batch of products to your Shopify store in one click.

Auto Pricing Markup Tool

Set up a price mark-up rule with Oberlo and it will automatically do the math for you. You may set percentage or fixed amount markup for each designated range.

Automated Fulfillment of Orders

When new order comes to your store, it will automatically be synced to your Oberlo. You may place payment for a batch of orders, and suppliers will do the packing and dispatching work for you.

Shipment tracking

When a tracking number is updates by supplier you and your customer will both see it in system. Oberlo also works with tracking service provider to auto-generate tracking URL for your customers.

Oberlo review: Wrap up

Oberlo offers you the simplicity of automation, so why not utilize it? It is easy to setup and simple to use even for non-tech user. Oberlo saves a lot time you could use in scanning for appropriate products and providers. It gives you the chance to effectively discover dependable manufacturer with reasonable costs quick.

However, there are a few disadvantages come along with Oberlo: first, Oberlo only works with Shopify stores. Second, also like all other dropshipping tools, Oberlo doesn’t have control over suppliers’ shipping solution; it’s still very tricky especially when your customer wants an express shipping.

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