Must-read Suggestions for Shopify Dropshippers

This is the checklist that dropshippers want to keep, to avoid mistakes in dropshipping and potentially fast-track the business!


1. Selling the winning products

What to sell? This is the ‘to-sell-or-not-to-sell’ question. Lots of people would choose to sell the niche that they are interested in themselves; which is a great path to find niche products


‘What if I just sell the winning products that other people are selling?’ good idea, not recommended. The competition among established products is relatively fierce and a new seller probably has little advantage (better price/ attractive advertising/ customer support) to show.


Additionally, selling via social media platform gives the fundamental definition: you have to sell ‘fun’ products. You sell products that brings value, smile, and happiness. People don’t browse Facebook or Instagram feed to expect paper towel wholesale; Customers are just here to relax and enjoy!


2. Don’t be Fooled by Shipping Solution

Most ePacket that suppliers provide is milestone tracking, which only tracks when parcel is shipped, and cleared customs. It doesn’t provide more detailed information such as on transit and delivered status.


Apparently, milestone tracking comes with tracking number but it’s not a real tracking. Any dropshipper who seek to build long-term relationship with customers would provide shipping with full tracking.


3. Be crystal clear about your Marketing budget

Advertising would be the biggest source for your online store. Keep an eye on cost per action, understand what’s working and what’s not, and quickly adjust.

A few bucks may sound harmless; while scale it to larger audience and bigger budget, the gap is huge.


4. Customer experience

What kind of customers cost zero to acquire? The returning, loyal customers. Take advantage of every details to make them come back for more:

  • Social page & Online store: create trustworthy impression by providing product details and high quality images, shipping and return policy, and a way for customers to easily reach you.
  • Post-payment: an email confirmation is great way to let customers know that the transaction went through, and you are working on delivering the products.
  • Shipping: make sure to keep customers posted on the shipping status, and let them know the delivery timeframe.


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