Modalyst vs HyperSKU for Dropshipping? Here’s the Guide

Table of Contents

  1. What is Modalyst?
  2. What is HyperSKU?
  3. HyperSKU customer reviews
  4. Modalyst customer reviews
  5. Integration
  6. HyperSKU
  7. Sourcing and suppliers
  8. Pricing
  9. Order fulfillment
  10. Processing
  11. And to finish on…

The retail landscape is changing rapidly and along with it come new challenges but also opportunities to start a new income stream.

According to experts Statista, the outlook for physical retailers is that they are facing ‘mass extinction’ in the future due to unprecedented global changes. Online shopping is booming as consumers in their drives are making the shift to online shopping.

These up-and-coming new areas of retail are looking to replace the quickly becoming redundant high street and many entrepreneurs are taking their next steps into the world of eCommerce stores, Shopify, and dropshipping.

So who is the best partner to work with for your Shopify store and what can Modalyst and HyperSKU offer eCommerce enterprise?

Before we head off into the details, let’s start with the mini answer so you can find out straight away!

Which is best? Modalyst or HyperSKU? Both Modalyst and HyperSKU have the tools to successfully dropship. However, HyperSKU is designed to source, fulfill and actively scale your business. With Shopify customer reviews of 4.9, HyperSKU also offers each store owner a dedicated agent for seamless communication.

Ok, so now we’ve got the real answer, let’s start by giving an overview of these two heavyweights of dropshipping that can offer your new ECommerce, Shopify, or any other kind of online retail store.

Both Modalyst and HyperSKU have the tools to help your dropshipping business grow.

What is Modalyst?

Modalyst is an app that connects store owners with products owned by many different suppliers.

Everything a store owner needs from product sourcing to payments is managed through the Modalyst platform.

When a shopper purchases from your store, you will receive a notification. Following this, you confirm and pay the seller directly on Modalyst. At that point, the supplier will prepare the item for shipment and then ship the product to your customer.

As with most dropshipping apps, you do not have to purchase anything or pay upfront to list their products on your store.

Ok, so that’s a little background on Modalyst. But are there any alternatives to Modalyst? Let’s find out.

What is HyperSKU?

HyperSKU is a dropshipping platform designed to scale your business. Dropshipping veterans HyperSKU, have created a platform for Shopify store owners.

HyperSKU will source, fulfill orders and handle shipping. HyperSKU integrates with Shopify and is designed to provide a total solution to store owners using the dropshipping model and will even source products for you which aren’t in their database. Sellers don’t have to deal with suppliers and HyperSKU will be the single point of contact.

Ok so that’s the official line from each of these important dropshipping partners, but what about customers who are on the front lines using both these products. Can they help us to decide whether Modalyst or HyperSKU is best?

Read on to find out.

HyperSKU customer reviews

  • HyperSKU seems to tick many boxes for those who have tried and tested it according to shopify reviews.
  • With an overall excellent 4.9 rating, HyperSKU customers are extremely happy with the service they get.
  • Some especially cite HyperSKUs ‘work ethic’, quick and efficient shipping, and helpful sourcing process while others state how cool it is that with HyperSKU you can work directly from an excel worksheet.
  • No hidden shipping times and other nasties, found from some of the competition was also remarked on by Shopify’s reviewers already using HyperSKU

The Shopify customer reviews are pretty much outstanding and one even comment:

“The app looks beautiful, user friendly, and excellent customer services who are also very responsive.”

Modalyst customer reviews

  • According to Shopify customers, Modalyst rates a positive 4.6, slightly lagging behind HyperSKUs impressive 4.9.
  • Some customers comment on the professionalism of the app and also an attractive selection of items.
  • Great attention to customer service issues and many reviewers comment on ease of use from a Modalyst.
  • Others cite a basic UI design, but good functionality.

Ok, so that’s what real users are saying! It seems that as we covered earlier, both of these hot dropshipping apps are able to offer you all the tools you need to operate a successful Shopify or other kinds of eCommerce store, but it seems that HyperSKU has pipped Modalyst to the post in terms of customer reviews.

So let’s find out about integration and which other platforms both Modalyst and HyperSKU work seamlessly with.

“According to Shopify customers, Modalyst rates a positive 4.6, slightly lagging behind HyperSKUs impressive 4.9.”




  • Shopify
  • Wix
  • BigCommerce


  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • API

So how do Modalyst and  HyperSKU rate against each other as dropshipping sourcing and suppliers?

Sourcing and suppliers


Dropshippers choosing Modalyst will find a combination of both USA suppliers and AliExpress sellers.

Obviously, there might be issues with shipping given the very slow shipping times from AliExpress combined with little customer service, sometimes hidden shipping times and in some cases, customers never receiving goods which can be experienced by dropshippers when using AliExpress.


HyperSKU is specialized in connecting sellers with Chinese manufacturers.

This gives a much wider selection of good quality products that come with HyperSKU’s seal of approval, which is more flexible with a broader selection. HyperSKU also takes full control of the shipping which provides a much faster shipping experience than that of AliExpress.


Pricing is often an important consideration, both for fledgling dropshipping business or even more established ones. Profit is the difference between success and failure.


Overall it’s fair to say that Modalyst’s free plan is quite limited, with a high transaction fee if you do more business.

Modalyst allows you to fulfill up to 25 orders in a Hobby plan for free.

After that Modalyst pricing structure includes 2 paid plans:

  • Startup – $35/month (billed monthly)
  • Pro – $90/month (billed monthly)

Both Hobby and Startup plans allow only limited access to suppliers and Pro plan subscribers have access to premium suppliers.

With all plans, Modalyst collects a 5% transaction fee on each sale.

However, each supplier available through Modalyst agrees to price their products at 60% MSRP, which is an abbreviation for the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, which means that you can sell products in your Shopify store at a reasonable market price allowing for a profit margin for you.

“With all plans, Modalyst collects a 5% transaction fee on each sale.”



Quite simply every feature is free and available to all levels of users. Signing up for a HyperSKU account is free, and no credit card is required. Once registered, HyperSKU user will gain access to all features and services provided by HyperSKU.


Order fulfillment


USA suppliers are available on Modalyst. They promise 7-day delivery. Products from AliExpress are sent by AliExpress sellers with ePacket.


Sends all parcels from their warehouses in China at the moment of purchase.

Anyone who has had experience with dropshipping knows the losses that can incur due to late delivery time and customers becoming upset.

HyperSKU provides express deliveries that take place in 7-12 days from China to the United States.

So we can more easily find out whether HyperSKU is a contender as an alternative to Modalyst, let’s take a look at what processing services they both offer Shopify store owners.

“HyperSKU provides express deliveries that take place in a maximum of 7 days from China to the United States.”



Suppliers on Modalyst will fulfill the orders, Modalyst doesn’t handle them directly.


This is as opposed to HyperSKU who processes all orders in its own warehouses.

This means they have their finger on the pulse of all your customers’ transactions and understand the sourcing, packing, and picking process.

And to finish on…

We hope we have given you some help in deciding whether Modalyst or HyperSKU will be the best dedicated dropshipping partner for your Shopify, or another eCommerce store.

Both companies have benefits to create a successful dropshipping business, and we hope this article has answered all of your questions whether you already run a successful or a fledgling Shopify store.

Don’t forget to drop by to find out exactly why Shopify’s customers rate us so highly and enjoy Low cost and faster shipping with HyperSKU’s fully automated system, private labels, affordable pricing, and premium quality products!

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