HyperSKU vs VidaXL: Pros and Cons: A Comparison


With almost 4 million eCommerce stores registered as Shopify sellers, and the dramatic increase seen in the last year or so, it’s not surprising many savvy entrepreneurs are looking at dropshipping.

With a wealth of drop shipping agents and suppliers out there, including the good, bad, and the proverbial, it’s hardly surprising that many would-be-dropshippers are comparing sites. But what about HyperSKU vs VidaXL?

Let’s put these two dropshipping platforms head-to-head. We’ll take look at the pros and cons and compare them.

So with the brief in mind, so you can understand a little more about the pros and cons of HyperSKU and VidaXL, let’s start with a brief overview of both companies.

What is HyperSKU?

HyperSKU is developed by eCommerce veterans and was specifically designed for dropshipping. HyperSKU can deliver premium products to your customers with a few simple clicks. They also offer a delivery guarantee for dropshippers worldwide.

HyperSKU offers a branding service alongside everything you need from a warehouse service, including picking and packing.

What is VidaXL?

With its headquarters in Venlo, the Netherlands, VidaXL was started back in 2006 by two entrepreneurs who began offering low-cost products for homes and gardens. Including furniture, pet supplies, and sporting goods.

After creating their own brand, this B2C business grew to offer over 50,000 products and recently began offering a dropshipping service. So when comparing HyperSKU and VidaXL, you might be wondering if they will work seamlessly with your eCommerce storefront.

Read on to find out more…


Dropshipping integration and turnkey dropshipping services make it easy to launch a dropshipping business. This is because they have access to a ready-made supplier network, an existing online store, customers, and products. It is also quite costly because you will need to purchase an existing online store.

Obviously the more platforms a dropshipping agent partners with, the more easily you will be able to find one that works for your needs.

Using a web design platform with simple templates and ready-to-go websites means less technical knowledge is required. fledgling dropshipping can get up and running ASAP!

Currently, both VidaXL and HyperSKU offer integration through possibly one of the most common store platforms, Shopify.

VidaXL vs HyperSKU Shopify reviews

However, if we compare the reviews of both VidaXL and HyperSKU in terms of trust reviews it does appear as if VidaXL has stability issues when used in conjunction with Shopify.

Shopify reviewers mention problems such as ‘bugs’, a lack of user manual, and problems syncing products.

On the other hand, many Shopify store owners have great things to say about their experience with HyperSKU.

Comments from reviews such as ‘awesome’ and ‘probably the best shopping agent’. HyperSKU’s Shopify review rating of 4.3 stands ahead of VidaXL with a current rating of 2.1.

Along with Shopify, HyperSKU also offers integration with:

  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce
  • Shoplazza
  • Yampi

“Currently both VidaXL and HyperSKU offer integration through possibly one of the most common store platforms, Shopify.”


With the advent of faster shipping and even same-day shipping by the giants of retail such as Amazon, it’s not surprising that shipping issues can make or break any dropshipping enterprise.

Partnering with reliable agents who can ship to your customers is crucial. Problems with shipping can reduce profit, cost time, and reputation.

So when comparing HyperSKU and VidaXL, shipping options are a major consideration.

Both VidaXL and HyperSKU have warehouses located in the US for local shipping. Both companies will handle shipping, packaging, and inventory.

HyperSKU also offers Chinese warehouses and partners with third-party logistics to provide 7-12 days express shipping.

VidaXL also offers warehouses in Europe and Australia, although it’s worth noting there is a cost for shipping within Australia.

Tracking of packages is also extremely important for overall customer satisfaction. Both companies offer a tracked parcel service.

“HyperSKU also offers Chinese warehouses and partners with third-party logistics to provide 7 to 10-day express shipping.” 


Products: VidaXL vs HyperSKU

In the great VidaXL vs HuperSKU debate, it’s worth looking at the kinds of products both platforms offer.

Finding the right niche for any dropshipper is crucial so let’s see who these two companies fare.

Working with reliable dropshipping agents who can offer good quality products from vetted warehouses can give your business a head start over your competitors.

HyperSKU, as veterans in the dropshipping arena, offers this as a service, along with a source-on-demand option that VidaXL does not offer.

VidaXL can only offer its own products when partnering with dropshippers which can be chosen from around 50,000 products.


Having unique branding can help your eCommerce store stand out from its competitors.

With immense competition in the retail landscape, especially since the Covid era, dropshippers need to set themselves apart from competitors with individual products.

As of the time of writing, VidaXL only offers its own brands to dropshippers and their customers.

HyperSKU is the clear winner in this area as they offer private label service, thank you cards, inserts, and stickers to help create a bespoke offering for your customers.

Compare HyperSKU and VidaXL Monthly charges

When starting out dropshipping, if you have hidden fees and other charges you weren’t prepared for, it could be a sticking point in your growth and future success.

When we look at HyperSKU vs VidaXL in this category, it’s another victory for HyperSKU as they offer 100% no monthly fees.

VidaXL charges 30 euro per month for dropshippers using their platform. Another barrier to entry that might deter some new businesses from using VidaXL is the fact that new users have to submit an application before they are accepted.


“it’s another victory for HyperSKU as they offer 100% no monthly fees.”


Customer support and aftersales

Good customer service and after-sales is likely to give you a competitive edge over your dropshipping contemporary.

Issues with late delivery, products going missing in transit, and even low-quality goods received can be an issue with dropshippers.

In recent reviews on Trustpilot, VidaXL’s after-sales and customer service were hit hard with reports of no resolution, difficult to understand returns policies, and in some cases no answers to customers’ inquiries.

In comparison, Trustpilot reviews for HyperSKU’s customer service were far superior, with many users expressing extreme satisfaction with dedicated account managers and overall customer handling.

HyperSKU also offers full refunds for lost or parcels which arrive with goods damaged.

Let’s continue comparing Hypersku and VidaXL and uncover how they both fare in the types of payment facilities they both offer.


Anyone who is looking to save transaction cost and improve cashflow efficiency would be looking to partner with HyperSKU rather than VidaXL. Although both companies offer PayPal and credit cards, HyperSKU takes the crown in the payment department by also offering bank transfers and Payoneer.

HyperSKU can offer you local payment methods  as well, if you are located in the Netherlands or Brazil.


And finally…

So let’s hear a drum roll and the winner is…. HyperSKU!

Our friendly and experienced team have worked with thousands of dropshippers, both uber successful and those just starting their drop shopping journey.

For any after-sale issues, HyperSKU is there for you! We can help you improve customer satisfaction and decrease any business damaging dispute rates.

Find out more here.

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