HyperSKU vs Topdser: A Comparison, Pros, and Cons


The eCommerce market is enjoying a huge upward trend with revenue reaching the dizzy heights of US$285,555m, an increase of over 12% by 2025.

So it doesn’t come as a great shock to realize that more people than ever are shopping online. Many dropshipping entrepreneurs are looking to get their slice of the action and might be researching supply partners.

In our helpful article, we will compare HyperSKU and Topdser, find out the pros and cons and which is best for your fledgling or successful dropshipping store.

So you can understand a little more easily the HyperSKU vs Topdser debate, let’s first start with an overview of both companies. Read on to find out more about HyperSKU.

What is HyperSKU?

HyperSKU combines an online dropshipping system with a supply chain and shipping service.

Dropshipping veterans with years of expertise in the field created HyperSKU back in 2018.

With network of 2000+ vetted suppliers, 7 warehouses and 3 offices around the globe, HyperSKU helps dropshippers to fulfill orders more efficiently with over 15 categories of winning products from their own warehouses in the USA and China. HyperSKU also offers express shipping to over 72 destinations worldwide.

What is Topdser?

Topdser was initiated 7 years ago by ex tech leads for Alibaba and offers a bridge from suppliers to stores.

It offers a dropshipping solution for eCommerce store owners where you can find over 4,000 niche products from AliExpress suppliers, for your Shopify dropshipping store.

Ok so with an outline of both dropshipping partners, what are the main differences?

HyperSKU vs Topdser – what are the main differences?​

The easiest way to explain the difference between HyperSKU and Topdser is that Topdser works as a bridge between supplier and dropshipper.

However, HyperSKU is a one-stop solution for all dropshipping needs right from sourcing, fulfillment, shipping, warehousing through to private label and branding.

As there are a wealth of different eCommerce storefronts available to create websites that need little technical know-how, let’s find out whether HyperSKU or Topdser can offer the most in terms of integration.

Integrations: HyperSKU Vs Topdser

Integration from your storefront to suppliers is one of the most important aspects of dropshipping to get right!  As there are many dropshipping apps available, it’s crucial that you understand which ones will sync with your particular provider.

For instance, HyperSKU offers a multitude of storefront integration, including Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shoplazza, and Yampi. So even if you have multiple stores on different platforms. HyperSKU can offer a solution for all your needs.

On the other hand, currently at the time of writing Topdser only offers integration with Shopify.

HyperSKU vs Topdser shipping and warehouses

As all experienced dropshippers are aware, using reliable shipping agents is crucial to your ongoing success. With some of the big players such as Amazon offers on some cases same day shipping, it’s important to give your customers express shipping.

Although fledgling dropshippers may be ok at the beginning of their venture using cheap shipping such as ePacket, it can be more difficult to scale.

Currently, at the time of writing, both Topdser and HyperSKU offers fast shipping from China to customers’ doorsteps. HyperSKU offers a reliable tracked express shipping service of between 7 and 12 days, depending on the shipping location.  HyperSKU also works with well-known third-party logistics such as DHL and YunExpress.

In terms of warehousing, Topdser has warehouses for private storage whereas if we compare that to HyperSKU, they have warehouses in both China and US for processing, fulfillment and storage.

Products: HyperSKU vs Topdser

HyperSKU offers a wealth of products from many common dropshipping categories such as home and garden, fashion, electronics, and health and beauty. HyperSKU offers a growing product range of over 1 million SKUs from 200 factories including JD, Taobao, and 1688.com.

When compared with Topdser, it’s worth knowing their products are mainly sourced from 1688.com and AliExpress. As we saw above Topdser boasts over 4,000 niche products.

However, it’s worth noting that according to Shopify reviews, The Topdser app does seem to have issues with products.

More than once, reviewers have complained that the app sent fulfillment cancellations to all existing suppliers with outstanding orders. This particular reviewer then had the time-consuming job of manually going through and fulfilling all the existing orders.


With eCommerce sales predicted to reach a whopping $ 1,329.7 million by 2015, there’s no doubt to keep on top of the competition, dropshippers need to make sure they offer their customers something unique.

Many dropshippers choose to simply sell directly from the manufacturers and that’s ok, but with competition so fierce in this industry, those dropshipping partners who can offer bespoke branding will stand out.

Topdser offer thank you cards, stickers, tapes and customized boxes. HyperSKU offers a diverse range of branding, such as inserts and bespoke packaging; They also offer private label products.

So for dropshippers who would like to personalize their offering with their store branding and a wealth of other unique ways, HyperSKU wins hands down in the branding category comparison with Topdser.

Monthly fees

Whether you are a new dropshipping just starting out on your eCommerce journey or own a seasoned successful online store, monthly fees are a consideration.

Signing up for a HyperSKU account is free, and sellers can also access sourcing and unlimited products for free.

So when comparing HyperSKU with Topdser’s fees, it seems that if you are scaling your business, Topdser’s pricing structure could cost a hefty $499 a month.

For beginners to dropshipping, Topdser offers a free package that has a product import limit of 3000 and does not include order tracking.

Customer support and aftersales

When it comes to after-sales, it’s quite important to see if dropshipping suppliers are on the seller’s side and provide a clear after-sales policy and timely support.

it seems as if many customers have had issues with Topdser’s customer support according to reviews on Shopify. Some users report unresponsive customer support alongside service operators giving different and conflicting answers.

With HyperSKU each dropshipper gets a dedicated support manager. On Shopify reviews, some HyperSKU users reported fewer shipping complaints, responsive agents, and great communication.  They also offer a full refund for lost or broken products along with agents speaking 7 languages including English, Dutch, French, and German. Topdser, at the time of writing, offers 3 customer services reps who speak 3 languages.

And finally…

So when comparing HyperSKU vs Topsder who comes out on top? Well, it does totally depend on your business needs.

If your dropshipping store relies heavily on AliExpress products, then you should go with Topdser. If AliExpress is not a consideration then HyperSKU can be your dropshipping partner for both new and experienced sellers.

Find out more here about how to build your eCommerce 6 figure empire!

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