HyperSKU vs AliDropship: Differences, and Which Is Best

Table of Contents

  1. What is AliDropship?
  2. What is HyperSKU?
  3. ​Products
  4. Customization
  5. Product picking and packing
  6. ​Shipping
  7. ​Integrations
  8. ​Customer service
  9. ​Automated fulfillment
  10. ​Warehouse and fulfillment
  11. ​Fees
  12. And finally…

With online retail figures in the U.K. alone reaching staggering 100 billion GBP in 2020, it’s hardly surprising that many entrepreneurs are looking to build a dropshipping empire.


With so many online platforms and other tools available, many fledgling drop shipping tycoons are now seriously looking at the pros and cons.


Automating daily processes is crucial to dropshipping success. In this helpful article, we will look at the differences between HyperSKU and AliDropship, the similarities. Then we’ll put them head-to-head.


HypersSKU is generally better for successful dropshippers and those scaling their business. AliDropship may be better for beginners. HyperSKU offers warehouses, private label products, picking and packing service, and 7-day shipping. AliDropship offers a storefront but shipping times can be lengthy.


Ok so with the mini answer nailed, let’s delve straight in and give an overview of both HyperSKU and AliDropship.


What is AliDropship?

In a nutshell, AliDropship is an online platform that allows you to sell products via the traditional dropshipping model.


The way it works is dropshippers copy products they wish to sell into their own store. (such as Shopify or a WordPress site) in a traditional dropshipping model.


  • Set your own price: The site allows entrepreneurs to set price lists and add a markup.


  • Direct shipping to customers: Any items sold you then purchase from AliExpress and ship them directly to your customer.


  • Hosting: AliDropship provides a web hosting and maintenance service as part of a hosting solutions package


  • Theme design: AliDropship offers a range of ready-to-go store themes along with tools to develop your store


“AliDropship provides a web hosting and maintenance

service as part of a hosting solutions package”


What is HyperSKU?

HyperSKU is a new kind of dropshipping platform which has a wealth of benefits.


  • One-stop dropshipping: HyperSKU is a one-stop dropshipping solution that not only combines supply chain and online system but also hosts their own shipping service


  • Product sourcing and packing: HyperSKU can handle all of your dropshipping needs by assisting with product sourcing, picking, packing, and fulfilling your customer’s orders, right through to tracking the shipments.


  • Product customization: With HyperSKU, dropshippers can source and purchase products from factories. HyperSKU allows dropshippers to customize both products and packaging for a unique offering to customers.


  • Automated system: HyperSKU offers entrepreneurs a fully automated system to handle every aspect of the dropshipping journey


Ok so now we’ve got an overview of HyperSKU vs AliDropship, we can see they do have some similarities.


However, whereas both AliDropship and HyperSKU offer a traditional dropshipping service, HyperSKU offers a lot more help to its customers in terms of how it can handle product-related services.


“HyperSKU offers a lot more

 help to its customers in terms of how it can handle product-related services.”


Read on to find out more.



As we discovered above, HyperSKU can help with every aspect of a dropshippers product journey.


Right from sourcing winning products from well-vetted and researched Chinese factories, through to private label and customization.


HyperSKU is also able to source on-demand from their quality assured factories in China.


AliDropship at this time doesn’t have a product sourcing offering and they aren’t able to offer any quality control.


“HyperSKU can help with every aspect of a dropshippers product journey.”



Customization is offered on not only the product itself but also inserts and packaging.


This means your customers get an individual product with your branding. This is important for returning customers and for scaling your business.


Customers can get behind and interact with your specific brand while HyperSKU handles the time-consuming aspects of customization.

Product picking and packing

Unlike AliDropship, HyperSKU will get involved with all aspects of the product cycle and will not only ship your products but will also pick and pack them.



Shipping difficulties and customer service complaints regarding the shipping of their product can be one of the drop shipper’s biggest nemeses.


This area of your dropshipping business needs to be as speedy as possible as customer expectations grow.


Customers of Amazon and eBay are getting used to 1 or even same-day shipping, so let’s see how these two heavyweights HyperSKU and AliDropship compare on this fundamental process of successful dropshipping.


  • HyperSKU:7-12 days express shipping. HyperSKU has committed to using premium express shipping that delivers to the US and Europe as fast as 7 days. Working with YunExpress and DHL, your customers’ dropshipping products are fully tracked and reliable.


  • AliDropship: To ship your winning dropshipping products to customers, you might find protracted shipping problems with AliDropship. One of the chief reasons for this is the fact they use ePacket which in some cases can take up to a month to deliver. Although shipping to the US and some other selected countries can be around 15 days.


Much anecdotal evidence across dropshipping forums and other review sites has blamed the failure of their venture on working with AliExpress. Mainly due to its late, unreliable, or slow shipping.


This can have a detrimental effect on your business as customers leave bad reviews on Facebook and also issues within PayPal disputes.


In the HyperSKU vs AliDropship shipping race, HyperSKU clearly comes out on top by offering a more reliable and quicker shipping option for dropshippers.


This is even more important for entrepreneurs who are looking to scale their businesses. Dropshippers who want to build long-term and sustainable businesses should choose HyperSKU.



“In the HyperSKU vs AliDropship shipping race, HyperSKU clearly

comes out on top by offering a more reliable and quicker shipping option”



Both HyperSKU and AliDropship successfully integrate with many of the most popular storefronts.


Alongside the more popular Shopify and WooCommerce, AliDropship also integrates with AliExpress.


  • HyperSKU: Shopify, WooCommerce


  • AliDropship: Shopify, WooCommerce, AliExpress


​Customer service

Customer service can make or break a dropshipping store.


So when we are looking At HyperSKU vs AliDropship it’s interesting to discover that YouTube reviews are suggesting HyperSKU win hands down in this department.


One such review declares:


“The customer service is better than its competitors”


Both offer an online chat service for instant connection to assist dropshippers.


​Automated fulfillment

In the dropshipping match of HyperSKU versus AliDropship, both offer automated fulfillment.


However, whereas HyperSKU takes care of all

aspects of product fulfillment in-house, whereas AliDrop orders will be fulfilled through their duster company AliExpress.


Both HyperSKU and AliDropship offer bulk payment.


Both offer bulk payment and auto fulfillment:


  • HyperSKU: takes care of purchasing and processing in-house and promises to ship out within 1-4 business days


  • AliDropship: passes orders to AliExpress sellers for order fulfillment


“Both HyperSKU and AliDropship offer a bulk payment.”


​Warehouse and fulfillment

As mentioned previously HyperSKU can handle the entire drop shipping fulfillment journey.  Using their own warehouse, they can source, pick and pack.


  • HyperSKU: Owns warehouses


  • AliDropship: Doesn’t own warehouses



As a brand-new dropshipper or even one with an established successful brand, dropshipping fees are important.


At the time of writing, HyperSKU is waiving the service fee, which is a great opportunity for new and developed dropshippers alike!


  • HyperSKU: No sign-up fees. Only pays when there’s order to fulfill


  • AliDropship: One-time fee to purchase the plugin


And finally…

So there it is. everything you needed to know about the dropshipping race between HyperSKU and AliDropship.


Although both offer a standard dropshipping service, we think as the best dropshipping agent, HyperSKU offers drop shippers a broader service offering than AliDropship.


HyperSKU has the fulfillment journey covered to enable dropshippers to concentrate on building their brand.

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