HyperSKU Introduction: What’s HyperSKU and What are the Benefits?

HyperSKU is developed by eCommerce veterans and made for dropshippers.


We change the landscape of dropshipping by helping dropshippers worldwide to source premium products, fulfill orders in a few clicks, and guarantee to deliver packages to customers in fast and reliable manner.


HyperSKU helps dropshippers to eliminate below pain points which stop them from earning more:

  • High sourcing cost
  • Slow order fulfillment
  • Fake shipping information
  • Manual work



  • 1 million products
  • destination countries
  • 2000 vetted suppliers
  • 5 business-day delivery to UK & France
  • 7-10 day delivery to major eCommerce destinations
  • Seamlessly synced with Shopify and WooCommerce
  • Coming soon: package customization



HyperSKU’s Dropshipping Solution

As a dropshipper, all you need to do is make sales – we handle sourcing, operations, and shipping for you!

1. Sourcing: Find products faster

Enjoy 1 million premium products in 10+ categories with fewer out-of-stock and price-change surprises.


If you don’t see a certain product in our database, just send us a request and we’ll source it for you. Additionally, that product will remain only visible to you!


2. Order fulfilment: Fulfill orders quicker

  • HyperSKU make the whole products and order management easy for dropshippers!
  • Edit the product details such as descriptions, variants, prices and upload them to store with one click
  • Utilize Pricing tools to set product prices so you don’t have to calculate each time
  • Fulfill bulk orders with one single payment, and have order details sync to store automatically. No more spreadsheets!


3. Shipping: Make customers happier

  • Say goodbye to one-month shipping and fake tracking numbers which sabotage your ratings and advertising.
  • We commit to use premium express shipping that deliver to US and Europe as fast as 7 days, fully tracked and reliable.


HyperSKU Pricing and Fees

The fees help HyperSKU to maintain the platform, warehouse, R&D cost, and other kinds of operations. HyperSKU accepts credit card, Payoneer and PayPal as checkout solution. Fees HyperSKU charges:

  • Service fee: a percentage charge when you fulfill orders (buying products and shippings). Currently FREE!

More details can be found at HyperSKU Pricing.

Sign up for free – no credit card or PayPal required upfront.


How to Use it? Where are HyperSKU FAQs?

Answers to most questions can be found at Resource center (login required)

Or send emails to support@etailerhub.com


How do I sign up for HyperSKU?

That’s easy! Just go to www.hypersku.com and click ‘join’ button. The first two months are free (no subscription fee).


Note: To take advantage of the full functionality, after registration you should connect your HyperSKU account to your Shopify or WooCommerce store. This is available at upper right corner Settings >> My Stores.

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