HyperSKU 2020: A Year in Review

‘What a year’, now we are looking back and 2020 and wish it never came by. It has been a year full of challenges to all human beings, and every aspect of our lives. It changes the world in a big way and in some scenarios, permanently. The landscape of eCommerce has changed enormously – and the challenges and impacts carry forward.


We are very honored to witness entrepreneurs running their side hustles/ full-time business and building their eCommerce empires, and grateful to be part of it. Now it is the high time sharing the highlights of 2020 here at HyperSKU!

Thank you for helping making it a fabulous year for HyperSKU. And let’s kick off 2021 together!


Wish you a “HYPER” New Year, and see you in 2021!

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