How to Find the Best Dropshipping Products, How to Do Product Research, an Innovative Way

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  1. Why make dropshipping research a top priority.
  2. Why use Facebook to find dropshipping products?
  3. How often should I do Facebook product research?
  4. Test the product in other countries
  5. And finally…

Trying to discover that one great product that will transform your e-commerce store is not the simplest of topics and can seem a hurdle to getting your great dropshipping business off the ground.

There are many different ways of searching but in this article, we’re going to discover how Facebook searches can help save you time and money!


It can be a long trawl and a stab in the dark trying to uncover what products are the most exciting and grabbing the world of internet shopping. In this article, we’re going to help you give it some laser focus, get results and concentrate on the business of running your store.


Before we drill down into the details, let’s take a look at the short answer of how you can find the best dropshipping products.


How do I find the best dropshipping products? By thoroughly researching the dropshipping marketplace and using free tools such as Facebook, you will be able to identify trending products by using specific keywords. These are simply typed into the Facebook search bar. This is a great free way to find the best dropshipping products


In order to help us understand a little more about this important dropshipping topic, let’s start by taking a look at why it’s important that you choose a great product.

Why make dropshipping research a top priority.

According to recent jaw-dropping research, it seems that one in ten of every single dollar spent is being spent online.


With a huge increase of nearly double the above figure expected in the next 3 years amounting to an incredible $5.8 trillion being spent in E-commerce stores across the globe.


So it makes sense that as a Dropshipper you should be mindful of the sorts of products you are selling to take advantage of this massive market.


“According to recent  jaw-dropping research, it seems that

a one in ten of every single dollar spent is being spent online.”

Understand market trends

Making sure you understand market trends that are hitting online payment carts and having the ability to understand the kind of products that are selling well and look as if they will go on to sell as well if not better in the coming seasons is the key to success.


Developing your intuition to understand the dropshipping world can help to minimize the time you spend researching. Using the right tools and platforms which give you a glimpse of the products that are the best selling will give your store the edge over your competitors.


So what is the one innovative and also a free place that many drop shippers are finding the important answers to the kind of emerging products to stock?


Let’s take a look below and find out…

Why use Facebook to find dropshipping products?

If you look through the internet you will find that Facebook search is cited by many successful drop shoppers as one of the best places to research for dropshipping products.


Making Facebook searching an integral part of your research methods will make sure you get quickly to the bottom of what’s buzzing in the product industry, who is buying what, where and how much.


Not only is it a free resource, but it brings top results and we may go as far as to say, that it should also be the main way you research trending and successful products for your e-commerce store.


Why? Let’s find out.


  • Facebook can give you important info on exactly which products are the most popular, the cost and gives crucial insights into where successful products are being sold across the globe.


  • Once you have discovered great tending products which you’ve researched on Facebook, you can then type that particular product directly into the ‘customers also bought’ section of Aliexpress, for more research.


  • You can search the Facebook platform for posts that are either sponsored or simply organic, that are being shared most commonly and check out keywords that are important to dropshipping product research.


So you might be wondering what those keywords are. Let’s take a look below to find out.


Certain keywords like, are commonly used within Facebook ads sales content. Simply type a selection from below into the search bar and you’ll be greeted with many campaigns promoting dropshipping products.  Make sure you add quotation marks. So something like “pay shipping’ for example.


Once you’ve typed into the search bar, Facebook will scroll through its database and find dropshipping products that are currently successful and posting ads.


  • Buy here
  • Click link
  • Just pay for shipping
  • Get it here
  • Sale now on
  • Limited time offer
  • Perfect gift
  • People are going crazy with this
  • This product went viral

Another great hack

By adding in the current year, it will find those posts that are right “in the moment” and being shared right across the internet with any of the specific keywords you choose.

Hot products

By doing some regular daily research you are likely to find the most popular products being shared to your stream. The really hot products that those who have done their own research know are trending. Especially those who are promoting their products on Facebook ads. It’s obvious that these are the things that online consumers must be going crazy for right now.


So you might be wondering how many times a day should you do your research? Let’s take a look and find out.

How often should I do Facebook product research?

We recommend that you perform your product research on Facebook at least once a day. This way you can be sure that you aren’t missing any vital new product launches, any great new trending products or fall behind the curve.


“We recommend that you perform your product

research on Facebook at least once a day.”


So once you have found that great product, what do you do next? Let’s find out.

Find a trending product, market to a different place

If you have become interested in stocking a particular product in your E-commerce store that you’ve found on Facebook, it’s tempting to find exactly the same product and promote it to the same country as the one you initially saw it being posted to.


It’s obvious that the product has reached some sort of success and is a proven model but where some may go wrong is by showing the same product to the same customers.


Obviously this will be a waste of time as you’ve already literally set yourself up in competition against the originators of the Ad If you find a product doing well on FaceBook search it’s already a proven success model.


You’re showing the audience that has already decided to purchase it or not, the same product. Remember, you’re paying for traffic so even if the initial campaign missed some buyers, it will be too expensive for you to find them.

Test the product in other countries

We recommend if you find a product that seems to hit all the right targets on sponsored or organic Facebook ads, split test it across other countries.


You may have found an awesome trending campaign in the USA? If so, choose some of the following options and see what results you get.


  • UK,
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Canada,
  • Spain,
  • Italy,
  • Germany,


If just one of your ad campaigns starts to do well, you could stand to make a hefty profit as you’ve already seen that your targeted audience in other countries loves the product. It can give your e-commerce store a flying start.

And finally…

We hope this has been really informative and cut down some of the difficulties some dropshippers face before finding a killer product.


Once you have a solid direction of product selection, the next step will be actually sourcing them. HyperSKU works directly with factories in China to ensure best price and best quality for dropshippers. Additionally, our express shipping and automated tool will help you boost sales to next level.


Why not contact us now, and we’ll be happy to discuss how our service can boost your dropshipping results!

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