Where Can You Get Customized Dropshipping Packaging?

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  1. Is it possible to create brand awareness when you are dropshipping?
  2. Why should I get customized packaging when dropshipping?
  3. How to get customized packaging on AliExpress?
  4. Contact the seller and ask for private label service
  5. Alternatives for AliExpress dropshipping
  6. Find Alibaba.com suppliers
  7. Work with dropshipping suppliers
  8. And to finish on…

With so much competition in the dropshipping landscape and currently a huge US$4,751,964m in 2022 alone up for grabs in the digital commerce sector, It’s not surprising that many dropshippers are looking to stand out from the crowd!

Customizing your packaging can help dropshippers offer that bit more in terms of customer value. But who can customize packages for you and more importantly, where can you get customized dropshipping packaging?

First, we will give you the short answer, so you can get started offering your customers a more personalized and unique brand.

The best dropshipping agents will be able to offer your customers a unique experience by providing customized packaging for your dropshipping-winning products. Alibaba sellers will also offer this option but require wholesale type MOQ’s.

That’s the short answer to start us off. But so we can understand a little more easily where you can get customized drop shipping packaging, let’s start by looking at whether it’s possible to create brand awareness when you are dropshipping.

Is it possible to create brand awareness when you are dropshipping?

So most people’s understanding of dropshipping is that you are simply the go-between from manufacturer to customer and therefore you aren’t in control of packaging or other types of branding.

Luckily this is not so, and dropshippers can easily make their products, perhaps those the same as being sold by others, have a unique impact on customers.

It’s crucial in a competitive landscape to offer something different and unique to potential customers, alongside offering great customer service and express shipping!

It’s also worth knowing that not many dropshippers will go to the trouble of branding and will simply ship products in a standard and generally fairly unappealing box.

By creating your very own brand which can include a website, white-label products, and providing your own distinctive packaging you can rise above your competitors!

“It’s crucial in a competitive landscape to offer something different and unique to potential customers”

Read on to find out more reasons to get customized packaging.

Why should I get customized packaging when dropshipping?

So as we saw previously, having a unique brand is crucial in the competitive business of dropshipping. Let’s find out 3 reasons why you should build your dropshipping brand by using customized packaging.

  • More trustworthy: One of the best benefits of using custom packaging is that you can avoid looking like a reseller. This way instead of your customers viewing your products as from a manufacturer, the item they’ve ordered will come from your own unique brand instead of simply a supplier.
  • Gain returning customers by inserting promo codes and thank you cards: Brand building actively increases trust in your store. By offering a unique packaging service you can also add in thoughtful little extras to grow engagement between you and your customers.Adding thank you notes or other inserts means you can connect more personally than big-box retailers. You can also add promotions, special offers, and other ways to entice repeat orders and build loyalty and a better relationship with your customers.
  • Increase brand exposure, and create a better shopping experience: These days online shoppers are looking for a little bit extra from shopping online. It can be a very impersonal experience with many stores offering the same products.So any kind of stand-out service is bound to be appreciated by your potential customers which includes unique packaging. Advertising your winning products with unique packaging on social media can help build your brand. Offering something a little special, with your own branding can help you gain better exposure.

“One of the best benefits by using custom packaging, you can avoid looking like a reseller.”

Ok so now we’ve found out why it can help grow your dropshipping business by using customized packaging, you might be wondering where to get it?

One of the largest drop shipping platforms AliExpress can offer you the chance to build your brand. But how does it work?

How to get customized packaging on AliExpress?

For anyone wanting to create a more unique experience using AliExpress dropshipping custom packaging, it’s a fairly simple process to get started.

Search for relevant product listings

The first place to look is the product listings. By searching for titles such as ‘dropshipping’ ’package customization’ and ‘branding’ you will be able to uncover items that have those features.

Contact the seller and ask for private label service

Some AliExpress sellers also offer a ‘private label’ service. This is when Private label products and services are manufactured or provided by one company but are sold under another company’s brand.

As the store owner, you can have the product packaged, including inserts and labels, and then sent to your customers.

It’s worth noting that sellers on AliExpress, in general, do not offer a private label service as most of their products are pre-made and generally can’t be customized. Most AliExpress sellers are resellers, and they don’t have access to the product source. Alibaba.com who are the overarching owners of AliExpress is a better choice from which to request private labeling as these products are generally purchased directly from the manufacturer.

So if Aliexpress isn’t generally the best option for sourcing winning products with bespoke packaging, is there an alternative?

Read on to find out…

Alternatives for AliExpress dropshipping

So one of the main reasons you are not likely to find many AliExpress sellers offering customized packaging is because they would consider you as a competitor, or think it is too time-consuming to do your packaging.

Because of this reason, many of AliExpress sellers will most likely either refuse your request or they would add on a huge service fee.

So are there any alternatives? Let’s look at what alternative options are available…

Find Alibaba.com suppliers

So as we mentioned earlier, Alibaba.com, which is the B2B version of AliExpress.com, will have the option to customize packaging.

The downside to this is that you will have to purchase them wholesale. Dropshipping is a retail model that does not have the outlay of other ways of selling products such as buying wholesale. So for many dropshippers, this could be too risky and costly.

Within the dropshipping method, it’s the suppliers who take the risks and not the store owner. So this might not be an option for anyone starting their dropshipping journey or those with limited funds.

Work with dropshipping suppliers

Many of the best dropshipping agents will be able to customize packaging for your winning dropshipping products.

A good dropshipping supplier will have its own warehouses for pick and pack, so they can provide your customized packaging at a much lower cost.

Rather than the higher quantities that you would need to purchase wholesale from Alibaba sellers, agents will have much lower minimum order quantities (MOQ).

“Many of the best dropshipping agents will be able to customize packaging for your winning dropshipping products.”

And to finish on…

So we hope that’s given some great tips and info on customized drop shipping packaging and where to get it from!  For more information on how we can help you provide a unique experience for your customers, click here

For more information on where to get the best winning dropshipping products, head over to our other article, How To Find The Best Dropshipping Suppliers and Why Is Product Packaging Important for Dropshippers: Answered to find out more!

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