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If you ever wondered if dropshipping business is still profitable in 2022, you could take a look on FindNiche. Why? That brings out the first advantage of FindNiche — a spying tool. FindNiche features two massive database, Aliexpress database and Shopify database, to allow users to spy on other dropshippiers and grasp the well-being of the dropshipping business.


FindNiche adapts various occasions. It is not only a spying tool, but also a creatives drawer, and an ultimate solution to finding winning products. Let me explain it further.

Being a risk-low fulfillment model, the process of dropshipping is straightforward. The retailers simply n


eed to alert the partner to pack and ship the orders directly to the customer. That’s all for the fulfilling job. Howeve

r, there is more.


As a dropshippier, you normally will take this four steps to set up your business:

  • Decide a right niche

You get a wide selection of products you can sell with dropshipping since there is no pressure on inventory. However, when there are options all over the place it becomes crucial to make right decisions out of them. You want to find products with high demand and few competitors.

  • Find suppliers

The reliability of suppliers is going to greatly affect your dropshipping business. Most of the time, dropshippiers are going to work with suppliers overseas. Therefore, the communication capability is an important factor to consider.

  • Build on your online store

To present your products to others, you need build an online store. Use ecommerce platforms like Shopify, ShopLine to build and launch an online store.

  • Invest in marketing

After settling down the store, it is time to attract visits and sales. That is when advertising and email marketing step in to build customer base and scale the business.

How can FindNiche be helpful?

Discover high-demand, low-competitive products on AliExpress

FindNiche features over 150 million products from AliExpress. Set filtering options “Order & Growth”,”Reviews”, and “Competition” to a desired range to find niches that have not yet tapped and with a potential to grow.


FindNiche helps determine the winning products

FindNiche presents key products metrics such as the total order, 7-day orders, orders trends, wishlists trends, and price trends. These are important for predicting the potential of any products you are interested in.

Not only that, FindNiche tells you who is selling the products. You can check the seller on AliExpress and their ratings, reviews, and customer feedback. That helps to find possible suppliers.


Get market insights with FindNiche aggregation analysis

FindNiche provides macro analysis on the market-wise. FindNiche analyzes all the stores and listings of a specific category and present the market volume and market competition which are important factors for dropshippiers to consider when deciding on the niche,


Get inspired from FindNiches ad database

For every dropshippiers, it is inevitable to do advertising for their stores. FindNiche has this incredible ad database with over 4 million e-commerce ads found on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Dropshippiers can use this database to:

  • Look for ad creatives
  • Find featured products

Advertising is a good source to find potential winning products, since the products get to be proved to have the potential in order to be featured in the advertisements.

  • Spy on competitors’ad performance


FindNiche handpicks potential niches for you everyday

Based on its AI intelligence, FindNiche gives opinions on trending products from the Shopify database and niche recommendation from the AliExpress database.



To conclude, FindNiche is considered to be an assist in products research, market analysis, and advertising inspiration. Given its data capacity, it can be used a spying tool where dropshippiers can monitor their competitors’ stores and ads performance. To increase your efficiency, FindNiche has launched a Chrome extension, ShopifyHunt, to help dropshippiers pull out products information and data from any Shopify store they are viewing. The data can be downloaded to a CSV file and compatible with Shopify store importing.


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