Should I Dropship Skincare Devices? What You Need to Know

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  1. What is a skincare device?
  2. What are the advantages of selling skincare devices?
  3. How do I sell more skincare devices?
  4. And finally…

Anyone starting out on a dropshipping venture knows how important it is to select the right niche.


With a wealth of items from electronics and fashion through to power tools and drones, the right product can either make or break your dropshipping store, Shopify, or other eCommerce stores.


Many dropshippers understand that a niche that has low competition and high search dropshipping products volume can be a winner, but what about skincare devices?


Let’s find out if products such as massagers, mini home saunas, or even magnetic face masks could set your dropshipping store on the road to success.


Should I dropship skincare devices? Niche stores can be more competitive than general stores. But benefits include high demand for skin care products and a large selection of high ticket, high margin items. Skincare devices also work well as private label products, leading to bespoke branding, a repeat fan base, and greater profits.


So now we’ve got the definitive answer and you can get started right away, so we can understand a little more about whether skincare devices make good dropshipping products, let’s start with a bit of background on what actually is a skincare device?


What is a skincare device?

With many looking for “salon-quality” experiences at home, the demand for facial devices and the kinds that are now available has risen dramatically. According to experts, the global beauty devices market represents a $74B+ opportunity.


This is due to not only the salon experience but also due to the consumers’ awareness of hormonal imbalances on the skin, the treatment of minor skin disorders, an upward push of skincare across the whole of the beauty sector, and the lifestyle changes Covid-19 has brought.


So let’s take a look at some skincare devices you might like to dropship.


  • Hair removal devices
  • Face trainer kits
  • Dermascrape ultrasonic skincare
  • Tissular rejuvenators
  • Anti-aging LED devices
  • Anti-aging massage devices


“According to experts, the global beauty devices market represents a $74B+ opportunity.”


What are the advantages of selling skincare devices?

So by deciding to concentrate on one particular product area, such as skincare devices, it allows you some advantages over those who decide to operate a more generalized store (one which sells from multiple niches such as homeware, gadgets, fashion, etc).


Then let’s go on to discover the potential for skincare devices specifically.


Along with offering higher margins, high demand in the marketplace, and also opportunities for upsell, Let’s take a look at some of those advantages.


  • Easier management In comparison with a general store, a niche store is a much less resource-consuming venture. The thing is, you are not building a mega eCommerce empire in this case: you are creating a much smaller business that can be flexibly improved and conveniently run in a long-term perspective.


  • High demands Due to Covid-19, people tend to spend more time at home more which creates natural environment for home skincare. The need for home skincare devices has surged – the sales of Nuface has tripled since the pandemic.


  • Perfect for upscale One of the best advantages is that you can always work and grow your business at your own pace with dropshipping. For skincare devices, you can start with 1 or 2 products and expand to full product line, or bundle relevant products together.


  • Easier branding: Skincare devices are a perfect product to use as a private label. This has the obvious advantage of limited investment required in order to start an own line of skincare devices for example. Using skincare device private labels in your dropshipping store will help to develop and market products of a higher quality. It allows you to have the capability to demand better prices in the market.


How do I sell more skincare devices?

So once you’ve decided to sell winning skincare device dropshipping products in your Shopify or other eCommerce stores, how do you make sure you reach more customers, blow away your competition and find the best skincare dropshipping suppliers?


See our tips for success below.

1. Promote your brand: By keeping your prices competitive, along with an attractive engaging brand story, you will provide the hook to encourage your followers to buy. This includes offering your potential customers unique private label skincare products


2.Write clear descriptions: According to Shopify, When writing product descriptions it’s important not to just describe the product. This is your opportunity to directly target your audience with your brand story. It is definitely the case for skincare devices. A good way of tackling a winning description is to imagine you are having a conversation with your buyer, answering the questions you know they might have. Of course, it’s important to list the features, but it’s also important to address how they will benefit and in a nutshell, what’s in it for them. Compelling descriptions will win customers from your competitors.


3. Work with qualified suppliers: Finding a reputable and expert dropshipping supplier can be a minefield, so make sure you research thoroughly the benefits of each supplier. The best dropshipping agents offer a one-stop service to help you find winning products at the best price. They will also take care of order fulfillment, including picking, packing, and arrange shipment. They will also give advice on products and save your time to focus on marketing. They will be able to help your dropshipping business and be able to assist with high-volume orders and the quality of each product.


And finally…

We hope that’s given you some information on a growing niche, one which may help you to make a success out of your fledgling or existing dropshipping enterprise!


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