Best Way to Find Trending Products To Sell Online in 2022, It’s Easy!

Table of Contents

  1. Keep on Top of Social Media
  2. Utilize Amazon Search
  3. Utilize Google Trends and More Google Tools
  4. Crawler Tools
  5. Identifying Your Target Market
  6. Costs Versus Profit
  7. Conclusion
  8. Now you’ve got the great ideas on product selection…

Best Way to Find Trending Products To Sell Online in 2022, It’s Easy!

After some careful consideration (of course), you’ve decided now is the time to start your dropshipping business and enter the laptop lifestyle world. So welcome to a great future, but of course, it’s really important for you to choose your products wisely and hook into trends – and more importantly, know where to look for that information.

In this article, we’re going to look at a few ways in which you can find out trending products and what is happening in the world of online retail.

How to find trending products for a dropshipping store – Thorough research is required in order to effectively find trending products. Take a look below at the number of ways to try


  • Keep on top of social media
  • Use search tools such as Google trends and Amazon search
  • Make good use of web crawling technology
  • Use demographic online marketing tools
  • cost versus profit

When you’re hoping to compete with other successful online stores, it’s paramount that you spend time doing quality research. Let’s take a closer look below at a number of ways to get started.

First, let’s look at how you can tap into your social media and find out what’s the latest Pinterest imagery, whose talking about what on social media and what’s trending on Instagram.


Keep on Top of Social Media

Keeping on the pulse of your social media is of course a requirement, as the whole world can be found lounging there and showing any savvy entrepreneur what the next big thing is likely to be, so along with making sure you keep up with any new trends on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and others, there are many ways you can take an inner glimpse into the world of millions of potential customers and the kinds of products they’re searching for.

Let’s take a look below at two of the most important ones…

Amazon and Google have both created some nifty features which can really help you to discover the kinds of products that are being searched and give you an insight into which products are bubbling or about to blow up.


Utilize Amazon Search

If you decide to join the ranks of Amazon sellers you have a superb tool at your disposal to help you catch the latest trends and to find out what’s currently a hot and hit product.

Amazon’s keyword tool utilizes a clever search suggestion feature which works by capturing Autocomplete. This generates many keywords that have been searched to enable you to understand the searches of Amazon’s millions of customers exactly.

This is perfect if you’re either an Amazon FBA seller or running an Amazon affiliate program. These tools can help your potential customers link into your product inventory and locate you quickly.

This tool has the added benefit of being totally free. However, using the paid version on average gives at least twice the amount of Amazon Keywords as opposed to the free version.

The paid Amazon keyword tool also enables you to slip into many other really useful features too, which will make the process of your keyword research easier and much faster and in turn help you find that killer inventory.

Now we’ve seen how amazon can help you find the next or current trending product. Let’s take a closer look at how Google trends can give you an insight into what the world is searching on google.


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Utilize Google Trends and More Google Tools

Use Google trends to find out exactly what is being searched in Google and find out what your potential customers are actively engaging with and searching. Google trends are ideal for finding out what is currently trending in your industry, category or marketplace.

Google has a range of products, that in truth, were not originally designed for marketing purposes, but using them can help you stay in the lead of current trends and other important retail insights.

  • Google Play – Use Google apps to find out the latest apps and games which are hot right now in the Android ecosystem and find out what Android users are loving.
  • Google News – Get all local headlines in many categories and get a customized news feed, who can be tailored to any of your interests
  • YouTube trends – keep up to date with details of hot products that YouTube is obsessing over


Now we’ve seen how the big players like Google and Amazon are able to help you when you’re choosing potential trending products for your dropshipping business, let’s take a look at some other web wonders.

Crawler Tools

It’s difficult to determine prices for your products and prices can fluctuate across sellers stores, but there are many tools which can help you monitor your competition and find a niche.

Web crawlers can help you collect business information and obtain important pricing intelligence.

These excellent resources can help you monitor your competitors over selling platforms such as eBay, Amazon and AliExpress to name but a few and find out which products are popular and in demand. They allow you to check details of products and compare them with competitors sites.

There are good numbers of crawler tools/ product selection tools and we encourage you to try and explore on your own.

Many people wonder if obtaining competitors product details and using these kinds of tools is strictly legal, so let’s take a look below and find out.


Are Web Crawlers Legal?

According to industry experts promptcloud, Web crawling is legal as you are essentially only viewing a webpage using your browser. Most websites on the surface allow web crawling, meaning you are able to fetch data from them by using a web crawling tool. However, you do need to make sure the site you’re wishing to crawl allows bots.

Another way of finding the most popular items your potential customers are searching for is by targeting your market efficiently, meaning who are the kinds of people buying or might want to buy your product.

Let’s take a closer look at this aspect.


Identifying Your Target Market

Using a selection of online tools, you can get help positively identify customers. These kind of online tools allow you to find out such things as:


  • Define a target market
  • Monitor how your chosen demographic engages with your influencer, brand or any content which is trending
  • Find out which partners and competitors your chosen customer base engages with on social media
  • Upload an existing customer list to analyze


Before you decide on the right product, it’s also important to look at the costs versus your profit when deciding on your store inventory. Let’s take a look.

Costs Versus Profit

When looking to choose a successful inventory of products it’s important to look at your costs versus profits.

There are a number of pricing strategies, structures and models to choose from and it’s essential to make sure you do some research on the various types available, but the important things to consider are, how much does your product cost, how much it costs you overall to run your business and also accounting for costs with regards to returns.

It may be thought of by some as choosing the product is the most important consideration, but if your pricing doesn’t stack up, it is unlikely you will have a sustainable enterprise. The combination of the trending products alongside a robust financial plan will make sure you sail above your competitors.

Shipping is one of the most important considerations that are often overlooked in most financial calculations. Also, look into products without shipping costs. This can be a sure-fire way to make your business more lucrative, as it banishes the need to absorb that cost into your customers buy price and increase your profit margins.

This is a win-win for both you and your customer, as it’s always going to be an attractive proposition for them to buy at a good price.

Use Local Warehouse/ Express shipping instead of ePacket, may help greatly with customer retention and get more return buyers. This can be cost-effective for many dropshippers in long term, as it reduce customer complaints on slow shipping and improve overall customer satisfactions, which will increase your margins eventually.


Successful planning, doing your research and being proactive is going to get you ahead of the game in order to find the perfect products to sell to your customer base. You need to be one step ahead of your competitors and up to date with any new methods of research.

It’s also vitally important to do your sums with regards to the profit margins on any potential products to make sure you’re actively making a healthy profit.

We hope the tips we’ve shared above have put you on the right track and wish you every success in nailing that inventory.


Now you’ve got the great ideas on product selection…

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