Become a Professional eCommerce Seller With These Five Top Tips!

The eCommerce world has helped to turn everyday people like you and I into superstar sellers – all from the comfort of their own homes. it is fair to say that competition to sell on the site is fierce!

So how do you stand out as an eCommerce seller? How do the top sellers do so well? And what can you do to become an expert seller on Shopify, Amazon and other online marketplaces?

In this article, allow with us to share with you our top five tips on what you can do to become a top-rated seller.

Shipping and Inventory

Buyers want to know exactly what they will pay for postage, and when they will likely receive the item. By ensuring your customers experience is of the highest quality then you will see some good success.

Make sure that you give your customers a transparent way of knowing when they can receive the item along with the items you have in stock – this will allow for a high level of trust to develop between the buyer and the seller.


Product Descriptions

Online shopping is completely different to being in a store. In a store, you get to handle the product and to ask questions about the item you are buying. Your product description should understand this and should be so in-depth that the buyer is left with no questions for you, and so that they understand simply what it is they will be buying from you.

Make your review, clear, concise and leave no stone unturned during the copy-writing phase! Oh, and always check for spelling mistakes as these can leave you looking unprofessional!


Ratings and Reviews

We only like to buy from people we like – it’s a simple fact. Trust is the number one thing that we need to make a purchase, and that is why ratings and reviews are so important. 58% of all buyers read reviews in detail before making a purchase.

So, always ensure you offer quality products alongside a quality service. And not only that; do not be afraid to ask your buyers for reviews as sometimes they need to be prompted to do so!

Video Marketing

The most sought-after content available online right now is video. In fact, 33% of consumers admit that they will more likely buy a product if there is a video demonstration or a video explainer video. Not only this, but a good video will keep your audience hooked and keep them looking on your page for longer – thus increasing your store’s SEO rankings! Think about hiring a professional video production agency like Social Motion that can work to understand your brand and create High quality product videos for you.

Eye-Catching Images

A photo is worth a thousand words. Poor photos can really put buyers off your product so be sure to invest in high quality, high resolution photos that allow your buyer to see clearly what it is they are buying – and choose multiple angles and photo options too!

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