4 Detail-oriented Tips for Shopify Sellers to Cook Winning Business

Establishing business online has never been easier. Create an Shopify store and the next day you probably see people from the other side of world ordering your products. Make sure to execute below tips which benefit your sales in a long way:

1. Branding, everywhere

Why should customers trust an online store, which is not Amazon, not Walmart or any big names, but a store they encountered on Internet? Paid ads could be the best way to launch business and get sales, but SEO and ccustomer base are key factors for long term business. Nurture your brand to be one of the biggest assets with below methods (mostly free).


  • Customized domain and Email: to show you are really serious about the business
  • About us: who doesn’t read ‘about us’? It’s the zero-cost window for customers to recognize your business and
  • Design style: take your own images/videos, and create your signature filter, Even when choosing stock image, make sure to keep same style.


2. Niche market, how?

People say ‘niche market’ all the time but it actually means ‘secret winning products that nobody else has yet started selling’. While it’s correct to have your own signature – either it’s ‘bags for college boys’, ‘makeup brushes made of animal-free products’, ‘footwear to release pain’, or just ‘kitchen tools’, it not only helps to build an impression with customers, and also shape your product selection strategy in a way.


3. Advertisement

Marketing on Facebook is getting more and more expensive nowadays. To make every impression and click count, try to sell ‘value’ instead of just the product. Selling sandals? Show the #OOTD suggestions. Selling sunglasses? Show how it works on different face shapes. Do A/B test to quickly adjust.


Don’t just make it fun for your target audience – make it fun enough so they share with friends.


4. Build Your Own Community

Building community doesn’t take effect immediately. Be patient, and it will become your most-targeted, precise and loyal customer base.


Convert your first-time purchaser to newsletter list or social media follower. You may add your business’s social accounts in purchase confirmation email and ask customers to follow. Throw a campaign on social media to make it more attractive; or simply tell them you will post future coupons on social media.


Retarget customers by email newsletters and social media posts. This almost cost nothing compares to paid ads, and you’d be glad to see a much higher conversion rate.



Another tip good to know: Let professionals help you save time and money, and avoid unnecessary loss.


With HyperSKU, you are rest-assured to let professionals supply good quality products, ship them in fast and reliable way, and minimize your manual work around order fulfillment.

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