10 Best Shopify Apps for eCommerce Store in 2022

The world is advancing with every passing day, and with modern technology, our lives are much more convenient.

Instead of making an effort to go to the market to buy something, you can order it online with a click of a button. Similarly, instead of finding a commercial store to set up a physical shop, you can save the rent and start your business online while relaxing comfortably on your couch.

eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, Etsy, Shopify or eBay, etc., have been extremely successful and beneficial for buyers and sellers. These platforms allow buyers to have customized products such as

custom hoodies, shirts, bags, and many other products that you didn’t even know existed.

Doubtlessly, business owners with a firm presence on any of these platforms are earning a great fortune. These platforms are making it easy for entrepreneurs to sell products online.

The most common issue most online store owners face is a lack of time and management. It’s not difficult to scale a Shopify store unless you don’t know how to.

In this article, you will discover some of the best free Shopify apps that will lift your load and allow you to focus on something that really needs attention, i.e., marketing strategies.


What are Shopify Apps?

Apps typically created for your Shopify store that serve different purposes in marketing. Different apps tend to work on different aspects of marketing, while their ultimate goal is to ease the store owner’s burden.

Most eCommerce store owners get stuck in an unavoidable and constantly recurring loop that is to manage the store, including watching stats, sending emails, comparing competitors, updating content, diagnosing issues, etc.

Shopify apps run on artificial intelligence and are made to take care of such stuff that requires complex calculations and a lot of unnecessary hard work. Almost all store owners try to answer one common question “

how to sell on Shopify?”

What if we tell you it’s easy and all you need is a little know-how?


Are These Shopify Apps Safe To Use?

Absolutely! You don’t have to worry about loss of data or any cyber-attacks while using these apps.

Technically, store owners cannot grow their store or enhance their efficiency if they keep themselves involved in basic work.

Instead of hiring different people for different jobs, such as a content writer to work on E-mails, a data analyst to work on stats, and QA experts to diagnose issues, you can simply use Shopify apps to deal with work, including sourcing, branding, global shipping management, etc. These tools save not only your time and effort but also your finances while ensuring maximum productivity.

In other words, “Shopify is secured and apps are a necessity, and it is almost impossible to work without them. While you enjoy quality time with your friends and family, your apps will run in the background and constantly handle your work for you.


10 Best Free Shopify Apps for Your eCommerce Store

Below mentioned are the 10 best Shopify apps to grow your business:

1. Shopify Email

Email marketing is a fantastic way of marketing and promoting your business.

If you wish to write persuasive Emails for your store, you need to use the Shopify Email app, which provides a list of pre-built templates that extract your business logo, product images, and thumbnails to produce attractive templates for you to send branded Emails.

All you need to do is to add your contact list to this app and create and send your Emails. This app provides 2500 Emails for free every month. Also, you can purchase an extra 1000 for just $1.

Shopify Email saves you the time and effort needed to write, customize and send Emails.

2. BetterReplay/Replay Site Recorder & Surveys 

If you are wondering why your store visitors don’t convert to your website, you might need to review what’s wrong.

For that purpose, BetterReplay or now called Replay Site Recorder & Surveys works as a great app that monitors the visitor’s activities and provides a live recording of the customer’s sessions to allow the store owner to see where the customer is facing an issue.

Once you are aware of the issue, you can think of different creative ways to provide alternative solutions to your customers and increase the conversion rate of your store.

This app is totally free and records 5000 sessions each month.

3. Jebbit: Custom Product Quizzes

Customers like entertainment, and that is what Jebbit offers. By using this free app, you can set up customized quizzes related to your products to offer a much better customer experience and to allow the customer ease with navigation.

Quizzes can ask a visitor about the product of his liking, and upon understanding what sort of products that particular visitor would be interested in, Jebbit helps them navigate straight to the right product page.

Other than that, Jebbit offers surveys and entertainment quizzes as well that is a wonderful way to engage with your store visitors.

4. Fancy FAQ

To increase your store’s sales conversion rate, you would want to create as much ease for your visitors as possible.

When a visitor enters your store, he may have a lot of questions regarding your products and services. Most of the time, these visitors leave the store without purchasing anything just because of doubts.

FancyFAQ helps you to set up a few questions with answers that you may think are commonly asked. On the homepage, you can add FAQs to let the visitor know about the reliability of the product, any ongoing offers, the expected date of delivery, any cashback policy, or other similar customer concerns.

5. Promo.com

It would be great if you set up any promotional videos for your customers. Promo.com allows you to make advertisement videos for your online store with the least effort on your part.

After typing in the product that you want to target and the type of video you prefer, promo.com will automatically choose the best product images from your store and make a video for you. It’s simple, fun, and super easy to make a video with promo.com.

Also, it drives more sales to your store since ads are another great method to engage with customers.

6. Pre-Order Alpha

Customers will rush to your store when they find out you have what they want. Sometimes, some products are hard to find in the market due to less supply or reduced production.

But, if you keep your eyes wide open and see that specific product’s production or supply in the future, you can start a pre-promotion of that product so people can prepare themselves to buy it from you.

Pre-Order Alpha allows you to set up pre-order options and promotions with customized tags and decorations.

7. TikTok

TikTok is a popular app that you would definitely know of. But did you know that TikTok is a Shopify app as well that allows you to create video advertisements, scan results, and manage all of your Shopify orders?

The best part of TikTok is that you can boost your products to the young generation and can likewise reach a lot of engagement. In addition to the audience you reach, you can get a significantly greater number of sales.

In simple words, TikTok not only promotes your product but also allows you to manage your Shopify store.

8. Mochi Texting and Live Chat Support

Mochi is a very interesting app that records the activities of a customer and informs you about how or through which source did a visitor visit your site, what specific products were they interested in, what products did they add to the cart, and how you can improve your sales conversion rate.

Mochi offers live chat support for customers who have queries. In case you are unavailable, you can use the Mochi chatbot to set up automated responses to particular and frequently asked questions so your site visitors can have a better customer experience.



HyeprSKU is a supply chain solution which fully integrated with Shopify so that you can source products, import to store and fulfill orders of all your stores within a few clicks within one single account.

As the hustle-free dropshipping agent, they sourced directly from factories, and choose the best products to match your expectations. Regarding the shipping services, they provide 7-12 days of shipping to major destinations with a 99% delivery rate thanks to the owned address validation system. The tracking numbers are updated to the Shopify store automatically. Ultimately, HyperSKU helps you with customize packaging and products to grow your own brand.

Start Dropshipping For Free | High Ticket Dropshipping

10. Zotabox 20+ Promotional Sales Tools

Do you want to run promotions on your store but don’t want to slow down your website? Zotabox is the answer with 20+ Promotional Sales Tools including popups, banners, upsell, coupons, timers, forms, live chat etc. to grow your sales immediately.
Track conversions to see what promotions work best. You can also integrate Zotabox with Mailchimp and 20 other email service providers to increase our email lists effortlessly.
Zotabox’s handy add-to-cart button has been shown to increase mobile conversions too.

11. eCommerce SEO

This app is SEO-friendly and makes sure that your website is optimized. It automatically creates meta tags, alt tags, bug fixes, and broken links and remarkably draws your website’s sitemap.

The basic purpose of this app is to enhance your site’s SEO and make sure your products are ranked the highest on the Google search bar. Running a successful eCommerce store has a lot to do with how well your store ranks primarily on Google, but also on other search engines. The best way to do it is to use some of the best SEO apps for ecommerce.



Shopify apps are your business virtual assistants that make sure you remain at peace while they handle some of the most complex works for you. They can help you drive organic traffic to your website.

Several apps are free of cost, while some offer paid services. However, on the basis of strong AI, these apps work collaboratively and in accordance with your directions to ensure maximum business efficiency of your online store and to look forward to an increased conversion rate.

All of these apps are a complete necessity, and it is nearly impossible to run an online store without the proper use of such AI tools.

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