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Building a Successful Private Label Store From Zero.

The Challenge: Defects and Disappointment

Myles is a very experienced dropshipping seller who encountered HyperSKU at an event. After working with HyperSKU for a year, Myles decided to test the water in a new niche: home lighting. Plus, he wanted to go all the way by providing private-label products.

He had tested a few products and found one was selling really well. Unfortunately, it came with a fatal defect - 50% of the lamps arrived defective, even with packaging foam. Myles felt stuck and didn’t know what to do to offer a true value delivery.


The Solution: Customize Every Detail

His HyperSKU Account Manager quickly worked with his packaging supplier and factory and came up with a customized packaging made of high-density  polyfoam. A few tweaks were applied to the lamp’s fragile parts, so it’s more shatter-proof in delivery.

Additionally, USA warehouse fulfillment was introduced to Myles. He found he could ship a container of the winning products to HyperSKU’s USA warehouse. Whenever his Shopify or Amazon stores got orders from US customers, the orders would be fulfilled from the USA warehouse, instead of a China warehouse.


The Result: A Success Formula For Enhanced Revenue

Myles would have never imagined that he could achieve omnichannel selling with such ease. Now, Myles is selling his lamp products to 16 countries via Shopify stores and Amazon stores. No matter the selling destination, Myles and his team can handle all orders from a single HyperSKU account.

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