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Streetwear boutique store

The Challenge:

Two years ago, Harvey opened up an online fashion store selling high fashion streetwear to Gen Z. Driven by his passion and thanked to his great taste in fashion, his store had been quite popular among the community, and generating him steady orders.

Harvey enjoyed spending time building up the Instagram account and interacting with the followers. Harvey has been quite happy with the situation and planned to expand the online business. He wanted to go bigger, build his own brand, and eventually open a brick-and-mortar store.

Though he was concerned that to make it to the next level, he realized that the infrastructure of his supply chain deserved an upgrade:

Harvey purchased the clothing come from several wholesalers on a regular basis. Deciding how many pieces to purchase per size was always tricky, as it was hard to predict which style or size would go quickly or the opposite.

Shipping was another major issue that bothered Harvey. First, it takes several weeks to receive the inventory from his supplier. Shipping orders to his online customers himself held him back from doing other more important stuff.

Most importantly, Harvey wants to establish his own brand, which involves sewing labels and using customized packaging. None of his wholesalers provided such private label service.


The Solution:

Harvey saw HyperSKU’s online advertisement and scheduled a call with the Sales Consultant. After understanding his pain points, the Sales Consultant suggested Harvey to work with HyperSKU to streamline his sourcing and fulfillment.

Harvey decided to give it a shot and try to have a middleman between him and suppliers to see the effect on his store. But quickly his concerns were gone: Introduced the “SHEIN model” – his Sales Consultant constantly share with him the catalogs from several apparel factories that matched his fashion styles, and Harvey can choose whatever styles he likes and whatever quantities per size or per color.

Harvey was also able to adapt to a hybrid order fulfillment mode - He ordered batches for his brick-and-mortar store and leave the order fulfillment of his online store to HyperSKU. In this way, his cash flow is optimized and the risk of holding dead stock is minimized.

And of course, we didn’t forget about creating Harvey’s brand! With HyperSKU, the logo of Harvey’s store is stitched to all upcoming collections, with a small amount of handling fees.


The Result:

Now with his online store empowered with robust supply chain support, Harvey is able to get away from miscellaneous issues, and finally can focus on fashion and promoting his brand. Harvey sees a 40% jump in revenue, as his store responds much faster to the trend and the fast shipping satisfies his global customers.

And with sewing his brand labels onto the apparels, Harvey successfully collaborated with a local boutique store in London and presented his pop-up collection there for a month. During that time, a nice surprise visited his store. One day, a top-tier Instagram influencer stopped by and was intrigued by a signature jacket. The unique design and off-edge look could not be found anywhere else. The influencer got the jacket and of coursed shared it on her IG. And in the next few days, Harvey got 1000+ orders on the jacket alone!

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