Best Dropshipping App for Shopify Sellers

Best Shopify Dropshipping App

Premium Quality
Express Shipping
Fully Automated
Directly from Chinese Suppliers

Scaling From 10 Orders/Day To Next Level?
Are these the issues holding you back?



unable to get better price unless with MOQ


Order Fulfillment

slow and unresponsive supplier, lots of communications around excels



answering the question “where’s my order” all day

Answering “Why Are You Different??”

We understand you want to find the best solution to work with. 

Here’s a quick comparison table that answers your questions

other dropshipping App



We have 1M SKUs directly from manufacturers, vetted suppliers No control over the catalog


We can source on demand and get back to you in 2 business days No such things as they don’t know the suppliers personally

Product Cost


Cheaper than AliExpress and we negotiate with supplier on your behalf for bulk orders Again, you get what they offer. Basically the same price as any consumer



Express shipping to major eCommerce countries in 7 days ePacket only, which takes up to 1 month – that sabotages Facebook Ads!!


Fully integrated with Shopify to save you from spreadsheets It depends..

Connect with
your store

Browse and add products to your Shopify store from feed

Fulfill orders
within minutes

As your customers make purchases, our auto-synced solution guarantees you a fast order fulfillment

Packages delivered
in 7 days

Enjoy peace of mind with fully trackable and refund-guaranteed shipping

Enjoy revenue from
your store

Leave sourcing/packaging/shipping to us


Here’s the Best Shopify Dropshipping App that Tackles All Backend Operational Problems

How Does It Work

You May Want to Know…

What is HyperSKU?

HyperSKU is the dropshipping solution that solves your backend issue. We source products from factories, provide express shipping and tracking to your customers, and automatic sync your orders. Additionally, package customization and private label are available too.

Do you work with Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon and eBay?

Yes and yes. HyperSKU has seamless integration with Shopify, WooCommerce and Shopline, so you don’t have to do spreadsheet work. Sellers may also use an excel template to process orders with Amazon and eBay. We have open API available too.

What’s your fee?

No monthly fees and all users have access to all features. We do charge 2% of product and shipping costs (not on your retail price). But currently it’s free!

What products do you have?

Electronics, fashion, accessories, home, toys, beauty, pets…, you name it; we have it. You may just ask us to source for you, and we’ll get back in about 2 business days.

What are the shipping options you provide? How much does it cost?

We are proud to offer ‘Direct Express Shipping’ which ships order directly from China to customers’ doorsteps, in a fast and cost-effective manner. Shipping to North America and Europe is as fast as 7-10 days, and the whole shipping status is trackable. Compare to ePacket, it’s much faster with a higher delivery rate.

How do I work with you?

After <a href=”https://app.hypersku.com/register”>signing up</a>, start with these steps: <a href=”https://app.hypersku.com/settings/my-stores”>connect stores</a>, <a href=”https://app.hypersku.com/products/guide”>find products</a>, or <a href=”https://app.hypersku.com/sourcing/aliexpress”>ask for sourcing</a>. Our team will be happy to walk you through the process anytime.

I have more questions!

Of course, feel free to chat via the chat box on our website.