Why Your Shein Clothing Never Works Out the Way You Plan? Do’s and don’ts when buying Shein Clothing

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How popular is Shein clothing? Think of its offline pop-up store.

Lined up for more than 1 hour even starting from 6 am, hundreds of people wait to check out a clothing store. Otherwise, they would miss the chance to shop for $1 daisy earrings, $4 bucket hats, $12 knit crop tops, $13 faux leather baguette bags, and $29 neon PVC mule slides.

This was how popular it looked when Shein Clothing had its pop-up stores in Texas in 2022, as reported by the New York Times.

Shein clothing pop-up store.

Shein clothing pop-up store. Source: YouTube @Erika Muega

Since 2018, Shein has launched the concept of a Shein pop-up store. In 2023, Shein Clothing had a world tour in many cities. Like it looked in Texas, this online-only fast fashion attracted people to line up in the real world. 

Shein pop-up stores in global cities

Shein pop-up stores in global cities. Source: TikTok

Audiences of Shein clothing website and app is an online version of this offline pop-up store. 

By the end of 2023, the SHEIN app was downloaded over 251 million, making it the most downloaded fashion app of that year in the USA.

Shein app download

Number of app downloads of SHEIN-Fashion Shopping Online worldwide from 2015 to YTD 2024(in millions). Source: Statista

But How is the quality of Shein clothing, what can we expect from this platform in regard to price and design? What are the top hacks to make sure shopping Shein clothing is as satisfying as planned? And how to return Shein Clothes? In this blog, we will navigate the world of shein clothing, especially from the perspective of dropshipper or whoever wants to build up your own e-commerce fashion business. 

What is Shein

The online store and app of Shein is featured for affordable and trending fast fashion. 

Founded in 2008, Shein is a Chinese global fashion and lifestyle e-retailer with products sold in more than 150 countries and territories worldwide. Originating from a portal to buy wedding dresses, Shein branched out into general womenswear in the early 2010s and to all types of fashion by the mid-2010s. Nowadays, on an average day, Shein adds 2,000 new items to its store.

Shein clothing demography user

Shein Clothing’s target audience is Gen Z women. In 2023, 29.87% of Shein users are 25-34; 63.52% of users are female. Data source: similarweb

Shein clothing features an affordable price. It uses on-demand manufacturing technology to connect suppliers to its supply chain, reducing inventory wastage and enabling cheaper products. Its annual sales reportedly exceeded $10.0 billion in 2020.

Is Shein a dropshipping platform?

Shein is an eCommerce platform offering trendy, affordable clothing and accessories. It’s essentially an online store focused on fashion, providing stylish items for men, women, kids, and even pets. If you’re passionate about fashion, Shein is the go-to destination with a lot of trending options at affordable prices. 

As for dropshipping, Shein did not officially say no. In the beginning, Shein used to be a dropshipping company, but things have changed. Now, they work with different manufacturing partners instead of the dropshipping business model.

Even though Shein does not work with a dropshipping business model, you can still purchase Shein clothing to start up your own e-commerce store. As long as you take your own product pictures. Shein does not allow using their model product photos because they are copyrighted and legally protected. One tip is to have a chat with the supplier beforehand.

What values Shein clothing is presenting?

Among the large amount of fast fashion and shopping options, why did shein clothing get popular? Here are a few things provided by Shein: 

Fast Fashion: Shein excels at producing new items quickly, with some products available for just a few weeks before they’re gone. This constant refresh means there’s always something new and exciting to discover.

Trendy Styles: Shein keeps up with the latest trends, offering a wide variety of styles to suit any taste. And the best part? The prices are incredibly affordable, ensuring you can stay stylish without breaking the bank.

Affordable Prices: One of Shein’s biggest attractions is its low prices. You can find dresses for under $10 and tops for even less, making it perfect for those on a budget or who love updating their wardrobe frequently.

Wide Selection: Shein offers an extensive range of clothing, shoes, accessories, and even home goods. You can easily find everything you need to put together a complete outfit, all in one convenient online store.

Online-Only Retailer: Shein operates solely online, which helps keep prices low but means you can’t try items on before purchasing. This might be a downside for some, but the savings and selection often outweigh this inconvenience.

Is Shein a marketplace, can I sell on Shein?

The answer is yes.

Since 2023, Shein has been pushing ahead with its goal of becoming more like Amazon Marketplace by letting third-party retailers sell products on its site. That means it allows sellers to offer their products to Shein’s large 72 million monthly active user base. 

Even though this platform is popular for shein clothing, to sell on its marketplace you do not have to choose clothing as the only category. 

Currently, you can sell under the following categories:

  • Apparel & Accessories
  • Shoes & Luggage
  • Beauty & personal care
  • Baby products
  • Toys & games
  • Sports & outdoors
  • Pet supplies 
  • Electronics
  • Home & Kitchen 
  • Office & school supplies

If you sell products in any of these categories, you can apply to sell on Shein! 

Joining SHEIN Marketplace does not charge referral fees for the first 3 months. After that, Shein’s referral fee is fixed at 10% for all product categories. For the first 3 months, Shein will also cover return shipping fees.

Why is Shein So cheap?

They feature fast-fashion pieces…meaning, many items will look similar to pricey designer pieces but will be very inexpensive but also not as high of quality (obviously) as the original pieces. At first glance, Shein’s prices seem too good to be true, and there is always a negative stigma about ordering online goods from overseas companies.

However, Shein Clothing reduced its price from several perspectives of its business model.

Start from a small amount

A typical fashion brand might design a few hundred styles a month in-house and ask its manufacturers to make thousands of pieces for each style. Those pieces go on sale both online and in brick-and-mortar stores.

Shein, in contrast, works largely with outside designers. Most of its independent suppliers both design and produce clothing. If Shein likes a design, it places a small order, 100 to 200 pieces, and the clothing gets the Shein tag. To get from concept to production takes as little as two weeks.

Only-online model

Shein’s online-only model means that, unlike its largest fast-fashion competitors, it can avoid the expense of operating and staffing physical stores, including dealing with racks full of unsold clothing at the end of each season.

Direct shipping from China

The finished clothing is sent to Shein’s huge distribution centres, where it gets sorted into packages for customers, and those packages are shipped directly to people’s doorsteps in the US and more than 150 other countries—as opposed to first sending huge amounts of clothing all over the world on shipping containers, as retailers have traditionally done.

Leverage AI to trace fashion trend

Shein has revolutionized fast fashion by leveraging AI technology to spot trends and operating exclusively online to produce thousands of garments swiftly. This model, often referred to as “real-time retail,” allows Shein to create new designs in just three days, according to Vox. As a result, BBC reports that the site can feature up to 600,000 items at any moment.

Shein clothing reviews

Shein had 4.1 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, with 55% of them being 5-star, and 22% of them being 1-star.

Shein review from trustpilot

Shein review from trustpilot

Positive reviews are satisfied with the affordable price, in-time delivery, nice service when a refund is needed, and sometimes more options than offline stores. Shein clothing is beautiful, and trending, and the platform provides consistent discounts and vouchers. For many customers, misleading sizes, returns, and refunds, are inevitable parts when shopping online.

Negative reviews usually come from the same issue, but when the customer has a bad experience. On Trustpilot, negative reviews complained about missing deliveries, bad experiences in getting back the parcel or money, or lack of customer support. 

In sum, the quality and shopping experience of Shein clothing depends on the product and specific case.  

Positive Shein Clothing Reviews

Affordable price

One of the key benefits of Shein, as praised by customers, is its cost-effectiveness. The brand provides fashionable choices at wallet-friendly prices, enabling shoppers to stay stylish without spending a fortune.

What does the “affordable price” of shein clothing mean? The average product on Shein is reported to cost only $9. You can find quality products on Shein for less than half of what you’d generally pay from other retailers.

 Shein clothing haul what you can get on Shein with 100 USD.

Shein clothing haul what you can get on Shein with 100 USD. Source: TikTok@faithdyee

TikTokers and YouTubers posted various “$100 Shein Haul” videos. Spending $100, you can get several pieces of summer clothes or 1-2 winter clothes, as well as some accessories. Whether you re looking for everyday essentials or statement pieces for special occasions, Shein provides an extensive range of products at competitive prices.

Huge Range Choice

At any one time, Shein has as many as 600,000 products for sale on its online platform. Its business model has been called as “real-time retail”, smaller companies along its supply chain are fed information from its in-house tools on what’s trending or how well certain products are performing.

Shein clothing fashion ideas

Seasonal Shein clothing haul fashion ideas, source: YouTube

Good enough for pieces you won’t wear often

Experienced Shein Clothing buyer would recommend shopping Shein for flash-in-the-pan trends that are in one week and out the next as well as items you only plan to wear a handful of times. When it comes to coats, jeans, workwear, or other pieces you’ll want to get a lot of use out of, it’s better to spend a bit more for better quality clothing that’s made to last.

Negative Shein Clothing Reviews

Problem in Sustainability

Just like many other fast fashion brands, Shein clothing is critiqued for its unsustainability.  

Clothing overconsumption is a problem in the whole fashion industry.  This industry accounts for up to 8% of global carbon emissions, according to one UN study. Also, in the context of over-consumption, it is hard to know how many pieces are being produced industry-wide. Only 12% of brands publicly disclose the number of products made annually, according to the 2023 Fashion Transparency Index report from the nonprofit Fashion Revolution. 30% of clothing made is sold at full price, 30% of clothing is sold at a discount, and another 30% is not sold at all.

Affordable and online-only fast fashion possibilities, like Shein, made it even easier for consumers to buy more clothes than needed. Shein clothing thus raises questions about sustainability.

Problem in Copyright

Shein clothing raised questions about the copyright of their design. Even though Shein Clothing worked with 200+ independent designers, and used AI to track the fashion trends, some experienced consumers still found the same design by another small business owner with a much higher price. The reputation of “unoriginality” by Shein clothing has been accused multiple times.

Quality of Shein clothing

Real customer reviews of Shein clothes show that the fast fashion brand’s products are inconsistent in quality. Because items on Shein were manufactured by diverse suppliers, the quality of Shein clothing really depends on each item. So what exactly is the issue with Shein clothing quality?

  • Poor Fabric Quality: Many customers have reported that the fabric used in Shein clothes is thin, cheap, and prone to shrinking after a few washes. This issue is particularly prevalent in Shein’s more affordable items, which are often made of synthetic materials.
  • Inconsistent Sizing: Sizing is unreliable, with significant variations even within the same order. Many customers have reported that Shein’s clothes run small, making it difficult to find the right size. This issue is compounded by the fact that Shein does not offer a consistent sizing chart across all of its items.
  • Low Durability: Clothing items frequently fall apart after just a few washes or wears. Issues include loose stitching, fading colours, and fabric pilling.
  • Misleading Product Photos: The actual items often do not match the product photos. Customers report that colours, patterns, and fabric textures can look very different in person. Sometimes the clothes came unhemmed, uncomfortably cheap and vaguely close to the beautiful pictures in the webshop. 
  • Subpar Construction: Many garments have poor stitching, unfinished hems, and other signs of rushed or careless construction.
  • Transparency Issues: There is a lack of detailed information about materials and construction in product descriptions, leading to unpleasant surprises upon receiving the items.

What to expect from Shein clothing: Shein clothing examples by category

With 600,000 products on the shelf on average per day, there will be a large amount of options when shopping for shein clothing. What kind of quality level can we expect? And what kind of designs are available?

Shein Women’s Clothing

Shein women's clothing

Shein women’s clothing is the biggest category on this platform. The brand is known for its trendy and affordable fashion items, catering to a wide range of fashion tastes and preferences. Shein women’s clothing have various options. Here are some examples of what you can expect on shein women’s clothing for each category.


You can get various styles from plain to patterns, from cropped to oversized. The average price is $15-25.

Shein women's clothing, sweater examples


Shein women’s clothing includes large range of options for dresses in different styles and materials. You can discover a variety of mini, maxi, and midi dresses on Shein. Their collection includes diverse styles, from bodycon to fit-and-flare dresses. There are casual dresses ideal for daytime wear as well as elegant options perfect for special occasions.

Shein clothing dress


Shein clothing is not only for casual situations but also for a more official outlook. Among Shein women’s clothing, there are also a lot of options for suits, with an average price of $20-30. 

Shein women's clothing suites

Partywear and wedding dresses

Shein clothing started from wedding dresses and expanded to other women’s clothing. In today’s Shein women’s clothing catalogue, there is still a long list of wedding dresses and partywear. From sleeveless, slim fit, A-line, to slit, you can select the style that suits you better. On Shein, shoppers can also filter those options by color, materials, composition, or pattern type. The price is usually no more than $100. 

Shein women's clothing wedding and custome dresses

Shein Men Clothing

Shein men's clothing

Shein clothing is not only for women following fashion trends but also for men. Shein men’s clothing is categorised into tops, bottoms, hoodies & sweatshirts, Co-ords, outerwear, denim, sweaters, suites, and swimming wear. There is also a series of collections divided by specific design styles in shein men’s clothing. 


For shein men’s clothing tops, popular types include T-shirts, shirts, polo shirts and tank tops. You can also filter by elements like long sleeves or hoodies; or by pattern types like striped, graphic, floral, or cartoon. The price for a summer shirt is usually $10-20.

Shein men's clothing - Tops


Too much to match tops and bottoms every day? Shein clothing made the outlook for you. In shein men’s clothing, there is a list of options for Co-Ords. The tops and bottoms are nicely matched, with the same style, or colour-coordinated outfit.  

Shein men's clothing - Co-Ords


Shein men’s outerwear offers a stylish and affordable range of outerwear options for modern men. From classic coats to trendy jackets, Shein provides a diverse selection to suit various tastes and occasions. Whether you’re looking for a sleek trench coat for a formal event or a casual bomber jacket for everyday wear, Shein has you covered. With a focus on quality materials and on-trend designs, Shein men’s outerwear is perfect for adding a fashionable layer to your wardrobe without breaking the bank. Explore their collection today to find the perfect outerwear piece to elevate your style.

Shein men's clothing - outerwears

Shein Plus Size Clothing

Shein plus size clothing

Plus-size clothing is an emerging market. Plus-size fashion online stores can foster inclusivity and diversity in the fashion industry. This type of e-commerce offers access to clothing not commonly found in physical stores.

The global plus-size clothing market size was valued at USD 290.04 billion in 2023 and is anticipated to reach around USD 506.34 billion by 2033, growing at a CAGR of 5.73% from 2024 to 2033. 

Plus size market

Plus size women’s clothing market size 2023 – 2033. Source: Precedence Statistics

Shein plus size clothing joined this market with a specific product line: SheinCurve.

When shopping Shein plus size clothing, you can filter for your size and for reviews with customer photos to get a better look at how the items appear in real life. Sometimes the colours are a little different or the material hangs differently from the photos of the models. The customer photos give you a more realistic view.

Shein plus size clothing – Dresses

For Shein plus size clothing, you have as many options in the curve category as other shein women’s clothing. From casual dresses to boho dresses, from elegant dresses to midi dresses. In the fashion industry where body exclusion is popularly questioned, it is a rare platform to be friendly to curve clothing. The price is also usually $10-20 for a summer dress.

 Shein plus size clothing dresses


As summer comes, beach wear becomes increasingly popular in among shein clothing. So do curve beachwear. You can filter by colour or material, or search for a specific style.

Shein plus size clothing beachwear


In shein plus size clothing, there are various options for curve bottoms as well. Pants, leggings, jeans, skirts… The price for a summer bottom is usually $10-20.   

Shein plus size clothing, bottoms


Why Does Shein Clothing Never Work Out the Way You Plan? Do’s and Don’ts When Buying Shein Clothing

The quality of shein clothing and shopping experience varies for this platform. So do people’s ideas about shein clothing, especially in the problematic context of fast fashion.

To shein clothing, thus it is easy to get mixed feelings: Customers are attracted by the affordable price and trendy fashion design but also feel bad about supporting a somewhat problematical platform. No mention some sometimes the shopping experience could be negative regarding delivery, quality, and customer service. 

What to do and what not do when shopping shein clothing?

Do’s when Buying Shein Clothing

1. Look at Sizes for EVERYTHING & Know Your Measurements

The sizes on Shein’s website vary a lot. The XSmall in this piece could mean M in the other piece. So, know your measurements before ordering Shein clothing.

Once you know your measurements, you’ll want to compare them to the Shein item’s body measurements, which you’ll see in the photo below. These are not the default measurements shown on Shein products – you’ll have to click “body measurements” to get the proper measurements.

Shein clothing body measurement tool

2. Be Wary of Items that Don’t Have Customer Photos

Looking at the photos and reviews uploaded by customers can be very helpful in determining what an item will look like. Shein items DO look like the product photos on the website – but there have been times when this has NOT been the case.

Check out customers' review for shein clothing sellers.

3. Order Several Weeks Before Any Event You’re Trying to Shop For

Shipping on average takes 2 weeks as estimated. However, if you’re trying to dress for a specific event, don’t risk it! Order at least 3 weeks in advance! Therefore you will have enough time to try out.

4. Wash your Shein Clothing Before Wearing

 it’s a good idea to wash ANY new clothing before you wear it. This is especially a good idea, though, if you are buying clothing that is made from polyester or nylon, as the dyes used on these clothing items can cause allergic reactions

5. Buy shein clothing via Amazon when the time is tight

If shopping on Shein is still a bit intimidating for you… you can order Shein clothing on Amazon now! The selection of Shein clothing on Amazon is not as good as it is on the Shein site. However, you will have access to Prime shipping & free returns then!

Don’ts when Buying Shein Clothing 

  1. Don’t overlook Material Descriptions

Knowing the fabric composition can help you understand the item’s feel, stretch, and care requirements. Look for items with materials you are familiar with and prefer. For each shein clothing item, you can click on “description” for more information about fabric and care instructions. Checking these details is important especially when you can not tell the texture and quality from the shein clothing product pictures. 

Don't do when buying shein clothing: Check out textile description.

2. Don’t ignore the return policy

Understanding Shein’s return policy is essential in case you need to return or exchange items. Usually, returning shein clothing will need you to ship the product back with the same package. So don’t throw the labels and packages immediately. 

3. Don’t ignore the return insurance.

In case all goes wrong with your shopping trip, purchase return insurance so you can easily make free returns if you need to, SHEIN will provide the shipping label. If you don’t purchase this insurance your return shipping fees may be as expensive as your item.

4. Expect High-End Quality

Shein is a fast-fashion retailer known for affordability, not luxury quality. If you’re someone who normally spends $30+ on a top and then you order a $9 top from Shein… there are going to be some noticeable differences in quality compared to what you’re used to. However, for $9, it’s going to be a quite nice top. Just don’t expect it to be on the same level as its designer counterpart or the $95 top you just bought from Nordstrom.

5. Don’t fall for Unrealistic Discounts

Overly generous discounts can sometimes be misleading or indicate lower quality. It is always good to be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true and compare prices with similar items.

Start a dropshipping business with Shein Clothing: Is it the best platform in 2024?

Shein VS Temu

Product range

Shein specialises in “fast fashion” – that is, the ability to offer the latest fashion trends more quickly than most retailers. Temu has a similar strategy with more broad-based product offerings that range from dresses to drills. 

User interface

Both sites offer a “gamified” shopping experience, designed to make the shopping experience fun – and to get shoppers to buy as much as possible.

Targeted audience

Shein remains primarily focused on a younger clientele, Temu is looking to broaden its base by targeting older shoppers in the United States as its parent company has in China.

Connection with seller

Both Temu and Shein clothing will be shipped directly from China, where the manufacturers are located. However, Temu sells products from different suppliers directly. It is possible to track the shop name and profile page of the seller for a specific product on Temu. 

 Temu seller profile sample

Track temu seller profile. Source: Temu

By clicking the “provided by” line on the product description page on Temu, customers can check the profile of the seller. It is possible to track the reputation of the seller represented by the amount of followers, sold items, years they had been selling on Temu, and a number of repeat customers. 

Sellers profile page Temu

On the Shein clothing product description page, you can, too, find the name of the seller and follow them if you like their design or style. However, the sellers’ profile page did not include information like the repeated customers.

Shein clothing seller profile

Unlike Temu, Shein clothing is identified by the unique SKU number. In the Shein clothing try-on and haul video, influencers mention the SKU number when referring to a specific item.

As Shein launched a marketplace, that allows brands to sell their products on this platform just like other Shein clothing, some brands on Shein have their own profile page too. From Shein brand page, customers can follow specific shops and suppliers that they like. 

Shein brands

Shein VS Amazon

Both Shein and Amazon are popular online shopping platforms. Even though some shein clothing are also available on Amazon, these two platforms are different. 

In December 2023, in a note to sellers, Amazon announced that it would dramatically decrease the commissions it takes on cheap clothing. Compared to the low fees charged by Shein for its sellers, fees like this are increasingly core to Amazon’s retail business.

However, shein clothing follows fashion trends more closely. Shein also leverages the influencers via TikTok, making it a different shopping experience than on Amazon, where sellers are harder to build the concept of a brand. 

Shein Amazon
Platform Overview Shein is a fast-growing online retail platform that focuses on fashionable clothing, accessories, and beauty products. It stays ahead of fashion trends and offers trendy items to a global customer base. Amazon is a well-established global marketplace that connects millions of buyers and sellers. It provides unparalleled reach and customer trust.
Product Range Shein specializes in fashion, particularly clothing, accessories, and beauty products. Amazon offers a vast range of products across various categories, including electronics, home goods, books, and more.
Marketing Efforts Shein actively promotes its products through strong marketing efforts, benefiting sellers by increasing exposure. Amazon’s extensive customer base and brand recognition lead to organic traffic and visibility for sellers.
Logistics and Fulfillment Shein’s logistics network is less comprehensive. Sellers handle their own shipping and fulfilment. Amazon provides a streamlined fulfilment process, handling warehousing, shipping, and customer service.
Fees and Commissions Shein charges lower fees, making it attractive for budget-conscious sellers. Amazon’s fees vary based on the product category, but its reputation justifies the costs.
Branding Shein doesn’t have the same brand recognition as Amazon. Being associated with Amazon’s trusted brand boosts seller credibility.

Alternative dropshipping supplier – HyperSKU

As mentioned, both Temu and Shein Clothing did not officially allow dropshipping. Dropshippers can indeed purchase affordable products from these two platforms, but both of them have some limitations. Dropship Temu clothing can not get rid of the Temu branded package. Shein dropshipping seems to have fewer package limitations. However, sellers can not use the product picture on Shein directly. Dropshipping shein clothing does not allow branded labels as well. 

To start your own shein clothing online business, better practice is considering the possibility of branding in the future. Luckily, there are some dropshipping suppliers that support branded labels, packages, and even designs. 

HyperSKU service overview

Founded in 2018, HyperSKU leads the way in eCommerce solutions, helping businesses succeed on TikTok Shop. Their services extend beyond traditional sourcing and fulfilment by providing comprehensive branding options, enabling companies to establish a distinct and memorable brand identity. HyperSKU supports businesses in developing customized product lines that enhance brand presence and customer engagement.

US Warehouse for Fast Delivery

With a strategically located US warehouse, HyperSKU ensures quick and reliable delivery, minimizing shipping delays and customer dissatisfaction. This advantage allows businesses to offer fast shipping, which improves customer satisfaction and reduces the frustration often associated with long delivery times.

Efficient Sourcing and Fulfillment

Partnering with HyperSKU allows businesses to concentrate on brand growth while they manage sourcing and fulfilment. This results in smooth operations and lower operational costs, freeing up resources for companies to focus on their core business strategies.

Expert Global Support Team

HyperSKU’s experienced support team is proficient in over 10 languages and has an average of 5 years in eCommerce, offering expert assistance. This global expertise ensures that businesses receive top-notch support tailored to their needs, enhancing their overall operational efficiency.

Diverse Customization Options

Additionally, HyperSKU offers an extensive range of branding services for various products, including jewellery, glasses, watches, shoes, clothing, and pet items. These services encompass customized packaging, boxes, hang tags, labels, thank you cards, and logo designs. Businesses can select customization options using images, text, design drafts, and other inputs, receiving design feedback within 1-2 working days.

Flexible and Cost-Effective Customization

Customization services are available in various materials, sizes, and colors, with support for printing in all languages. Pricing depends on customization requirements, such as materials and quantity, with larger orders typically costing less per unit. By consulting their dedicated agent for a final price quote, businesses can make informed decisions about their branding investments.

Enhanced Brand Identity and Growth

Overall, by partnering with HyperSKU, businesses can build a robust brand identity, improve customer satisfaction through fast delivery and quality products, and focus on core business strategies to boost sales and revenue growth.


What is the shipping time and cost for shein clothing?

Shein clothing’s shipping time and cost depend on your location and the method you choose. It can range from 2-8 working days. Each package comes with a tracking number, so customers can track their shipment in transit. All orders over $49 are eligible for free shipping, making it easy to get your desired products at no additional cost.

Take the UK for example, standard shipping takes 8-9 Business Days and free shipping is possible for orders over GBP£14.99. In the USA, standard shipping takes 10-15 days, with a normal shipping fee of $3.99 and free shipping for orders over $29.00. The website provides shein clothing shipping information to more locations.

How to return shein clothing

Shein clothing return steps

To return Shein clothing, you need to request a return via Shein customer service, get a return label and the send-back address, and use that label to send the item back.

Shein clothing return timeflow

Shein clothing return roadmap. Source: Shein

  • Open the SHEIN app and go to the “My Orders” section
  • Select the order you want to return
  • If you want to return just one item in an order of multiple, you can do that
  • Once you open the order page, you’ll see all the items in that order listed together
  • There will be a “return” button beside each item
  • Tap on that button for every item you want to add to your return cart
  • Once done, select “Request Return” and you’re done!

Thereafter, wait for your return request to be approved. Once that’s done, you can wait for it to be picked up or ship it yourself.

Shein clothing return valid time

The general timeframe for returning shein clothing is 30 days. It varies by region, for example, in the UK this number is 45 days and in the USA it is 35 days. If you are not 100% satisfied with your shein clothing, you should contact their customer service within 30 days of delivery. 

Not return-able items

Shein does not accept the following items to be returned or exchanged:

  • Bodysuits
  • Lingerie,
  • Swimwear
  • Jewellery
  • Underwear
  • event & party supplies,
  • DIY supplies,
  • pet supplies
  • beauty and accessories (except scarves, bags, and mermaid blankets).

Also, gifts cannot be returned or exchanged. Customized items cannot be returned or exchanged. In addition, order cancellation for customized items is not supported.

Rules of sending back package

To return an item to Shein, make sure it’s in its original, unused condition with all the original packaging. So, don’t throw away the packaging right away. 

Always contact customer service to request a return first. If you skip this step, you won’t get a valid return label or the right return address. Shein won’t accept returns sent without proper authorization, and packages sent to the sender’s address won’t be received.

Shein return ticket sample

Sample shein return label. Source: shein Pinterest account

Return Shipping Fee

Return Shipping is free on the 1st return package for any order. You must use the return label shein provided, then send the return package to us postmarked within 35 days after the purchase date.

If you have already returned items from an order but would like to make additional returns of another item in the same order, you can use the same Return Label. But that will cost a $7.99 shipping fee, which will be deducted from the refund automatically. 

What to expect about Shein clothing for the future?

Increasing market share

Shein could continue to take major market share from US apparel companies. In a June report, they attributed much of the company’s success to its marketing prowess. Shein’s loyal customers are not only driven by its low prices but by a strong community bolstered by in-person events.   

Owning retail brand

Since launching the marketplace in 2023, Shein has made efforts to promote brands on the platform. For example, Shein is partnering with fellow fast-fashion retailer Forever 21, furthering the retailer’s efforts to expand its product offering beyond Shein-produced items. Forever 21 items will be sold on Shein’s site and Shein is hosting pop-ups in Forever 21 stores. 

In October 2023, Shein purchased the IP and trademarks of Missguided, a UK-based fast fashion brand owned by Frasers Group. The parent company, which owns the department store chain House of Fraser, will maintain ownership of Missguided’s staff and real estate, Reuters reported. 

The Times reported [external link: https://www.thetimes.com/business-money/companies/article/shein-considering-an-offer-for-topshop-h9zndzbm6] that Shein is considering buying Topshop, another fast-fashion retailer based in the US. Topshop is currently owned by online fashion site ASOS, which purchased the brand in 2021 for $364 million.

Taking sustainability effort

Shein clothing had sustainable effort - evoluSHEIN


Shein Clothing launched its first sustainable line “evoluSHEIN” in 2022. These garments are made from recycled materials, and sent to customers in 100% recycled packaging. Furthermore, shopping with EvoluSHEIN will support Vital Voices, a charity empowering women around the world. In 2023, it also promised an 85 million investment to initiate the roadmap of “equal empowerment” by evoluSHEIN. 

These effort are questioned as greenwashing by some, due to the complexity of the fast fashion supply chain. 

Dropshipping with Shein clothing

With Shein launching its marketplace and partnering with more retail brands, Shein clothing is increasingly associated with other people’s brands. Considering these developments, dropshipping from Shein might not be the best practice. 

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