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The Challenge: Slow Shipping Led To Poor Reviews

Vladas is a dropshipper from Lithuania, and dropships oral care products to the UK. Before switching to HyperSKU, Vladas’s previous dropshipping supplier kept causing customer complaints due to a horrible average shipping time of 15 days or more.

In addition, Vladas found that the market is too competitive - causing him to raise the sales price to try and break a profit on his sales. As the advertising cost got higher and higher, Vladas thought about closing the store for good.


The Solution: Fast Shipping, Faster Satisfaction

The first step to onboard Vladas to HyperSKU was introducing him to an express shipping solution to the UK with 7-day shipping. This immediately improved his Facebook ratings. As more customers reported being happy with the products they receive, Vladas has seen his cash flow scale to the next level.

The HyperSKU Team pointed out to Vladas that his product’s original, plain white boxes failed to provide a luxury feeling - something that is essential for oral care products. With the help of HyperSKU’s account manager, Vladas ordered hard cardboard boxes with customized branding design.


The Result: Beautiful Products, Better Revenue

Vladas sent the beautifully-packed products to a few influencers. With this enhanced presentation, he found that influencers were willing to try his product out and endorse his store. Now, Vladas’s store gets fantastic exposure and traffic from the influencers’ mentions.

Vladas is now planning to expand his business to more English-speaking countries, built on the foundation of HyperSKU’s fast and robust global shipping network.

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