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High-Ticket Products Dropshipping.

The Challenge: Managing 1,000+ SKUs Seemed Impossible

Rico used to work with AliExpress sellers to dropship luxury phone cases. While he enjoyed success with as many as 1,000+ SKUs, the order fulfillment process had become a nightmare. He kept a list of 30 AliExpress sellers and had to place orders from 10+ AliExpress sellers on a daily basis. Even with the help of an ERP, it was still difficult to keep track of orders and manage suppliers.

The phone cases Rico dropshipped were fragile, so Rico has been asking for foam protection instead of bubble bags. Though he averages 10-20 daily orders, no AliExpress seller was willing to offer customized packaging with such a low MOQ.


The Solution: Integration and Customization

Rico saw a YouTuber talking about HyperSKU and decided to give it a try. After understanding his pain points, the HyperSKU Team quickly helped integrated his WooCommerce store with his HyperSKU account, making fulfilling orders just a few clicks, no matter how many variants or how many orders.

In addition, Rico’s Account Manager ordered product samples and designed a customized foam packaging that fits all the phone cases he was selling. His Account Manager also convinced him to purchase logo stickers for the packaging. This choice helped strengthen his branding and his customers felt that they were purchasing something truly special.


The Result: Rico’s Sales Tripled!

With HyperSKU, Rico feels like mountains were lifted from his shoulders. With a single point of contact instead of dozens, fulfillment and supply chain management has become much easier.

After working with HyperSKU for eight months, his average daily order amount is now around 60. And with the luxury unpacking experience and new brand awareness, he can charge his products at higher prices and still remain competitive in the market. Rico has also expanded to more niches under electronic accessories.

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