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HyperSKU Goes the Extra Mile to Help Launch an Entrepreneur’s Business to the Next Level

The Challenge: A Popular Product Hits An Installation Snag

Rafael has found dropshipping success quickly by selling home surveillance kits to his clients. The kits hit the market pretty well and soon was bringing 50 orders per day. With help from his account manager at HyperSKU, Rafael discovered that installing and setting up the devices is quite technical and complicated – and the manual included with the kit wasn’t much help.


The Solution: HyperSKU Develops a Savvy Solution

Rafael’s HyperSKU account manager discovered that while the surveillance kit comes with a manual, customers might still encounter difficulties translating and implementing the guide. To help troubleshoot possible problems, she required an FAQ from the manufacturer and translated it into English for Rafael and his customers.


The Result: Frequently Asked Questions Lead to Frequently Placed Orders

Rafael put the newly developed FAQ on his product website. About a week later, he began to get inquiries about setting up the home security system – and Rafael was well prepared! With HyperSKU’s help, Rafael avoided complaints and received tons of positive feedback on his product and FAQ.

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