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A 6-Figure Business Is Born!

The Challenge: The Good Idea…with No Good Supplier

Marvin had a dropshipping store in the loungewear niche. He used to purchase supplies from AliExpress sellers, but the quality didn’t quite meet his standard and was constantly out of stock. Marvin knew that he needed to find a better solution to upgrade from 10 orders a week to the next level - or his capital wouldn’t support his store to the next year.


The Solution: Out With The Old, In With The New

Marvin signed up with HyperSKU and immediately asked for updated quotations of his loungewear sets. The HyperSKU Team quickly found that those designs he scraped from AliExpress were no longer in production. In exchange, the team shared with him the newest design from the factory, from which Marvin spotted his new winning products for the upcoming winter season.

The knitted loungewear is quite heavy and bulky. Marvin’s Account Manager suggested that he sell in a creative way. For example, selling parent-child matching sets to even out the shipping costs as well as increase AOV.


The Result: His First Ever Holiday Season Is A Huge Win!

After working with HyperSKU for a month, Marvin believed he was ready for the holiday season with access to a steady supply and attractive products. Marvin even opened another two stores for more geos. He was glad to see the unique loungewear was selling 150+ sets per day during November and December. That’s a 6-figure accomplished in 3 months!

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