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How a New Player in eCommerce Quickly Made His Business Soar with HyperSKU

The Challenge: A New Seller Learns The Difficulty of Selling Across The Globe

Kelton is new to dropshipping and started his business by selling electric massagers to customers in English-speaking countries. Initially, Kelton fulfilled his orders with an AliExpress seller but quickly encountered issues. Complaints began to pour in as buyers realized the manual for the massagers was only in Chinese and that the plugs were only China-standard. Kelton was getting 20 orders daily and he was eager to scale, but the high dispute rate has put his business at risk.


The Solution: HyperSKU Steps In To Connect The Dots

Desperate for a solution, Kelton found HyperSKU online and asked if HyperSKU could help fix his issues. HyperSKU quickly located a factory that has been producing the same massagers for foreign clients, and the factory provides English manual – as well as plugs for US, UK, Europe, and Australia. HyperSKU also helped Kelton by providing excellent shipping service – delivering the products fast in quality packaging.


The Result: As Issues Fade, Sales Soar!

After partnering with HyperSKU, Kelton saw his disputes significantly drop. With his newly freed time and resources, Kelton was able to increase his advertisement budget and has now scaled up to 80 orders daily. Kelton is now confident to launch his next product with HyperSKU.

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