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A Small Touch On The Brand, And A Significant Bump On The Finance Chart.

The Challenge: The Supplier Is Too Sloppy To Deliver

Karl sells snore-reducing aids to Germany, where the consumers have a reputation of being a bit too difficult to please. Before finding HyperSKU, Karl used to work with Ship To The Moon - and was disappointed with long processing, slow shipping, and high defective rate. These issues led to a ton of disputes and refunds from unhappy customers. Karl struggled to keep logistics and customers happy, and felt frustrated that packaging customization was impossible.


The Solution: Get The Basics Right, And Then Put Icing On The Cake

Karl found HyperSKU online and thought he should give it a try. HyperSKU’s Sourcing Team quickly shortlisted him two excellent and dependable suppliers - one for his main supply and the other for backup orders. This led to a faster yet affordable shipping method to ensure smooth order processing and fulfillment.

That was just the beginning of Karl’s journey to get back on track! His Sales Consultant promptly suggested customized packaging and thank-you cards. For self-care products like those Karl offered, decent packaging and stylish thank-you cards kept his customers coming back for more.


The Result: A Lucrative Business, Heading To A Stronger Brand

After working with HyperSKU for two months, Karl has seen orders DOUBLED. As a 6-figure seller, his daily routine is no longer filled with customer service and fulfillment hustle!

Now, Karl has the confidence and time to establish a stronger brand. Thanks to the loyal customer base he has nurtured, Karl now understands that there are huge needs for extra-large sizes of his products. Karl looks forward to working with HyperSKU Team to nail the niche market!

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