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A Simple Shipping Move Saves A New Seller’s Business

The Challenge: Where Are My Orders?

Jessica dropships fashion jewelry from AliExpress. AliExpress sellers ships with ePacket, and Jessica soon discovered that it was taking nearly 20 days to deliver her products. What’s worse, 20% of the orders never arrived to their final destination! Due to these delivery failures, Jessica has had to refund her angry customers, as well as argue with AliExpress sellers for refunds. Many times Jessica has been unable to get her money back.


The Solution: Jessica Switches to the Dependable Shipping Expert

Jessica heard about HyperSKU’s express shipping and decided to give it a try for her products. After switching to HyperSKU, Jessica began to fulfill orders with express shipping and saw her shipping speed and success rates quickly rise. Many times her products would reach customers within the week! For delivery failure cases, HyperSKU offered reship for free, and successfully avoided customer chargebacks.


The Result: Customer Satisfaction Leads to Skyrocketing Profits

Since partnering with HyperSKU, Jessica has experienced a 98.5% delivery rate for her products. This success rate has helped Jessica see profits rise and upgraded page ratings – leading to more new and returning customers.

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