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Surpassing Expectations: Henrik Achieves 13x Increase in Monthly Orders with HyperSKU!

The Challenge: Henrik's Struggle in Balancing Cost and Risk

Henrik ventured into the beauty market in 2022, but despite timely reminders from HyperSKU, he initially chose a cheaper alternative with higher aftersales risks. Throughout this period, HyperSKU maintained regular communication with Henrik and identified his latest pain points: the high procurement cost of the newly sold fitness product, the need for expensive logistics due to the special filling inside the fitness product, and his unfamiliarity with the product.


The Solution: HyperSKU's Timely Updates and Extensive Product Knowledge for Henrik

HyperSKU promptly provided Henrik with customized solutions: sourcing cost-effective alternatives and suppliers for the product to reduce his costs, finding filling-free options for him to choose from, and delivering timely updates on product information. We ensured Henrik was well-informed about product availability, and supply chain stability, and even provided product samples to showcase our familiarity with the offerings and address quality concerns.


The Result: Henrik's Journey from 50 Orders to 665 Orders per Month

Based on the professionalism demonstrated by the HyperSKU team, Henrik chose to re-engage with us for his orders. From initially processing 50 orders per month in the first collaboration of 2022, his monthly order volume increased to an impressive 665 orders by the second collaboration in 2023. This growth stands as a testament to the value and impact of our streamlined solutions on Henrik's business.

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