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A Talented Designer and Instagram Influencer Brings her Brand Dreams to Reality with HyperSKU

The Challenge: A Viral Sensation Has Trouble Delivering The Goods

Eugene, a talented designer, created a series of custom candle holders that quickly went viral on Instagram. To fulfill the new orders, Eugene hired a factory to handle the production and shipping. Unfortunately, the factory can only manage to produce 500 units per day with a 15% defective rate – a system that couldn’t keep up with her incoming orders. Now Eugene is facing backorders and rising costs, as well as disappointed customers.


The Solution: HyperSKU Helps Eugene Find The Best Factory For Her Passion

Eugene traveled to China to look for solution. Following up a friend’s recommendation, she met with HyperSKU and decided to work with the team. Her new dedicated sourcing expert helped Eugene locate two factories to create her wood candles, as well as a laser processing factory to engrave her viral designs. These factories specialize in design work for creating unique products to meet creative expectations.


The Result: Less Time On Solving Problems, More Time On Brand Management

With her new production solution, Eugene has seen the defective rate brought down to 2%, and production capacity doubled. Eugene now can sit back and be at ease to see orders fulfilled seamlessly, and focus on building her brand as an icon in the Instagram world!

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