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The Challenge: System Glitch And Trust Issues

Carey had been quite concerned about his pet supplies store’s success before finding HyperSKU. He found out that his dropshipping supplier provided fake tracking numbers before the orders were actually shipping out, leading to deceptive processing times. This backfired on his store, leading to a ton of chargebacks due to the long shipping times. When he found out what was really happening, it seemed like it was already too late.

Then, another issue made it worse. He had ordered custom packaging and manuals, but the supplier constantly sent out parcels and manuals with the original packaging - all of which was in Chinese. Carey was sick of meaningless communication and desperate for a solution.


The Solution: Professional Packaging and Faster Shipping

After doing some research on the Internet, Carey decided to give HyperSKU a try.

First, the HyperSKU Team offered Carey an express shipping solution that helped his customers receive their products within the promised time. With the inventory at HyperSKU’s warehouse, the orders were able to be sent out within one day.

Second, HyperSKU optimized the process and made sure all of his packages were sent out in customized packages and manuals. What’s more, his Account Manager went ahead and optimized the packaging of cat food bowls - one of his winning products. Carey is glad to see that the new packaging is lighter and can hold two and three products at a time - making upselling more cost-effective.


The Result: Happy, Satisfied Customers

For Carey, the average shipping time has been shortened to 4 business days. Now, Carey has the time to design a private label product and can focus on creating an unique brand for his store.

His Facebook page score has improved from an unsatisfying 3.2 to 4.8, and now his sales revenue is 2.8x the past revenue. That’s a huge win!

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