Dropshipping Success Stories – Charlotte Case Study

How a Facebook Influencer and busy mom of two balances family and her dropshipping business with HyperSKU.

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The Challenge: Incoming Orders Become Burden Due to Inefficiency

Charlotte is a dropshipping professional specializing in clothes for newborns and infants. She currently has 100 active listings and 50 orders to fulfill per day. As her business grows,Charlotte has to spend hours chatting with three different AliExpress sellers to confirm stock availability and compare prices. The more she calls, the fewer orders she can fulfill.

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The Solution: HyperSKU Introduces Efficient Operations

Charlotte switched to HyperSKU – and now it’s her sole dropshipping vendor. All of her orders sync automatically to her HyperSKU App, where she can quickly and easily view cost and order status in one single page – and fulfill them all with one click.

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The Result: More ‘Me’ Time

Charlotte freed up her workday so that she can spend more energy interacting with her fans and enjoying quality time with her family.