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I can easily fulfill orders with AliExpress/ Oberlo.
Why should I work with HyperSKU?

The majority of popular dropshipping Apps available on the market integrate with AliExpress for order fulfillment. Here’s a quick comparison table that explains why online sellers should switching away from AliExpress dropshipping.


  Dropshipping with HyperSKU Dropshipping with AliExpress
Catalog Hundreds of thousands of SKUs directly from manufacturers and vetted suppliers You only get what you find on AliExpress, and deal with layers of resellers
Sourcing HyperSKU can source per seller’s unique requests No sourcing service available for any requests
Product Cost Work with manufacturers directly, discounts with bulk ordering Sellers get same prices as consumers
Shipping Express shipping to major eCommerce countries in 7-12 days ePacket only, which usually takes more than 30 days with a low delivery rate that sabotages your Facebook Ads!!
Tracking Full-path tracking Milestone tracking
Automaton Fully integrated with Shopify to save you from time-intensive spreadsheet work Sellers have to authorize third-party Apps to process orders
Communications Single point of contact Multiple points of contacts

How it Works


Add HyperSKU App to your store, and start to import or source.


With HyperSKU’s auto-synced system, you can fulfill orders in a snap.


Every parcel is shipped out with refund-guaranteed express shipping.

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Top questions from new friends

How are you different from AliExpress?

Dropshipping with AliExpress means dealing with layers and layers of resellers as well as putting up with weeklong processing and 30-day shipping.

We source directly from factories in China, making sure you get the best price, best quality, and stable supply. Additionally, we provide worldwide express shipping which takes only 7-12 days.

Why choose HyperSKU instead of another dropshipping supplier?

Here at HyperSKU, we speak six languages, celebrate diverse cultures, and commit to communicate efficiently and transparently. Our team shares an extensive background in eCommerce and international business, so we know what exactly it takes to be successful!

How automated is your system?

If you are a Shopify seller, importing products and fulfilling orders are done within a few clicks. You don’t have to do anything for order and tracking number synchronization – the HyperSKU App does the job for you!

I have more questions…

Feel free to start an online chat or schedule a meeting with our HyperSKU Sales Consultants!

*Refunds are available for late shipment of HyperSKU-branded Shipping. See Terms of Use for full details.

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